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  1. Unless its some sort of a statement signing if/when the stadium is purchased by the guy who wants to invest in Salford I can't see this signing coming off.
  2. Stuff your excuses already, Salford have just handed out an attacking masterclass to a full strength St Helens!
  3. Salford are a very good side but Saints are a winning machine, I don't see them losing this, but could be another close one.
  4. Telegraph names Hull, Salford, and Wakefield, as three clubs showing an interest.
  5. No money to strengthen the team, down to the bare bones, continually written off, Salford and Rowley definitely deserve the plaudits.
  6. You'd be forgiven for thinking Hudds have got a chequebook manager...
  7. Toulouse quite strong at home but don't think they will be able to handle Salfords attacking prowess.
  8. One of the most enterprising sides in SL, well done Salford (again).
  9. Ormondroyd must be knocking on the international call up door, consistently outstanding, tbf Salford are not that far off from being a top six side.
  10. Said it all along, Salford are 3 quality forwards short of a top six team, outstanding in the backs.
  11. Salford are down to the bare bones but comparing the 2 teams and Salford are at home I think they'll get the win.
  12. In fairness to Salford they've lost King and Wright, 2 quality forwards, and also Greenwood, doesn't bode well for the rest of the season.
  13. Wigan arguably the best side in the Super League, Salford arguably have the worst pack in Super League.
  14. Given all the noise this sounds quite close to a done deal, magnificent news for the Salford red devils, their transfer incomings for next season will be interesting thats for sure.
  15. Salford have to go into the market for a replacement for King, threadbare in the forwards.
  16. Croft, Watkins, Sneyd, Lafai all outstanding, just need a few quality props.
  17. Sounds like Salford are going to get investment, perhaps even a benefactor.
  18. Salford are probably 2 quality forwards away from being a top 6 side, but the return of Watkins and putting him in the pack looks like a masterstroke from the coach tbf.
  19. Salford have quite a talented team tbf, quite fancy them to be in the top 8. As for today, too good once again for Leeds, Salfords whipping boys this season.
  20. Shaw and Mills coming at you, the stuff of nightmares, RIP Glyn Shaw.
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