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  1. At least Alan Kilshaw won't be applying for the job as he's going to Swinton next season on a 2 year contract
  2. I reckon player retention and recruitment will be put on hold until we've appointed a new coach
  3. I reckon Sam would sign up now if he was offered a contract. I know for a fact that it’s not all about the money with Sam,he loves playing for the club.
  4. It’s all speculation at the moment but I do think we’ll have another big turnover of players again. Sheffield have been sniffing around some of our players nearly all season.
  5. Oh yes I remember now, Thornton signing a new contract. If it's the one I'm thinking of I don't think a certain Mr Coolie would be happy neither would I to be honest.
  6. I’m not sure who I’d want to hopefully take us forward,but I’ll name them that I wouldn’t want. John Kear Alan Kilshaw Gary Thornton Stuart Littler Maybe Lovegrove might be worth a shout.
  7. It’s now been confirmed by both clubs.
  8. I feel the same way mate. That would be great if we could keep the players you've named above, along with O'connor, Carr, Graham,Day just to name them,but we've got to be realistic that we'll probably lose a few again.
  9. Safe journey to them that’s travelling down.
  10. For me if Ferguson is fit as he can be, him in the place of Matt Garside, can't see Carr playing so Gabriel in for him. Wonder where Davey Dixon is?
  11. Apparently talk of a new contract as been put off until the end of the season,same with the players.
  12. If true I'd say that's a pretty good appointment. Good luck
  13. You’ll be okay because some of our supporters feel the same way about the referee K. Moore
  14. I agree with most of this,apart from us probably having the biggest budget bit.
  15. Well according to Game Caller Halifax are about to announce Liam Finn as their next coach. But theirs one consolation if true,Gary Thornton won’t be in the running as he’s signed a contract for next season at Rochdale.
  16. Littler asn’t got the Widnes job as Coleman the Swinton coach as been appointed from 1st October.
  17. Absolutely spot on. Let’s move on now to the Workington game where a win will see us over the line. I’m sure the coaching staff and the players will be working hard in training and focusing on the game.
  18. Exactly,I was sat in the top tier acting as coach,referee and on a few occasions a councillor
  19. Heard from a ex player last Sunday that all’s not well at Doncaster,bringing players in on loan and dropping players,where have we seen that before? Watson Boas was in dispute Doncaster trying to get out of his contract In which he failed so he came back and straight back into the team. Hunslet have a few loan players and they’ve got another this week with young Johnny Campbell coming in on loan from Batley.q
  20. As I’ve said on another post,if we can’t get one victory from three games then we don’t deserve to be champions. It’s up to us now,let’s go to Hunslet on Sunday,don’t get drawn in and be professional and we’ll get the points required. A few ex Dewsbury players in the Hunslet team so they’ll want to put one over us.
  21. Can’t argue that any of that,be nice if Sam Day is back. Sure I’ve seen it somewhere saying that Jordan has left the club.
  22. I think Hunslet will win the play offs
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