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  1. Watkins has probably signed with the worst club in Rugby League. Titans being beaten 46-0 with 20min to go against the Sydney Roosters.
  2. These comments are interesting. The prices are pretty acceptable to be honest. I’m not sure there is an awareness of difficult it is for NZRL to attract a crowd. With the Warriors struggling again, and the hangover of the 2017 RLWC - NZRL isn’t in the best place. They are essentially trying to rebuild their engagement with the NZ public at large. You can’t price the event out of casual interest.
  3. They are going to have to be creative to attract a crowd for these games, and already seem to be hoping that the Tongan fans come out again like the 2017 RLWC. The bubble already kinda burst this year when there were less than expected for the Mid Year Test against New Zealand.
  4. Tickets for the 2019 GB Lions Tour go on sale today. There has been a presale the past few days. See here: https://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=GBLIONS19 Things to note: The Triple Header will see GB Lions v NZ as the match before Tonga v Australia. Eden Park is currently selling tickets for the lower bowl. There is a 'combo' deal for the Hamilton and Auckland Tonga matches. Can buy a Gold and Silver ticket for both. Thoughts Eden Park match seems to be the money spinner. Tickets for other two matches are cheaper. Going to neeeeeeed a really big push. After the NZ v Tonga Mid Year Test, I have no faith in Duco Events to improve their marketing ability. Going to use this thread as a general 'Crowd Watch' for the Lion tour. What do you think? Will the three matches sell out? What's the bare minimum?
  5. Ryan Hall has been either rested or dropped for the Roosters game against the Bulldogs.
  6. He will likely be in the Australian halves at the end of the year. When has that happened last, that the current Australia half has gone to play in the Super League?
  7. No Catalans players for the 9's? What? Why? Why cant the French national side organise a Test? Weren't they meant to tour PNG?
  8. Why is just the French A for the Nines? What are the rest doing?
  9. Tonga looks a step down from last year. NZ all over them
  10. The RLIF have a 10 year plan for Test in the Pacific https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/06/19/pacific-nations-to-host-future-tests-in-new-10-year-rolling-calendar/ "Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea are set to host future Oceania Cup matches as part of a rolling 10-year international calendar, while the tournament is likely to move to Australia next season. RLIF CEO Nigel Wood confirmed on the eve of Saturday’s opening round of Oceania Cup matches between New Zealand and Tonga at Mt Smart Stadium and Samoa and Papua New Guinea at Leichhardt Oval that the international body wanted to play games in the Pacific islands." ... It is expected that end-of-season matches in next year’s tournament will shift to Australia and possibly Papua New Guinea, which hosted 2017 World Cup fixtures, although Wood pointed out the Kangaroos will be touring Britain and won’t play in the 2020 Oceania Cup. ... Wood said the details were now being worked on and an announcement would be made later in the year. Much more at the article, including: NRL Trial match to be announced for preseason as part of Australian government engagement in Pacific region; 10 year calendar agreed to at recent Singapore meeting Cook Islands likely to join Pool B for 2020 Oceanic Cup RLIF want to have 8 teams capable of winning the 2021 RLWC
  11. Simple question The Pacific nations are playing this weekend and will all play again later this year as part of the Oceanic Cup. When do the Northern Hemisphere nations play, and just how far behind are they going to be at the 2021 RLWC?
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