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  1. Ah fair enough didn’t know that marra
  2. I know not our signing but Jason mossop signed for hunslet, surprised but good luck to the lad
  3. We don’t want to tempt fate with that one just yet
  4. Talking of rumours our friends from down the road usually have some good rumours but not this year, so in my best delia voice let’s be having you
  5. That’s the best time of year(rumour time) is it not
  6. Is there anyone lined up, or is it a case of wait and see
  7. Pleased your not picking my lottery numbers marra
  8. Kinda depressing really utt
  9. Just hope we’re involved in some of them marra
  10. I seen somewhere that Lewis young from Newcastle had signed for hunslet but have never seen anything concrete, would be a good pickup great turn of speed
  11. Can’t believe everything you hear people sometimes only tell you want they want you to know, you would hope it’s wrong whatever it is, because he has been great for them, but time will tell
  12. Lake Moore confirmed back to haven
  13. He’s been voted five-eighth of the year and your picking one pass? Really?
  14. If we can perform half as well as haven next season, I’ll be more than happy survival is the name of the game
  15. You only get to have a wish list, if we get to share Newcastle’s new owners, or we can find a sugar daddy of our own
  16. I’m excited and terrified already, there’s some really good team in the championship this year, you’ve just gotta hope Chris can get it right. In Chris we trust utt
  17. If we are doing rumours jake Moore back to haven,dec to London unfortunately
  18. What you not having subs then David
  19. I wish marra,but that looks like a boat that’s sailed
  20. I’m sure Chris is well down the road with signings for next year, and I’m pretty sure the result has clinched one or two of them, exciting times ahead utt
  21. Fitzy is brilliant but Marcus is just a machine, not a bad player on the pitch and a special mention for Ethan tried his heart out today just a shame he couldn’t top it off with a try, what a day utt
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