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  1. Yes because they cant sell them since they are shown during the blackout period. The second that blackout rule is removed (hypothetically), youll see a tv packages with 3 pm matches included being sold. Had the Burnley chairman never convinced the Football League and FA to have the blackout rule, televised 3 pm matches would have long been a common occurrence. Of course, anyone in the UK with the desire can easily get around the blackout and watch 3 pm matches, and from what I've read this becoming more and more common ( but by no means a significant portion)
  2. Yes they do, on any given week I and every single other person outside of the UK can watch the 3 pm match of our choice (back when there were multiple 3 pm matches). Its just some old blackout rule that prevents UK fans from being able to watch (whether it actually protects lower league attendance makes for an interesting debate)
  3. If the Super Leagues attendance is going to be affected by showing all 6 matches live, then that sounds like an issue of rugby league fan cultur in much of the way it is in Australia or the games overall health as a whole, but for the vast majority of leagues across the world televising the game hasn't been the negative that many thought it would be, hell people thought radio in the 1930s and 40s would deter match attendances. Going to a game is always going to be a unique experience that cant be replicated by sitting on ones couch.
  4. Have you seen AFL crowds, or NFL crowds, or Bundesliga crowds, or Premier League crowds, etc? All these league broadcast all their games and have large crowds and terrific atmosphere. There is a clear distinction between watching on TV and watching in person. NRLs attendance issues seems more to do with the Rugby League fan culture in Australia than it does with all 8 being on TV (especially when 5 are on subscription TV that most dont have I believe).
  5. Some youtubers uploading full Super League and NRL matches and them popping up on my youtube page is the reason I now pay 140 dollars a year and stay up well past midnight to watch the NRL. Anecdotal evidence I know, but I can't be the only one who found a new interest via non-traditional media formats. Without youtube, I would still be thinking rugby league is a less popular version of union since its only played in Northern England (didn't even know about NRL at the time).
  6. There's always these humorous incidents where whenever someone prominent does something horrible some poor person with a similar name has their twitter mentions flooded.... I am assuming super league was that poor person last night.
  7. At the very least, they need to do this for their international audience. I haven't been able to watch the Super League/Challenge Cup in about 5 years since they went solely to Fox Soccer Plus (~80 dollars a month vs 140 dollars a year for watchNRL).
  8. Replace UK with Northeastern US and British with Canadians and you more or less described the beginning of the LA Kings (two time Stanley Cup champions) "Los Angeles has a large number of expatriates from both the Northeastern United States and Canada, which Cooke saw as a natural fan base." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Los_Angeles_Kings
  9. Not sure how the other 9 clubs would feel about having to travel between melbourne , townsville, and NZ for their away games while the sydney clubs get to sleep in their own homes the night of an away game. Something tells me the Wayne Bennett of the Brisbane Broncos wouldnt be for this kind of set up. Not to make this an AFL v NRL debate, but the latter doesnt seem to have any issues pumping up rivalries without have the 9 Melbourne teams play each other home and away. I think the most feasilble set up would be a fixed conference system for non-NSW clubs with the NSW clubs rotatin
  10. As an American, I shudder at the idea of NRL adopting conferences to determine playoff spots, especially at only 18 teams. It always bothered me in MLB (the only US league I follow) when a team with the 2nd best record in its league is forced to play the 1-game wildcard playoff simply because it didn't win its division bc it had the team with the best record. I think in the NFL, there's been times where a team with a losing record wins its ###### division and gets to host a playoff game against a team with a winning record. Hopefully if the NRL does do this, its like the NBA, 3 divisions
  11. Haha, I think thats a good summary. I think I read somewhere 2/3rd of Argentinians are of Italian descent and that language contributed greatly to their dialect/accent. Also had a colleague who went to Chile for work and he said the Chileans he met were jokingly self deprecating in how they have butchered the spanish language and no one can understand them
  12. Hmm, for people I know and including myself the Argentinian accent is the worst... I always joke they're the scottish accent of spanish speaking countries. I've even met Argentinians, who I didn't know were Argentinian at first, who when speaking in spanish I assumed it was there second language and they were speaking with their american accent. Where as at least among Latin Americans, the Colombian accent is considered the 'cleanest'.
  13. Kind of ironic since doesnt New Zealand regularly beat Australia for the Bleisloe..... As far as your comment about SOO ratings declining over the past 20 years, how do those figures compare to NRL ratings during that same time frame? Curious to see if it really is SOO or like with a lot of countries, sports overall are seeing a decline compared to x amount of years ago
  14. Not really, typically January and February are our worst winter months. Only 1 regular season week (mind you each team only have 8 home games) is held in January, and the rest of the games are playoffs (easier to endure crappy weather for that type of game) and the super bowl is always held in an indoor stadium or warm weather stadium (minus 1 year in NYC). There's a reason why we dont have an outdoor sport playing its regular season in those months, and why basketball is such a huge sport in the midwest, with some areas having the high school basketball game being the main community even
  15. I dont think the 3rd place team cared much, probably mentally already thinking about the Finals and werent looking to go all out an risk injuries.
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