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  1. The last thing we need to do is cave into their demands, otherwise we're confirming the NRL are bigger than the sport. Continue on without them, show we can still hold big events without them present.
  2. The problem with these events is the novelty soon wears off and no one cares eventually. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't exist in 2 years.
  3. RL has 0 chance of being in the Olympics. There's not enough countries playing the sport and most of these are union players in their off season or Aussie heritage teams anyway. Are the IOC going to be swayed by "Italy" turning up in Aussie accents? There's too many sports in the Olympics now and it's getting crowded. Even then, they show the same sports all the time anyway Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Martial arts, Cycling. The team sports like handball, football, basketball etc tend to get ignored and zero coverage.
  4. All we'll hear is "but they didn't beat Australia or NZ, so they're not the real world champions".
  5. Tonga have beaten Australia, NZ and GB recently, so there's a likelihood they will win it. The shame of Tonga beating them to the WC would be too much for their egos. If they were heavy favourites to win it, they wouldn't have pulled out.
  6. Great news and long overdue! Hopefully they show some ambition and don't play it in tiny stadiums in villages in the South of France. Be great if Marseille, Montpellier, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and St Etienne could get games.
  7. Is it not just that the Aussies are afraid of Tonga? Too scared to lose to them fair and square again? This way they can pretend they're still the top dogs.
  8. That's why I'd rather have a tournament than a test series. Seems such a waste to only face the Australians and one or two "warm ups". Could have easily had a 6 Nations/insert other name with Aus, NZ, Tonga, PNG and Fiji instead.
  9. PNG - Port Moresby Australia - Melbourne Australia - Perth Australia - Brisbane Tonga/Samoa/Fiji - Sydney Rather play actual internationals than "all star" teams or representative teams.
  10. Hearts and Rangers in Div 1, whilst Celtic stroll to another title...
  11. Ha, some of those names in the squad there.
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