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  1. Yes, he was prolific, six thousand recordings. Carole Kaye who is also a former member of the Wrecking Crew played on an estimated 10,000 recordings.
  2. Those session musicians played a massive part, at least in American music, during the 1960's and much of the 70's.
  3. True, but if you brought Dixie Dean back and in his prime, he have scored at least 120 goals in one season, even with 21 Fatty Foulke's in goal.
  4. I would open up the game, so draws are less likely. A few tweeks in the playing dimensions, including larger goals might help. The average footballer is much taller now than a century ago, they're also fitter and faster. However, as long as soccer remains the most popular sport, there is little chance of more major rule changes.
  5. Shouldn't they have been above the normal procedure?
  6. If they had won the WC in 1998, I would bet they would all have been certainties to get gongs.
  7. I agree. After the New Years Honours annual fiasco I did have a slight disagreement with another member of this galaxy regarding the lack of a knighthood for Sir Gordon.
  8. Sorry Phil, We have high moors and deep wooded valleys. Halifax is the bottocks of the Calder Valley, Brighouse is the ####... Halifax looks a bit too much like the rest of West Yorkshire.
  9. I'm not trying to wind you up. As for the age of the Welsh language, who knows how old it is. It is a Brythonic language, as was the language of the ancient Britons. We don't know for sure when the people who spoke this language arrived here, or from where. What is certain is, people inhabited this island after the ice age for a long time (several thousand years) before Brythonic speaking people arrived.
  10. I know You seem like a young lad. Anyone who has Welsh ancestry knows Welsh means foreigner. You still haven't managed to prove how you're a Celt. Only a belief in a certain type of Welsh nationalism that borrowed the celtic term just over 200 years ago.
  11. Thanks to family connections, along with the rest of my family I had some real Mexican/Arizona tacos and burritos specially made a few years back. They were something else.
  12. You keep harping on about that. Suddenly discovered you have an ancestor called Williams or Jones? Celts are a Greco Roman invention, along with the style of wrestling.
  13. Detroit must be full of wannabes. Edit: Detroit is the only major US city which lies to the north of the Canadian USA border.
  14. A few years back I heard a loud thud that sounded like the living room window had been hit by something. On initial inspection I noticed a mess on the window. With my Deerstalker, I ventured into the garden whereupon I discovered the cause of the commotion. I've just got "The Genius of Birds."
  15. But most of you are infatuated with the USA aren't you? admit it. That's why you live so close to the border.
  16. Except for Vancouvarians, don't most Canadians live in your California?
  17. Canadians complaining about cold weather. What do they expect, some unexpected jet stream from Angola? Or a medal for being s##t at geography?
  18. Someone from Bacup and half of Rawtenstall would choose Burnley over any other club.
  19. Kicking is mentioned several times, dribbling also is mentioned. Was the game more like 'football'?
  20. I bet Adam Faith wished he was still alive to watch that.
  21. I watched the first season when I still had Sky. I recall the Russian at the end.... hopefully, not too much of a spoiler for anyone who might fancy watching it. Dormer was good.
  22. Someone called Mourinho? Put Sean Dyche in for Mourinho and he'd soon have them playing.
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