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  1. A few years back I heard a loud thud that sounded like the living room window had been hit by something. On initial inspection I noticed a mess on the window. With my Deerstalker, I ventured into the garden whereupon I discovered the cause of the commotion. I've just got "The Genius of Birds."
  2. But most of you are infatuated with the USA aren't you? admit it. That's why you live so close to the border.
  3. Except for Vancouvarians, don't most Canadians live in your California?
  4. Canadians complaining about cold weather. What do they expect, some unexpected jet stream from Angola? Or a medal for being s##t at geography?
  5. Someone from Bacup and half of Rawtenstall would choose Burnley over any other club.
  6. Kicking is mentioned several times, dribbling also is mentioned. Was the game more like 'football'?
  7. I bet Adam Faith wished he was still alive to watch that.
  8. I watched the first season when I still had Sky. I recall the Russian at the end.... hopefully, not too much of a spoiler for anyone who might fancy watching it. Dormer was good.
  9. Someone called Mourinho? Put Sean Dyche in for Mourinho and he'd soon have them playing.
  10. I thought 1975 was the dullest. Who do Barnsley play? They'll win.
  11. I guess it's a good community sport. As it is in parts of Scotland.
  12. Darts is on a par with snooker and that other game. Incidently, I'm cack at both. It would be safer to stand in front of a dart board if I was throwing.
  13. That's what you expect when Johnny Furriner learns something we Brit's invented.
  14. Those Latin types were always more cynical #####, they've just exported the best and the worst of their game.
  15. There must be a trophy in it? I bet Neymar is still a country mile in front and he only plays in Ligue 1.
  16. Just seen some Emmerdale for the first time in at least 6 months.
  17. That road was fine until morons started to believe it was a trunk road.
  18. Walker Brothers version of Make it easy on yourself was better than Jerry Butlers.
  19. I didn't realise that is her Dad. Anyone called Billy Ray should jump off the Tallahatchie bridge for a living. Miley is a victim of modern music.
  20. Miley Cyrus is symblolic of what is wrong with 21st century pop music. Someone who studies music would be able to describe what it is. To me it all sounds like it was written and produced by the same thing.
  21. Agreed. They should have been lined up and humiliated to death for that sheet.
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