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  1. How did Jonny Goulding ga marra did he get many minutes
  2. Good luck to the two debutants today if of course they make the starting lineup, Goulding and postletwaite hopefully bringing the two points homeUtt
  3. Is that just in time for the end of season award ceremony
  4. I believe we have got Rhys for the season
  5. A kinda nerve wracking match to clunky a performance to really enjoy apart from the last ten minutes,don’t mind newer as a rule but a few strange decisions which were hard to swallow , we definitely need to up our game a gear or two to be where we need to be come the of season
  6. I believe your right David I think he’s handed his notice in, and like someone said earlier he’s a local that gives good go forward, sad to see him go
  7. It’s been dropped to 5000 because the insurance premiums,I suppose if they wanted to increase the capacity they would have to increase their premiums but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay through the nose if you don’t need too
  8. It’s because our capacity is only 5000, so hence the 950 limit
  9. I think you have to keep checking towns social media sites, and all will be revealed??
  10. What if you don’t have a season ticket , do you get banished to the fence with a pair of steps
  11. Do you have to book a ticket and state which part of the ground you want to stand in??? Anyone in the know
  12. Oh hell do I have to wait till Sunday dinner time
  13. Theres been some great signings this season but larl matty what a diamond he’s gonna be
  14. Great to finally see somebody do a 40/20, welldone dec lad,looking forward to the second half utt
  15. Ye jake hurt his shoulder,not sure how long he will be out ??
  16. We need to give him no reason to be a dick then
  17. Unfortunately I think jake is at least 4 weeks out, gabe i don’t know but he had a moon boot on after them match hopefully just a precaution, but i suppose that’s the beauty of a big squad, fair play to London in the first 15,20 minutes they had a game plan and they stuck to it , and played well until town settled and took control,so in general a good match in parts and abreast 2 points
  18. Don’t think you need a bottle of wine marra, just 17 lads
  19. How good was that, missed the first half s@#t internet watched the second half on a phone but was worth it, can’t fault anybody some massive performances, can’t wait to watch this team on the hallowed turf if that was anything to go off welldone Chris welldone the boys utt
  20. Think Miller has problems with his back, but like arnie he will be back
  21. And yet you can sit next to each other to watch snookering doors, seems a bit daft to me
  22. Got to admit they have had some really nice shirts over the years,and it’s maybe an age thing but I love the retro shirts, the ones with a connection to the past, so all that remains for me to say is (love it)
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