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  1. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/10/21/captain-quits-baiteri-pulls-out-of-team-over-frances-lack-of-professionalism/ Quote from the above: "France captain Jason Baiteri has withdrawn from the team before Friday’s match against the Junior Kangaroos due to ongoing frustration with the nation’s officialdom. Baiteri was to lead France at WIN Stadium and in a match against Western Division the following week but he told teammates after the World Cup 9s he had become disillusioned with the “lack of professionalism” at national level." ~~~~ Anyone know more? Whats the go with France here? Is this why none of their top players came out to Australia to play in the World 9's?
  2. Like A Triple Header in a 50,000 seater stadium moving only 3,500 seats, 2 weeks out is a monumental scary thought. If people thought the Denver Test was going to bankrupt the organisers, what will Auckland do?
  3. According to League Unlimited posters, the Eden Park Triple Header has only sold 3,500 tickets.
  4. How many GB supporters will there be? Maybe 1000? I have the impression they hardly anyone has flown over
  5. Eden Park the following week looks much much worse. And that's in a 50,000 seater.
  6. Shame that France didn't have Fages etc for this
  7. England should kick on with it in second half. There should also be annual Tests against the French
  8. Gee how good is it seeing England v France.
  9. Could this be the most important England v France game in rugby league history????
  10. How did England lose against this Lebanon team?
  11. Just announced that Lebanon played two players under age of 18. IRL elected not to disqualify the win against England.
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