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  1. I do not agree with ridding the team of heritage players, but I definitely would like to see some middle ground here. RLI have made several bold statements in the past that they did not follow through with (I refer to the circa 2015 statement about national team being at least 40% domestic). There does need to be some change. It is better to take a couple of local players in international games, rather than a random English or Aussie that plays in one of the lower divisions of Aus and UK. It is the locals that will inspire other locals to take up the game and will strengthen the overall pathways between grassroots and national team. I have no idea if the change of coach has anything to do with any (real) change in direction (personally I doubt it) but I look forward to seeing the RLI elaborating on their plans soon!
  2. I was aware of that. Why not keep their community club there (Llanelli Knights?) and run their first team out of Cardiff? Hiw much money is that bar making and what % of that comes from League One matchdays anyway?
  3. It seems Heroj Poleti and Red Star are in fact one in the same: https://www.facebook.com/114955005196655/posts/8053161401375936/
  4. Even though there are only 200 seats at the ground, still good news and hopefully will encourage the "borderline" fans to attend.
  5. As the weather gets warmer, people will probably naturally opt for the outdoor bar anyway, which is great for the club.
  6. Does anyone know what is happening in Turkey? I saw on social media that Kadikoy and Ankara (arguably their top two teams) have withdrawn from the competition, citing "unfairness" and general disagreement with the TRLA. A real shame. After they successfully staged the Euro Group D competition last year and recently their president got elected to the ERL board, I was hoping this was going to be the start of something special in Turkey, but it seems now that there are some serious cracks appearing.
  7. A busy weekend in Kenya with referee courses, coaching courses and the Kenyan Grand Final. Looks like it was a close match and worth noting that the visiting team traveled 450km for this one! Not sure how long that would take on Kenyan roads, but am sure it is quite a trek. Kudos to all involved! https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2118/kisumu-win-inaugural-kenya-rugby-league-
  8. It sounds like they got some great things going on, I noticed this as well.... Will they be able to take the bar with them to their eventual permanent home? Or have a similar arrangement with the bar at that ground? I do hope so.
  9. Nice update. Did they announce the attendance? Also,.if this is their temporary home, where will their permanent home be and when do they move there?
  10. I hope one day your idea will be put to the test and I hope that you will be proven right and I will look like a fool. I will be over the moon if they achieve even 10% of what you say.
  11. Is there a points table anywhere? I have a feeling those may have been cup matches.
  12. I have seen some pie in the sky stuff over the years. But this is right up there with some of the best. In 20 years, Serbian RLs biggest crowd has been about 500 for a national team game, with free admission. So the idea the Salford vs Wakefield will SELL out a 53,000 seat stadium, (which he "guarantees" will happen) is just hilarious.
  13. From BSL facebook: On Saturday, April 2, 2022, the 6th season of the Balkan Super League begins with a match in Sofia between the home team Locomotive and Partizan 1953. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the Turkish club Fethiye Falcons canceled their participation, so there will be 5 clubs at the start of the A League. The pairs of the first round are: Saturday 02.04.2022 Sofia Lokomotiva - Partizan 1953, FC Trebic 14.00 09/10.04.2022 Tivat, Arsenal - Dorcol Tigers In the first round, the Red Star team is free Quite sad to see this happening again this year.
  14. I believe it is 8 clubs including 2nd division. Something like this: 1st div: Red Star, Partizan, Dorcol Tigers, Radnicki Nis. 2nd: Zemun, Gepardi, Novi Beograd... Not sure of the last team, maybe Car Dusan.
  15. So... because the weather was lovely, you opted to stay indoors rather than outdoors? I must admit, I am struggling to understand your logic there
  16. Challenge Cup would be better if SL teams enter when there are 32 teams (total) remaining. Also SL teams playing away is a good idea too.
  17. I am guessing costs and logistics was the biggest factor here. Four nations (compared to zero all these years) is an excellent start! Hopefully it will progress and grow year on year.
  18. What is the long-term goal for the club? Would playing NCL make any sense? Or would that be just as expensive as playing in League One?
  19. Well I believe that is slowly happening. For example, the 2025 qualification means the Americas get an extra spot and Africa is getting an extra playoff spot. Which is a start. It is getting more diverse with every WC that passes. However, we also need to be smart about it.
  20. This is why I like repechage as it gives them the opportunity to get there but it ensures the strongest team goes through. MEA though, a lot of their nations are still so new and it would be super risky given one of them direct passage to the WC, at the expense of a tried and tested outfit like the Cook Islands for example.
  21. Indeed, Russia were not even on the radar, long before the war began. Serbia are well above the minnow nations, but still well below the WC nations. If they could get every available heritage player to commit, things would be different. (3 Trbojevic brothers, Cotric and Opacic).
  22. I think this year's WC will give us a better idea. But overall I think people are over-rating Italy and under-rating Greece. Too many people it seems are still picturing 2017 Italy, a team full of NRL stars including Tedesco. So many players from that WC have since retired. But overall, you are not far off. I think it will come down to Greece and Italy for those last spots.
  23. Yes, Brazil!! Historic moment, you and I actually agree!! Overall though, I like what they have done. For the most oart I think they have gotten it right.
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