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  1. Burnley to win the premier league... which one I haven't a clue.
  2. You're obviously not Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin or even Mr Waverly. Therefore, Thrush wouldn't touch you.
  3. I know you hate speculation, only the facts, so I won't bother you with my beans.
  4. Plans are afoot to divert the upper River Calder through Craig Whittakers urinary system.
  5. That's been England for at least the past 50 years. It's been like watching Brexitball.
  6. Nice Highgate dialect there Ronnie. Almost necking with your hero.
  7. How could I forget Van Basten, Gullit and co. And not a single Spurs player in sight.
  8. Thanks for that. However my first FA final cup memory is Spurs beating Chelski in 1967. Comparing them to West Ham is no excuse. I'm almost old enough to remember when Burnley and Spurs were still rivals.
  9. When you consider the Netherlands have had better teams, it's not such a glaring omission. England's only success was achieved without Spurs players, although with a former Tottenham player in charge. Since the early 60's, Tottenham have been serial failures.
  10. There are problems in both major codes downunder. Although serious, this refers to a culture that existed in the past. Why don't you have a go at the bullying, or racism within the AFL and Australian sport in general? Come on Future, we know you hate AFL, but this is very ordinary.
  11. I always thought it was Costa de Marfil. What do I know?
  12. True, but new AFL teams get the same treatment from Melbournians, even those from traditional Aussie rules states.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic and late, but Logan is in the south of Brisbane, Ipswich is more west south west.
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