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  1. For what its worth I dont think Salford fans should get too excited, he has paid his dues and rightfully has to do what is best for himself, smart money is he probably wants to return home and to the NRL, not sure he will get the love at Wigan like he did at Salford.
  2. Confusion surrounding his intentions for 2020, allegedly having 2nd thoughts and question marks over his Wigan commitment, will he stay or will he go back to the NRL? Quite telling however that his Twitter profile still states he is a Salford player, lets see how this one unfolds!
  3. Desperate for Salford to somehow upset the odds, heart says Salford but head says Saints, any other team in SL tomorrow I think its a Salford win but Saints am afraid will probably have just a bit too much power and class, although pretty sure the same was said when goliath came across david, would be a truly incredible story if Salford lift the title tomorrow!
  4. Surreal that Salford are actually in the GF, but this is no run of the mill Salford side, its an extremely hard working side with some real quality throughout, they have turned Warrington over 3 times this year as well as outplaying both Cas and Wigan in recent weeks, also lets not forget they should have won at Saints earlier in the season, its a serious team and absolutely in the GF on merit!
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