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  1. Brad Graham sign’s new contract for 2023. Must admit didn’t see that one coming.
  2. Injuries, working and holidays I've heard. Liam could have brought our players back that have been out on loan but obviously chose not to, says it all about our recruitment.
  3. I'm following the game on twitter, we're 12-10 up.
  4. No Sykes tonight and only 16 players named.
  5. Thackeray's suspended for tonight's game,Sykes's suspension starts this week in the play offs.....oh wait
  6. Thanks for all your efforts in a Rams shirt. All the very best in your retirement Dom.
  7. It’s about showing respect to the club where the player is currently playing by not announcing his signing.
  8. I thought play off games were shared gate's?
  9. You won’t get anything at Leigh,can’t see it anyway. As for the rest you are capable of beating any of them as you’ve proven this season. Just hope you don’t pick up any injuries this weekend good luck.
  10. I’d to turn radio off because they were so biased,worse than the south stand faithful
  11. Lewis Carr the latest player to re sign for next season.
  12. Paul Sykes supporters and Amber Ribbon player of the year. Jimmy Beckett players player of the year and man of steel. Ruis Butterworth coaches player of the year. Special award for Paul Sykes on his 500th league appearance.
  13. Biting his new team mate for next season..... Oh wait i forgot Hooley's off to Bradford via Leeds
  14. I did know about the event but unfortunately won’t be able to attend due to going to Skeg Vegas for the weekend.
  15. Davey Dixon re signs for next season.
  16. It would be nice but I can't see it myself.
  17. Nah it’s Doncaster were we get our players fromplus Hunslet’s team is made up with majority of ex or present Dewsbury players
  18. Apparently turned one or two offers down in the championship,heard Sheffield was one
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