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  1. It’s being reported that The Hundred is considering getting rid of the term ‘wickets’ and replacing it with ‘outs’? I was upset with it before for dumping Lancashire for Manchester (urgh!) Now I’m glad they won’t be associated with this farce.
  2. Some talk that Forest Green Rovers are on the verge of appointing the first female manager in the Football League
  3. There needs to be more love for Salford, Swinton, Oldham and Rochdale. The clubs that we have in other words.
  4. I await the arrival of the billionaire looking to lose a shed load of cash in Manchester.
  5. Jon Rahm, clubhouse leader on -6 (-6 for the day). Still a lot of golf to be played, but you’d imagine he’d need a significant change in conditions for the leader Hideki Matsuyama at -13 to fall away now (or at least a few watery graves!) Zalatotoris currently in second 5 shots behind.
  6. Well, the blustery conditions certainly blew off course the field and kept scores modest at the start of yesterday with pre tournament favourite and big hitter Bryson DeChambeau among those affected. It seemed though when the klaxon sounded for play to resume at Augusta following the passing of the storm which halted play, that Hideki Matsuyama grasped the change in conditions the best with the extra grip on the greens that the added moisture had brought. He scored heavily on the back nine with phenomenal iron play in particular scoring an eagle as well as 4 birdies to move to -11 wi
  7. Yes, the New York Knicks, New York Islanders and New York Mets use them for reasons linked to New Amsterdam heritage, New York City flag and the World Fair held there in the 1960s which made great play of the colour scheme. My understanding is the Brooklyn Dodgers (Blue) and New York Giants (Orange), moved out to California simultaneously to play in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. Then baseball’s National League (the Yankees play in the American League) wanted a presence in New York as the above moves caused great consternation - thus the New York Mets were born who adopt
  8. Are you from Britain originally? I only assume not as you keep recycling this argument about having a big city league. You appear to be labouring under the illusion that what worked briefly in Toronto must be applicable in Manchester and all other population centres in the U.K. Salford reached a Grand Final and have been unable to generate any major bounce from neighbouring Manchester as a result (admittedly COVID-19 will not have helped). It might not seem immediately apparent from across the Atlantic, but the northwest of England is a football hotbed like no other, particular
  9. Mancs just don’t care much about rugby league. I don’t think what you’re suggesting is plausible or even desirable from the point of view of the football clubs. I have lived and worked in the area for over 20 years and even holding our Grand Final there doesn’t cut through - there’s simply not the interest.
  10. Been watching the first two rounds of the Masters golf and it’s still wide open at this stage with a couple of the big names circling around Justin Rose now who leads at -7. Justin Thomas and the revived Jordan Spieth will both fancy their chances now at just a couple behind with lots of other names in the mix too. The power hitter Bryson DeChambeau might be six shots off the lead, but he shot a -5 second round and time is on his side. Conditions for Saturday are forecast to be gusty which favours those with better ball control over the big hitters, but anything could happen fro
  11. There’s anger over the wall to wall coverage of this in some places, but it doesn’t serve anyone to make snide comments. I don’t really see the need for a royal family in a modern democracy, but I can relate to the loss of a loved one on a human level. I have no doubt at some point we will see images of real sadness in the Queen’s face that might bring home that point.
  12. Fold the two big football clubs that dominate everyone’s attention there?
  13. Brilliant that he’s been recognised by Google. This is like having a street named after you in modern times. Hopefully everyone feels proud!
  14. I’ve heard of non-stories, but I think this is a non-thread!
  15. Agree totally, they should face action if this is a ‘tactical’ decision.
  16. Gonna predict Jon Rahm to ride an emotional tidal wave and bring a green jacket back to Europe. He’s just celebrated the birth of his first child.
  17. I’m taking each way long shot punts on Lee Westwood (40/1) and Matt Wallace (100/1) at Augusta. I get one fifth of the odds if they make top 8. Might stick a little on the nose on one of the short priced favourites too.
  18. I feel we’re more likely to see investment in the game if someone can see some sort of return on it (probably more emotional than actually financial). If Newcastle Thunder can be seen to have progressed from a low tier to the top flight combined with a strategy to develop a grassroots amateur scene, followed by some consideration by the game’s central planners in terms of Magic and England, then you might get others following suit. I believe we can only support one of these initiatives at any one time given the resources we have.
  19. I still think we should maintain focus on the north east development and Newcastle Thunder in particular. Backing up the progress there through England matches and Magic until hopefully we have a strengthened amateur set up at various age levels and a top flight team to take advantage of it. The danger of a scattergun approach to expansion in all parts is that you end up being weak everywhere. I would stay concentrated on one objective.
  20. I don’t know about renaming the positions exactly, but I think the TV presentation needs to explain the tactics and strategy of these positions for the casual fan on the big occasions like Grand Final, England, Challenge Cup and Magic. I know this might mean some ardent viewers will feel like they’re being told to suck eggs a bit, but there’s a sweetspot to be found I believe where everyone can learn something.
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