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  1. The chairman has quite a lot of property. They'll all be together in one of his HMOs, so they'll not lack company.
  2. That's public service broadcasting though, to help all the insomniacs out there.
  3. Do you think the planned development will ever go ahead as it's been sold to Cas? I can't imagine physical retailers are remotely interested in acquiring new square footage anytime soon. Surely that land is more valuable if it can be re-zoned as housing. This pie in the sky shopping development might just be a stepping stone plan.
  4. Went there once. Stayed all of 10 minutes. Quite possibly the most depressing place on earth.
  5. Shame. Maybe the year after. Unless we actually have the event in summer, rather than late spring.
  6. Have you seen the price of accommodation in Blackpool? At least accommodation that you'd actually want to go within 15 light years of. If we're trying to project an imagine of a P!$$ poor sport that's played exclusively in northern Shiiitholes, then let's carry on with a scruffy dump like Blackpool. If however we want to take the sport to a world famous city playing at a brand new stadium, with oodles of culture and visitor attractions for everyone to enjoy, let's go to York. Christ knows what our Canadian and French cousins think when they rock up in Blackpool and see the groups of knuckle draggers roaming round, wearing inflatable man parts, spewing ale and vomit everywhere etc..
  7. Nowhere near enough money in the game to support that many pro clubs. None of your Lancashire teams are in Lancashire, indeed there are no professional, or even semi professional teams left in Lancashire. Hull, Cas, Fev and Wakey are all in Yorkshire, not "The East". York is further east than three of them too. Here's a radical plan: Let's have 3 divisions, numbers to be decided as and when required. Promotion and Relegation between all three divisions every year (without fail). Stick with this basically forever and stop messing about. Also, never ever consider imposing an alien format from foreign sports. Let's keep it simple, stick with what's familiar and concentrate on the sporting action.
  8. I'm with you. SL by any means necessary. Even if that meant fielding the ghosts of Jimmy Saville and Harold Shipman as our 6 and 7.
  9. Think we're stuck at the moment. We've enough income to be one of the best part-time sides, with maybe a few full timers. But we're a long way off being able to go completely full-time. Which I'd say is necessary to achieve Super League, even after the structure changes.
  10. No We must be due some more bull poop drawings soon though.
  11. FFS Can we just go a week without rumoured or actual turmoil at Fev? And if Duffy has sounded Leigh out, he either knows MC is going to get shut, or he's a fool. They'll be lucky to have £20 to spend on a squad next year.
  12. Looking at companies house, it seems the charges were registered a couple of years ago. What loans have or haven't been made is not clear. He was appointed as a director a month ago. Whatever his involvement with the club, it appears to be increasing. If I make it to the forum, his involvement and/or intentions is something I'd like to ask about.
  13. Exactly. The burning question though is: How many Fev fanatic multi millionaires are there in the WF7 and WF8 areas? Or, do we know anything about Colm Corran, a recently appointed director?
  14. Agree with all that, except number 4 to an extent. Halfback cover was more than adequate to cover the loss of Ridyard or Holmes, but not both. We should reasonably have expected to get Jordan Lilley during this vital period. That was exactly when he was loaned out. Thanks for nothing Mr Hetherington. Bottom line is that we bet the farm on some star players and hoped that Leeds would be the cavalry when needed. It could have worked and been wonderful. It didn't and now we're in the gary glitter. We've come back from worse. Up The Chuffing Rovers.
  15. it's the only explanation that makes sense. We basically threw in the towel in late May / early June.
  16. By the sound of it, top four won't be a thing next year. That might be our best hope of a decent squad. If there's no top four, there's no logic in the distribution of the TV money. The only way you can operate a 1 up 1 down league is with equal funding across the league, which would mean we got a bit more. Massively clutching at straws, but I wonder if (hope that) MC knows this already.
  17. Certainly feels that way. However, this year seems like sod's law. Which says that if you run with no squad depth and rely on Leeds, you'll get injuries and Leeds will let you down.
  18. We'll just have to do what we always do in times of need: Raid our feeder clubs, Batley and Dewsbury for players.?
  19. Who knew that Wheldon Road started in north west Leeds?
  20. Thing is though, Hallowell Jones and Langtree along with LSV, Widnes and Salford are Ikea flat pack jobs. The build at headingley is on a totally different level. The north stand in particular being a totally bespoke build.
  21. Badly worded, I meant that I'd let him go
  22. Don't worry. It won't ever get built. The wider development is far from likely to happen, not a single retailer is signed up and two of the big names that allegedly expressed an interest are sliding into the brown stuff. The existing developments at Xscape and Jn32 have plenty of empty units, there is simply no requirement or demand for more. There's also the massive expense of moving the electricity pylons and remodelling the motorway junction. Axiom's best hope for the land is to get it re-zoned as residential, in fact it would not surprise me if that wasn't the plan when they bought it off the previous developer, who must have realised it was never going to fly. Another shiny drawing / scale model for the Castleford collection.
  23. Not a viable proposition in my opinion. It's a good 8 miles from Wakefield, along some of the most congested roads you could imagine. Wakefield's crowds would dwindle. That's if it ever even gets built. I just don't see it happening. If the big retailers that Axiom think they are going to attract were interested, they'd already be in the 1/4 empty retail park over the road.
  24. Bit of lynch mob out I see. Yes he's been stupid, but I'm not sure he needs hanging, drawing and quartering outside Hudgell's swanky office block. He's a young lad with probably too much money and time on his hands. We've all done stupid stuff and put things in our body that are less than legal when we were youths. The lad will suffer, his career is all but over. Let's leave it at that, I think it's punishment enough.
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