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  1. I always preferred the ITV iplayer comedy section.
  2. I have never knowingly met doppelgänger of myself or anyone else that I know.
  3. London media darlings, won nothing, pretend big club.
  4. Is that another tedious historical period drama?
  5. Best wishes to both Kenny T's cousin and Dave T.
  6. Bring back the vacant and engaged jobs.
  7. My first view of those shenanigans were the Argentinians in 66, then Estudianties at Old Trafford against Man Utd. Burnley's "See Naples and Die" in 1967 was probably as bad as any. http://www.clarets-mad.co.uk/feat/edx8/see_naples_and_die_326903/index.shtml
  8. Rugby league does have a significant presence in the NT. There was a league in Darwin that disbanded in 2010, which was then taken over by the NTRFL. There is a comp based in Alice Springs, the CARFL and the city of Katherine has a junior league.
  9. Thanks for the response. Give or take the odd half million or so, or who's making the measurements, the split between the codes is minimal. Where does the Riverina rate? although it's in NSW, it has a long Aussie rules history, the Daniher brothers are a case in point. Wagga is probably 50-50. Paul Kelly was a star with the Swans, but his hero was Kevin Hastings, the Mortimers chose rugby league. Whilst I agree that the AFL have transplanted teams in areas where support isn't yet up to what should be the requirement of any AFL franchise. I think GWS is ahead of Gold Coast in that regard, but both are minimal gains in the grand scheme of sporting business downunder. A north Qld team is a long shot, but I wouldn't bet against the AFL giving that region a team in desperation. As you say, NZ is very unlikely. The Northern Territory is still mainly an Aussie rules region, especially Darwin. There is still plenty of room for NRL growth, but I hope they will concentrate on WA, SA and maybe another Victorian based team. That's what's so frustrating about their approach.
  10. And it's not expanding the game. Perhaps they'll be happy when the AFL's weak foothold in that area, will become much stronger. Love em or loathe em, the AFL are much more expansionist, even to the degree that they happily ignore Tasmania, one of their strongest and most traditional states.
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