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  1. Sounds like a good signing from the responses. James Ford hasn't denied it either. Since 2018 we have had our lowest budgets since we became the Bulls. This year Fev,Toulouse,York,Halifax have a bigger budget than the Bulls. We even got outbid for a player by Newcastle(Taai).
  2. Just wondering what your opinions are of Sam Scott, he is rumoured to be joining Bradford next season.
  3. Not sure on that, but the RFL have paid for the Bulbs in the floodlights and a few other bits, they didn't employ any security after 2019 so bits of the Stadium needed repairing, toilets bars etc.
  4. After a delay in the widening work, which is being carried out by the RFL and which they have put down to contractors being engaged on other mostly football-related projects, that dispensation was extended to cover Bradford’s matches against Widnes on June 27 and Batley on Sunday (July 4).
  5. Nope, they own the head lease which says they are responsible for the upkeep of the Stadium.
  6. York have made the same mistake that Leigh and Bradford did. Ex-sl players who come for a payday and think they can take it easy as standard is lower.
  7. That was the expectation yes, not sure what has happened but likely to be a smaller pitch for the next 2 games. Shambles as always from the Bulls.
  8. Believe the club are aware of 2 fans allegedly involved and it was at the Newcastle game. They will release a comment when investigation is completed. Hope the Club ban them if found guilty. its not right and probably result in a fine for the club.
  9. When the Fev fans were chanting racism at the Bulls supporters, I tried to report it to the stewards and they didn't want to know just laughed it off. I hope they are more approachable than that day. I know it has put some Bulls fans off from going. We go in a group of 10 home and away and not 1 is going Fev today, where as we will all go to Oldham for our next away game.
  10. https://bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/590/bradford-and-featherstone-to-remember-late,-great-peter-fox It shouldn't, glad it has got sorted, Bulls planned it last year and the family were invited, I don't see how the Bulls can be blamed when the game is at Featherstone?. Same as if the Bulls didn't organise anything we would be to blame.
  11. Does anyone know why Fev haven't announced a plan for the Peter Fox trophy?. Bulls hosted it last year and his family are pretty disappointed about it on twitter.
  12. Even if we had won that game writing was already on the wall for the club. Rohan Smith dropped Adam O'brien one of our most creative players that season. To this day majority of Bulls fans don't understand why.
  13. I reckon Joe Keyes is more likely, not playing at KR and played with Lilley before.
  14. Bradford don't play Toulouse now, next 2 games are Fev and Widnes
  15. That's a shame, more negative news for RL, hope Fev do the right thing now its out in public. My club has had enough people like that to know it don't end well.
  16. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/charity-manager-fraud-theft-dishonest-20731915.amp?__twitter_impression=true Is this the same person who now works at Fev? A guy on Twitter saying he is owed money by club too.
  17. Wasn't it down to Covid and to avoid a fixture pile up?
  18. You said really? I was replying to Stock Cars and Bulls both having equal say regarding the lease. So I responded yes and then went on to talk about the corners plan not the 100m long pitch.
  19. When did I say it was?, said it would be back to normal length as it was before Bulls left in 2019.
  20. Yes, The Widnes game was supposed to be our first game back but due to Covid restrictions on fans at Dewsbury we moved back early. As wouldn't of got all Season Ticket holders in. The plan is something similar to the image below so be the same length as it was when Bulls last played at Odsal.
  21. Wrong,both are leasing the Stadium from the RFL, by the Widnes game on 27th June pitch will be back to normal length.
  22. Making the Bulls look better than they are. Was your comment, if the Bulls aren't great as your post made out, after the Top 3 the rest of the Championship must be poor.
  23. Think that's pretty disrespectful to the Bulls, 6 wins a row shows we are a pretty good team. In those 6 games we have beaten Halifax London and York all play off contenders.
  24. The end terrace was repaired during the early part of this year, Bradford Council have done a full safety check on the stadium and it was granted a Safety Certificate.
  25. If you think any of them were rich your very much mistaken and need to do a bit more research, Chris Caisley was a Partner at Walker Morris, Omar Khan ran 2 successful restaurants, Andrew Chalmers ran 1 restaurant so not really rich. Oh and the RFL deemed 2 of the 3 suitable to run a RL club when they had little funds.
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