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  1. Feeling so relieved with this. Whatever money clubs have they will spend, they are never flush with cash. So obvious to me that taking this PE would have meant clubs still being in the same situation in 3 years time but receiving less from the sky income. Short term gain for long term pain. No thank you.
  2. No no no, this link half way down states all 61 are on bb1 and 2 live... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54623157 However, I share your reservations and think many of the games will actually be online or red button, but I'd be happy with that too.
  3. For all the knockers of the bbc, that a massive commitment from them.
  4. The BBC have said they are showing every minute of every game live, of all three tournaments. Aswell as bbc1 and 2, you would assume red button and online would play a big part.
  5. Nothing to do with bbc i player but if you're after watching some older games, there's plenty of full matches being uploaded on 'rugby league cares' on Facebook. Most of these are from the BBC archives and imo are brilliant.
  6. Approx 1986, I was 8 ish, and queing for the toilets at headingley at the side of the main stand, there was a burger van at the side too. A bloke was saying the sport wouldn't be here in a couple of years because it was failing. I was devastated at the time and took it like it could happen. I've never forgot that. Funny too, how over 30 years later I still here the same conversations at the games.
  7. What a weekend I was having. Great hotel, great mates travelled down with me. I had front row seats on club Wembley, extra leg room and even had a pint holder built into my chair. It was stuff of deams. We are winning with one minute to go. And then..... honestly, it is the most deflated I've ever been at a game. And I'm still not over it yet.
  8. A different angle on this if it's not already been said is what the girls get from it. My daughters go to dance school and it is taken pretty serious. Many will see cheerleading in front of big crowds as a progression in the sport, I know my girls would love to do it. I can understand some peoples view on the subject but overall, why would anyone want to take the opportunity away?
  9. I was going to post Mark Preston of wigan in the fastest 13. But opted for this thread instead. Wasnt he a model too?
  10. I would certainly go. I work in retail and have been in contact with over 1000 people daily during the whole pandemic. Going to a game wouldmt seem too dissimilar.
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