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  1. Brian McDermott has joined Roughyeds as coaching consultant to the end of the season. Read full story
  2. I live amongst them. I have learnt their ways.
  3. So now both him and Matt Hancock are in the frame?
  4. All we have to do is beat 'Haven, Swinton and Sheffield away, pinch a win against Bulls or Broncos and then stuff Thunder at home on the penultimate weekend. Then it's Hawaiian Shirt day at Rams again with no pressure. Easy.
  5. If Whitehaven beat Swinton at home on Sunday — and my money would be on that to happen — there will be 5 points and whatever associated percentage separating them from us. We'll then have to win three more games than Whitehaven out of the remaining 10. A tough task for whoever the new guy turns out to be. We need to surprise one of Bradford or London at home, pull off wins against relegation rivals Whitehaven and Swinton and probably get a result against Sheffield away too. Four points from the next five games is an absolute minimum. Anything less and the season will just dissolve into nothing.
  6. Oldham and Matt Diskin have parted company. Read more
  7. Just published the match report: https://roughyeds.co.uk/2021/06/another-loss-as-we-gift-rams-two-tries/
  8. If that's what they've done, that's a straight GDPR violation right there.
  9. I bet the Germans have a word that describes that thing.
  10. We're next to bottom now because of the Win% and Points Diff %. I said elsewhere that we'd need a result against York or Widnes or we'd drop into the bottom 2. Well, sadly, that's exactly what's happened.
  11. The first time that came on I literally jumped. It was sooooo loud.
  12. There'll be a little bit of history played out at Bower Fold on Sunday. For most of Oldham's games this year I've been on my own behind the goals we were attacking, taking photos. At times I felt a little bit humbled that in all the history of the club, in 2021 I've literally been the only Oldham fan behind the sticks. So, after all we've been through in the past 14/15 months, there'll be a bunch of Oldham fans shouting for the Roughyeds at a live game. It's going to be amazing! History will reflect that in the pause of 2020/2021, normal service will be resumed at Bower Fold on Sunday May 30, 2021. Win lose or draw, being there will be history making.
  13. ...said the new loan signing. So he's playing centre on Sunday.
  14. Oldham 2nd Class at Post Office Road as Rovers stamp their authority.
  15. A record equalling defeat against Fev. Feb 15, 2012 - Oldham 0 Fev 68. I suppose that defeat was worse because we were at home. We've now got the worst points for and the most points against too. We need a result against York and / or Widnes or we'll likely be joining Swinton in the bottom 2 before June.
  16. Just put a few new items online in the Roughyeds Store. Regatta Softshell jacket. Classic polo shirts in charcoal or white.
  17. I'm not in the who's fit and who isn't loop. Well, not as far as the players are concerned.
  18. Let's take Sheffield for example. So far they've Played 4: W2, L1, D1 So each of their 4 games is worth 25% of the 100% available. (100 / 4 ) You get a full 25% for the win, half of 25% for the draw. Nothing for the loss. 2 x 25% =50% 1 x 25% / 2 = 12.5% So Sheffield currently have a Win% of 62.5% Ha. I was all over this like a rash last week. London chose not to travel to France so they forfeited the game 24-0. At the time that left Toulouse with 3 wins out of 3 and a 100% Win%. Oddly, after London beat us last week, they were showing a Win% of 50% but only two games played when technically it was three, counting the forfeited game. They should have been on 1 out of 3 wins, so 33.3%. I pointed this out and the response I received was that they didn't count the forfeited game as a "played" game because to qualify for the play-offs you need to have completed a certain number of games (off the top of my head I can't remember how many that is right now). If the RFL included the forfeited game, London could have an advantage over another club at the end of the season to qualify for the play-offs. So they'd decided not to count it. I pointed out that in order to impose a punishment on London by not including the game, the RFL were actually improving London's Win% because of the fewer games played. This meant that they sat above Oldham in the League table and it was Oldham who were suffering through no fault of their own and through London's refusal to travel. CH pointed this out to the RFL and later that day London dropped down the table below us — because I was right. Clear as mud eh!
  19. Points don't mean anything this year. It's all on the ratio of games won/drawn against games played.
  20. During this season, it's possible some games may be lost due to Covid. So, the league will be decided on percentage of games won rather than points. If teams are on the same percentage, then the points difference described as a percentage will decide who sits where in the table. Newcastle, having lost this afternoon sit one place below us on 37.5%. We're on 50% (Won 2 out of 4). London are also on 37.5% but they have an inferior points percentage, so sit below Newcastle. The league table on our site is a feed from a Google Spreadsheet. I just punched in the equations and the thing just creates the table for us. https://roughyeds.co.uk/fixtures-and-results/league-table
  21. We had three Jacks in the team yesterday, Bibby, Croft and Spencer. So that got me thinking, is that a club record for Jacks in the team? Well after a bit of digging, the answer is no. 19th October 1929 Oldham 23 Wigan 3. Jack Stephens, Jack Oster, Jack Read, Jack Reynolds, Jack Scaife So FIVE Jacks. There was another guy kicking around at the same time — Jack Gore — but I can't find a game where all the other Jacks were playing. There may have been a limit of how many Jacks you can have in a team at the same time. Ha! Wonder if there's a six Jack game somewhere...?
  22. James Barran — "Hold my beer."
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