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  1. Once established it would be a good idea if any clubs in the Southern Conference could work with the RFL to develop new community clubs in their towns and cities. These would then play in the regional leagues but would also help develop local players for the Conference sides
  2. If they're not playing against Australia why don't they play NZ as planned, a couple of tests against a combined Pacific Islands side and maybe 2 or 3 individual islands such as PNG and Tonga. That would definitely be worth watching
  3. I have mixed views on some aspects but overall I think it's a good thing that Toronto are doing well and other places are looking to enter the system. Hopefully any increased profile of the game might be useful in helping to encourage children to take up the game
  4. The game still exists in Bramley as they run as a community club so are still producing players. I like the idea of new areas entering the system and think Toronto bring a lot to RL but I do agree that developing a junior base should be high on any new teams agenda and also even part of the criteria
  5. I hope they do become a heartland of the game. For that to happen there needs to be lots of schools, colleges and community clubs in and around the Toronto area
  6. I'm just emphasising the fact that without developing juniors there won't be enough quality players coming through. Most clubs do produce players (some better than others)but all clubs should prioritise this. If NA clubs don't produce players but then replace the club's that do then where will the SL quality players come from?
  7. I agree that existing clubs should also be producing players and I also agree that new clubs in new areas bring a lot to the game in the areas you mentioned. I like Toronto but if more NA clubs want to join the pyramid over here I think junior development needs to be high on the agenda
  8. I'm not gonna be popular here but Parky makes some valid points. I'm all for expansion but they need to compliment what we've already got otherwise it isn't expansion as the same players are just playing somewhere else and it could actually shrink the player pool. If new teams come in and have a solid junior base and youth development structure then the amount of teams in SL can expand with more players playing the game in these new areas as well as existing clubs continuing to produce players
  9. If this is to be run below League 1 are there any plans to have a North equivalent or is that the NCL?
  10. It's more and less chance of promotion! The 8s provided potentially 4 promotion spots but also the potential of no teams getting promoted. This system from 2019 offers less promotion spots but does actually guarantee 1 and also gives the opportunity for 5 Championship clubs to play for it
  11. Hopefully they'll now be putting a plan in place to raise standards off the field and also to raise the profile of the professional game. A long term strategy needs developing with regards to playing numbers and raising the overall playing standards.
  12. What kind of viewing figures do these streams get? Watching on my phone and picture quality is fine
  13. Me too. The structure has been agreed now. Let's see what the plans are now for the future of the game.
  14. How do you know they're playing each other in the loop fixtures?
  15. Money is always going to be the driving force. The game now needs to look at how they can generate more of it then hopefully SL can expand but for now let's just embrace it.
  16. Let's just get behind it. There may be extra games but I just see it as more games to watch. If a high standard can be achieved then some teams playing each other 3 times shouldn't be an issue as they will be good quality.
  17. There's a lot of doom mongering on here but I'm not too sure why. Top 5 play off - Shouldn't be anymore in a 12 team league anyway. Promotion and relegation is still there - if a team doesn't win the Championship then they've only got themselves to blame for not getting promotion. Team that finishes bottom get relegated - that's how it should be. I think the focus should now switch to how the game can increase attendances, generate more revenue, get more media exposure, increase participation etc. The structure is sorted so it's now up to the SL, RFL and individual clubs from all the leagues to make it as successful as it can be. If, in future, the game is in a position to increase the number of SL clubs to 14 then it could be tweaked slightly to have a 6 team play off and maybe a 11th vs runners up play off but otherwise it should now stick with this agreed format
  18. We should go to Argyle with a begging bowl and ask him to buy the SL and the RFL
  19. If you need a Sunday morning fix get out and watch some junior RL
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