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  1. Wonderful effort from Sinfield. Just been to the site... he is on £244k now
  2. Absolutely. Rugby League fans enjoy going to Rugby League games and the wider public enjoy going to events. Hold a match at Wigan or Bolton and you are only fishing in one pond. Hold a game at Wembley or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and you are appealing to much much wider audience. As you say. A proven formula.
  3. I completely agree with this. What we have done with Rugby League over the years through design (and to some degree through necessity this year) is to distill it down to the core elements that we enjoy. This is not to say the game is simple - far from it, it is extremely complex when understood - but to the uninitiated it does look simple. We have to accept that the variety of a line out or a scrum allows the casual viewer to see who is winning possession etc and they allow people to see the 'small battles' that may be less obvious in a game of League. We may consider these elements unnecessary and getting in the way of 'real rugby' but we run a real risk here of assuming that what we like is what everyone will like For my own enjoyment of Rugby League I am ok if I never see a scrum again. For the benefit of the sport I would say keep them.
  4. I can't see the NRL scrapping scrums. Everyone was raving about how the new scrum laws were opening up attacking opportunities and how tries from scrums were on the increase in 2020. I don't see that being turned around.
  5. I'm with Scubby. Keep them, tidy them up a bit and ensure they can be used as an attacking weapon. I don't care if a scrum is never won against the head as long as they look ok.
  6. I thought it was about time we had a chat about scrums. We have been putting it off for too long.
  7. I agree. All you have to do is take a look at the highlights of George Burgess from the 2014 season and his performance in the 2014 Grand Final to see that he was on track to be a very special player. His career has been massively hit by the ongoing hip injury; both missing games and showing a lack of mobility when he does play. I am ok bagging players for lack of form but George Burgess has suffered through injury and to be forced into retirement at 28 would be a huge shame.
  8. Why can't we just accept that some people don't enjoy the style of game from Friday evening without telling them they are wrong.
  9. Absolutely. A player could chase a drop goal attempt in case it hit the post or didn't go dead a thousand times and get no reward. To have the energy and motivation to chase that kick at the end of such a game is tremendous play. It got its reward.
  10. As I said on the 'Boring' thread, for those who prefer a more open game with plenty of breaks and lots of points scored then saying Friday's game wasn't a classic is a perfectly reasonable stance. It is all about preference. I guess we have to take people on face value and hope they are not just saying it to get attention as that would be a just a tiny bit sad. Personally, I thought it was a classic. Two tries in the game is fine by me and it is two tries more than the most enjoyable game of Rugby I have ever seen (Wigan Manly in '87).
  11. Interesting. I thought you were making a very strong case for the argument that Wigan should have taken the touchline option rather than give Hardaker a shot at goal from 45 metres out. As I say, in the circumstances, I would have probably gone for the two but you were indeed proved correct. But I think you are taking things to the extreme now. If that kick was 35 metres out and 18 metres in from touch then surely the 2 points to win the game is the best option. Hardaker kicked at 76% this season which while not outstanding is a decent return with 3 out of 4 kick successful. And that will have included shots from the sideline. I am sure given a chance to take 2 points from 35 metres out and 18 metres in from the sideline with less than 2 minutes left in a tied Grand Final the majority of Wigan fans would say it is clearly the right choice.
  12. So if the penalty on Friday night had been 30 metres out and 18 metres in from the touchline as this one was, you would still have advocated turning it down in favour of kick to touch?
  13. No worries about the match thread. I think as this part is in the notes and has the phrase 'at any time how scored' it is describing all goals... penalty goals, conversions and drop goals.
  14. I have some sympathy for the view that the team that finishes top of the league at the end of the season is the best. But in fairness, if we are going to do that we should probably tell them before it starts as it may effect the way they go about the season.
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