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  1. Does anyone actually like gp in league games? I'm yet to find someone.
  2. Nothing too intrusive on my phone here. I have one ad at the top of page and one as I scroll past the comments. I have no problem. Maybe I just don't visit sites some of you guys go on
  3. Not been this excited for the start of the season for a long time. Now come on dragons, don't spoil my evening.
  4. District of Wakefield population 330,000. Sydney population 5.4 million. Hardly comparable.
  5. The question, where do you get your rl news from is missing Internet websites, and yeah I have no idea what an nft is so couldnt answer most of your survey. I've done it all the same, I hope it helps in some way.
  6. Yep, completed. Some points that valid internationals are the future and my depsair at having a weak rfl board are 2 points I elaborated on. Hopefully my comments will change the future of the game.
  7. Truly amazing lady. Well done to her. Separately, I think Lizzie should lead abide with me and God save the queen at every c.c. final, the time she did, it was awesome and inspiring.
  8. I actually did the opposite last week when cancelling sky sports for the winter. For the reason why, I made sure i said I only watch RUGBY, and that the RUGBY season had finished last week. Purposely not saying league I actually thought it would make the guy on the phone to somehow acknowledge my point that there is more than one form of rugby
  9. Being at the game I had a couple of moments where I had no idea what was going on due to confusing ref calls, but I didn't feel any bias toward on team or the other throughout. Its only afterwards watching it back on telly that 3 big calls all went against cats. If matautia punches someone he should be off, simple. The makinson penalty try could have gone either way but it went saints way, and the Tomkins head lock was a penalty to cats not saints. Them 3 calls where big calls and all went saints way.
  10. Hang on, hang on, hkr wouldn't be in this position to start with if it wasn't for p+r being there.
  11. Absolutely brilliant. The game had everything. So fast, you blink and you miss something. I hope sky do show more.
  12. Leigh have been confirmed as relegated. Beaumont complained about toulouse being promoted but that had no effect on leigh going down.
  13. For the love of God, surely someone from the hierarchy at the rfl will be reading this and come to their senses.
  14. I'll just throw this in to be contentious. We all thought 12 month ago we'd be covid free by now, so what happens in another 12 months and we're still struggling to cope with this bloody thing and aud/nz do the same again???
  15. Full credit to leigh, I said it was obv wigan would come good towards the end, I just didn't think leigh would be winning 18 0 at any point. You showed plenty of energy and speed early on though, im feeling pretty relieved this morning.
  16. Sorry Leigh, I think this will be a stroll for wigan come the latter stages. All above predictions have it close, I'm going more like wigan by 20+.
  17. No I haven't. The point is, if I did inform them, it would be too late, the emails have already been sent, and its embarrassing.
  18. Check your emails, its already been sent to everyone.
  19. Same email here. My response was I am waiting until later in year to buy tickets. If a good proportion responded the same, I'd suspect they will be building their strategy around that.
  20. You can't look past wigan and saints again, they are still head and shoulders above the rest. Perhaps just as interesting is every year one of the perceived big clubs struggles. There is also usually a team that over achieves. Who will they be this year? For me, Leeds could be the struggler, Salford or Huddersfield could be the surprise. My attempt though would be 1.saints 2.wigan 3.huddersfield 4.warrington 5.hull 6.castleford 7.Salford 8.leeds
  21. Yes, a 20 word write up on page 48 of the sun, inbetween netball and ice hockey before the horse racing pages. Its still rl you know.
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