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  1. Five year plan, eh? Historically I always think of defunct 1980’s communist regimes announcing these in a bid to overtake their western counterparts in something like farming. Lets hope it works out better for Leigh!
  2. It’s not a sub culture that I’ve ‘moved in’, but speaking to those who did many years ago there’s lots going on involving adrenaline rushes, drugs and building a sense of identity based on these scraps/lifestyle. Most of the violence I’ve seen at the football was very far removed from that which is glamourised previously in books and films and now via social media. Less brave men fighting brave men and more groups of lads picking on the vulnerable. Cant help that there’s a general feeling of policing and judicial system creaking a bit plus a cost of living crisis in which this stuff offers an outlet.
  3. I’m not sure on this and would be tempted to try a few google searches or speak to the Citizen’s advice bureau: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk
  4. The loss of Mane has definitely been felt. There’s a number of factors at play I think. A testing few weeks coming up for Liverpool now.
  5. As I said I don’t think it’s as simple as that but that is how the media portray it. Edit: and no, we don’t want Maguire!
  6. Grim that it’s back to such a level. I think a combination of factors lead to the authorities getting a handle on the previous wave of organised hooliganism around football matches in the past. Random meetings of lads is hard to police but organised violence can and should be neutralised.
  7. Everyone will have their own opinion I am sure. Talking to a couple of friends who are season ticket holders this weekend suggested to me that as well as individual mistakes and loss of form/confidence, there are structural issues too. Klopp’s tactical approach involves pushing TAA far forward on the right as the main instigator of creativity and also to link up with Mo Salah amongst others more closely. That’s not to say everything happens there, but all teams had to address it which can lead to space elsewhere. Obviously when this happens a space is vacated down Liverpool’s right defensive flank. This needs to be covered by either the right sided CB or a central midfielder to block passing lanes or the counter attacking left side of the opposition. My friends who watch Liverpool from the main stand every week say previously Henderson then Fabinho were very good at this unrecognised water-carrying type work in midfield. There was also a good hand off between themselves and the centre backs. Now this appears to be breaking down and although not every goal is coming down the right, the root cause of the pressure on the counter certainly is. This then gets played out as, “Trent can’t defend,” and there have been mistakes, but I think a combination of tactics and things happening off the ball are at play too. Hope this makes sense as it was the view of a couple of season ticket holders.
  8. That run and pass for the goal he set up was unbelievable too.
  9. Nice use of crane on the ###### for those who suffer from a bit of builder’s crack when sitting!
  10. Been checking the usual reliable sources for news of whether the England vs Fiji friendly will be on TV or not? Any news whether a broadcaster is interested such as the BBC or even Channel 4? If IMG are serious about upping the focus on the international game then hopefully we can entice one of the bigger boys to put it on.
  11. My point on this would be that even with the movement of games, we see in press conferences complaints over the fixtures that accommodate TV in U.K. football. That suggests to me that even the biggest Premier League clubs are in a relationship whereby they don’t entirely dictate terms. Whereas maybe in RL the clubs have been almost too powerful.
  12. Which is the kind of relationships RL’s leading clubs should have with the independent governance hopefully.
  13. We went in April to the Somme region so maybe things have changed since then. The way back took far longer as it clashed with fans returning from the Champions League final in Paris via car and train transporter. On the whole it was slick though and problem free - not sure if that’s because certain aspects of Brexit hadn’t kicked in though.
  14. Just 5,000 tickets left at Bolton according to an email I have received from the RLWC team.
  15. Anybody else watch the story about the unexplained death of British man Marc Bennett in Qatar on Channel 4 news? He had been hired to do a PR video for Qatar ahead of the World Cup. I’ve posted the details in the political thread for those interested but I don’t think this is the last you will have heard of this in the run in to the World Cup.
  16. The opportunity to tease Yorkshire over relegation too good to miss
  17. Did a Somme trip earlier in the year with a few others. Used the car loading train service. Was smooth enough.
  18. They’re not the Messiahs, they’re very naughty boys!
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