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  1. What sort of crowd is expected? Derby on a bank holiday always draws a good attendance but surely the daft k.o time will see a few away? Hope the weeks break has done our lads some good and we can push for our first win
  2. Our league have squad listed. Interestingly Weetman is named. As well as Thomas, Walker and the two new lads
  3. Positive that we've got some help in. Is it what we need? Olstrum been filling in at centre recently. So I'd imagine he will go in there. Hopefully get a prop in before Sunday
  4. Within a day of reds match on Saturday. They had an interview available to watch with the manager and highlights of the game. At the moment we get to hear 2 minutes from Chris on radio cumbria if you get back to the car quick enough, or the occasional interview on facebook
  5. Both teams injury ravaged. Granted haven have managed to recruit a couple. At what point do we stop saying hope for no injuries and an acceptable score. We need to start collecting points, and what better way than in a Derby. Defence needs a massive improvement if we are to come away with anything.
  6. We've heard this all before. I'd take any length of loan so long as they improved us.
  7. Perhaps. However only last week the club done an interview on facebook with Chris where they said they have money to spend? Hopefully hear some news this week
  8. No haven fan here. Not stiring either. You think we've been quick off the mark in our recruitment?
  9. I hate doing this and comparing, however I see haven are announcing a new addition to their squad tonight. Like us, they're down on numbers through injury and suspensions. That'll be two they've brought in this week. How is it we seem soo slow on getting resources in?
  10. Cant disagree with alot on here. Poor defensively, predictable in attack. Only thing i can say is, i very much doubt any other coach can get any more out this group than Chris. We look really busted. Really feel for fitzy having to do big minutes week on week. Hopefully the week break will do us good. Yes we got a reaction at HT. But still leaked some real poor tries. I think Chris' point of not needing big middles is well and truly blown out the water now. Not sure what Walker has to do to get infront of forber now either. We're a loyal fan base and will still be there, but this doesn't make them expect from criticism. York simply wanted it more today I thought.
  11. Agree. Was reassuring to hear everyone at the club are throwing everything at getting people in. We've heard this before though. That we should have announcements soon and nothing came of it.
  12. Just watched chris' interview update on Facebook. Gutted to hear about Jake and Curtis. Gonna be huge misses. Also Dec missing for a while. Caine and Malik back is a plus though. Hoping for a committed performance tomorrow and the fans being vocal to give the guys a lift they need
  13. Is this the week we finally put it all together!? Missing curtis will be a big blow. Hope to see clegg back on the wing, he ain't no centre. Revert back to bickerdike and brown. Like to see Walker and Dec back in the fold as well. Broadbent, Clegg, Bickerdike, Brown, Young, Doran, Walker, Fitzy, Simons, Thompson, Barnes, Pez, Obrien. Subs - Clarke, Henson, Dec, Hutchings/Steele
  14. Depending what for, hardly the 'no sweet and lovely person' policy chris talks about. In our predicament I think a small dose of dickheads would be acceptable if they produced on a Sunday afternoon?
  15. townie88


    Kid needs to realise there is competition for places and you're playing semi-pro. Cant be having the indiscipline that's been rumoured and expect to go unpunished. Hope he stays though; could make s cracking long term player for the club.
  16. I feel Curtis is stuck out there because he is undoubtedly our best winger......but also he would be our best centre
  17. What also bugged me today was our line up. You have 3 middles on the bench but still play a centre at loose. Play 2 wingers in the centres, and have our hardest running and tackling back (teare) stuck on the wing. Surely he's better suited to playing centre? Our right edge is poor in defence and concedes alot of points
  18. Was as poor a performance by an official I've seen in a very long time! It may not have changed the result but at this level officials should not be that poor/inconsistent/blind. Although the touches are as much to blame.
  19. How on earth are we only finding out about new signings ahen squads are announced?
  20. Cant predict how we turn up week to week this year. I cant remember us putting a good run of performances so far. Last week was good. Need to back it up
  21. I agree it will have hampered our plans and no doubt we will have missed out on one or two. But we've been hearing about 2 or 3 incoming signings for weeks now. And we are no nearer to hearing anything? Must be hard to attract players to a relegation battle, never mind being in West Cumbria
  22. He runs lateral at this level because he's allowed to. Any winger playing outside of him at any level will score hat fulls.
  23. Update on wheetman and Stevie would be good. Both been missing a hell of a long time now. Not saying we need to rush them back in. But of they still aren't anywhere near a return, we need more middles. Simple.
  24. I can accept defeat when it's in that manner. Hard working, honest performance today. Forber was solid on his return, Malik was impressive but Fitzsimmons was my pick from our lot. Miloudi is SL quality no doubt. Classy player. Never seen anyone sulk as much when they get tackled though Put the last week behind us and move on
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