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  1. Imagine knocking a nation like PNG. There will be about 12,000 - there was only a few thousand left on sale.
  2. This is like, 2008 World Cup level of awful. Australia will sweep next year's Tour.
  3. How much damage has this done to England? How backwards have you done this year?
  4. Why would you put a bomb up to RTS of all people? What was that kick?
  5. Man, why do these two teams bring out the most boring type of football
  6. Christchurch has never really delivered an amazing crowd. Only nudged over 10,000 back at the 2017 RLWC.
  7. Looking like a sub 10,000 crowd again. Who could have possibly predicted this Tour would lose a boatload of money?
  8. Fiji win the Oceanic Shield, and are promoted to the Oceanic Cup for 2020 joining Tonga and New Zealand.
  9. This is by far the best quality and standard two Pacific teams in a good while (leaving aside Tonga). They are both playing really well.
  10. This really should have been played in PNG, or at least Fiji. There is about 500 people there watching
  11. Well, hopefully London isn't a um dead rubber by the time it rolls around
  12. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/04/wigan-wolfpack-keen-to-play-kangaroos-on-2020-tour/ New article from Brad Walter. Dates and venues announced for 2020 Kangaroo tour in coming days. Matches against Wigan, Leeds and the Toronto Wolfpack seem more likely than not: "Details of Australia's three-Test series against England at the end of next season are set to be announced in coming days as part of the 2020 international calendar, which will also include an end-of-season Test against New Zealand." "While matches against France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are a possibility, there is likely to be far greater interest – and financial benefit – from playing Super League clubs." "However, it is understood the impending IRL announcement will not include mid-week matches or other fixtures on the Kangaroos tour as they are yet to be confirmed."
  13. There is no way they play that many mid week games. At best they might play a Wigan or Leeds. After the Junior Kangaroos destroyed France, I don't think there will be much interest in Australia doing that again.
  14. Some alarm bells here. I love that NZ may tour PNG. But will these be in addition to the Oceanic Cup games? If so, then how? The article says that New Zealand want to play Samoa. See these quotes: "It's also likely they will have a test against Samoa, if the right venue mix can be found with the other matches" "It's likely the mid-year test against Tonga will be repeated at Mt Smart in 2020, building on the interest shown in the fixture last year. In principle the Kangaroos are meant to cross the Tasman next year to face the Kiwis, but that game could be in either country, depending on how the financial equations stack up. The prospect of an away test against the Kumuls is an intriguing one, as it used to be a regular fixture." Plans are also in place for the Kiwi Ferns to have games against Samoa and Australia. The final verdict is still out on the Oceania Cup, with a disappointing crowd in Hamilton for Great Britain's clash with Tonga last week, but it is worth persevering with. The event has been overshadowed in this country by the Rugby World Cup, but the concept has great merit." ~~~~ New Zealand will need to play (likely) play Fiji and Tonga next year as part of Pool A. Samoa will need to play the Cook Islands and PNG. In the above article, New Zealand want to play both Samoa and PNG. I want to see New Zealand play 5 tests next year. It would be fantastic! But how is the NZRL going to fund those additional matches against PNG and Samoa?
  15. And have Cook Islands v PNG as the other match for Pool B of the Oceanic Cup.
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