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  1. I thought 1975 was the dullest. Who do Barnsley play? They'll win.
  2. I guess it's a good community sport. As it is in parts of Scotland.
  3. Darts is on a par with snooker and that other game. Incidently, I'm cack at both. It would be safer to stand in front of a dart board if I was throwing.
  4. That's what you expect when Johnny Furriner learns something we Brit's invented.
  5. Those Latin types were always more cynical #####, they've just exported the best and the worst of their game.
  6. There must be a trophy in it? I bet Neymar is still a country mile in front and he only plays in Ligue 1.
  7. Just seen some Emmerdale for the first time in at least 6 months.
  8. That road was fine until morons started to believe it was a trunk road.
  9. Dear diary, house is empty except for moi. If someone visits they might find me in an uncompromising position.
  10. Walker Brothers version of Make it easy on yourself was better than Jerry Butlers.
  11. I didn't realise that is her Dad. Anyone called Billy Ray should jump off the Tallahatchie bridge for a living. Miley is a victim of modern music.
  12. Miley Cyrus is symblolic of what is wrong with 21st century pop music. Someone who studies music would be able to describe what it is. To me it all sounds like it was written and produced by the same thing.
  13. Agreed. They should have been lined up and humiliated to death for that sheet.
  14. Back to where they belong. After we'd lost Granada, I never forgave YTV for showing teams like them. We all hated Yorkshire teams.
  15. Whining Canucks. You do realise we have to carry a brolly for almost the entire year.
  16. Who knows? Most people don't suffer from that problem.
  17. The Economic Singularity, Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism. Calum Chace
  18. The irony of anyone from Bradford disliking someone else's accent.
  19. Isn't it aimed at the Tory phoookweet generation?
  20. Chris Hawkins' voice does my head in.
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