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  1. King Harold dropped off there on the way to Stamford Bridge. A National Treasure!
  2. I've seen too many matches half killed off ofter 20-25 minutes this season. Been better of late I've noticed.
  3. Not only am I no longer in the game, I never was and I think he has a point. Can't stay, have to butt out.
  4. As I understand it it's not important because Reffing is a difficult job, it's the players who knock on and these decisions don't affect the result. Apparently. Not watching the btw. And no, I'm not about to train to be a referee.
  5. Jake squirts in after some to an fro. 26-0. Not enough scoring opportunities from TOX and no score when they do threaten.
  6. Yeah, pretty quiet really but hardly one way traffic on the pitch tbh.
  7. Penalty and drop out leads to nowt but shortly Edvalds releases ToXiii pressure. 12-0.⁸
  8. After some repeated sets Gardener Greg sprouts prettily.6-0. Pretty enough.
  9. I agree without conceding one iota of my point. I wasn't meaning to criticise any refereeing (though possibly could if requested) just arguing against the notion that the Ref doesn't influence the result of a game and he cannot get it wrong. Or that a players mistake absolves the Referee from any justified criticism. Yes the players make it difficult but if you get the loose carry/rip etc decision more times than not then what's to be done? Much prefer the recent games now the Sin Bin Madness Mode has been switched off.
  10. No. It's a massive part of the game play. Or else why are they there if not to affect the game.
  11. Strange isn't it. I thought Hull was stronger all over the 40 mins. Took longer than I thought before scoring though.
  12. An interception, but is he fast enough for Super League defence? Errrrrr.....yeah....
  13. Thought the Ref did ok(5-1 HT penalty count!) The game was helped by less pointless penalties and sin bins. Cas won ofcourse...
  14. Didn't see the match but reading the comments its seems like a match killed off at 20 -25 mins. For no apparent, obvious reason. Some ideological purity might have been maintained here but at what cost to say.... The Game. Again I missed the match but it all feels familiar.
  15. Spouses response to tonight's result: 'I wish I was there'. This is a Tolouse bar(s) not the match. Have one for me Tolouse.
  16. I know. As a RL fan I'm thinking this is fantastic. As a Cas fan............. less so.
  17. Typed this earlier but feared being mocked..... anyway, yes, if these such incidents are deemed overly dangerous then the RFL has a moral imperative to stop the game as pretty much any tackle 'could' result in injury to the head. Duty of care. RL is a gold mine imo and here we are watching this.
  18. It does make you wonder why they sin bin players in the first place if it rarely makes a difference. What fun is Conner? There's a bit of Tomas Bosc about him I think?
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