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  1. Yeah, always thought he was a good player and didnt really notice particularly bad dicipline. Then after we announced his signing, when he came back from his leg injury, i watched his games with a vested interest, he was an absolute liability for you, i couldnt actually believe the amount of penalties and six agains he gave away, not to mention the sin binnings. Its been a worry that i was hoping wouldn't become too big an issue for us, then yesterday happened. He'd lost his cool a couple of tackles earlier when he came steaming across the pitch to get involved in a tackle he didnt need to, with myler already down it left our right side defense woefully low on numbers, Warrington attacked that space, then he gets himself sent off chasing back across to where he should of been to start with. Absolute idiot.
  2. Bentleys an idiot, he's a good player but his stupidity will stop him from being a useful player, his discipline is absolutely woeful.
  3. Really good signing, going to enjoy watching Fev this season.
  4. Championship is going to be a brilliant watch this coming season, really looking forward to it.
  5. Theres some quality players in OZ that havnt yet put there stamp on the NRL, its about finding the right ones, From the little iv seen and from what iv read, im backing Cust to be a very astute signing for Wigan.
  6. He's a very good young player, think most KR fans would agree he was excellent for them in there 2 playoff games against Warrington and Catalan. He'd be in our 17 before the likes of Donaldson and Thompson for me, but dont think our management will see it that way.
  7. Thats a fair summary, Muizz Mustapha would be the one that springs to mind as a Middle/Prop that could well spend plenty of time with Fev if we DR again.
  8. If Leeds and Fev link up again then Centre cover is probably the least of your concern. Our strongest 17 will probably exclude... Jack Broadbent, 20 year old England knights centre Corey Hall, done very well at York last year as a 18 year old Levi Edwards, described as a generational talent, played well for Batley as a 17 year old last season These lads have already played well at championship and superleague level, Leeds will want them playing championship at least next season, not reserves.
  9. McDermotts not big on structure, think he'l be good for a player like chisholm.
  10. Excellent signing, he played a lot for us this season and played well. Gale and Briscoe are a very good wing duo.
  11. How did Doncasters fullback, Liam Tindall, play?
  12. Good signing. Hits hard on defence and good meters with the ball, very good atlete. Needs to clean up his errors but with presumably more gametime at Salford, that should help, will be a good SL prop imo.
  13. Its him. He's referencing the soft as high tackle pens that were being given last night.
  14. One other i can see is Oliver field is a Leeds player not Hull
  15. Yeah like i said, i dont like it going to the VR as a try or no try, but even with that rule in place, there was clear evidence the ball wasnt grounded and clear evidence that the on field call should be overturned...While the process of sending it to the VR as a try or no try is stupid in most peoples opinion...We'r only talking about the process today because of Hicks incompetence. It was as clear cut as your ever going to get.
  16. Im not a fan of sending it to the VR as try or no try, if the Ref dosnt know then just send it up as neutral like we used to. But...any system of doing it will fall down with that level of incompetence from the person making the decision, the system didnt fail last night, the video ref did.
  17. The VR decision was a farce, regardless of who you support and in the wider context than just last nights game, there has to be concern of how incompetent our officials are. The 'high tackle' which led to our try was a joke and how they missed Martyns mile forward offload, il never know...But as Christopher says, the whole point of the VR is to get the right call when called upon...How anyone can watch them replays and come up with a try is astonishing. The reason we lost that game though is the stupidity of Tom Briscoe, in a game of big moments, thats the one that cost us the game imo, 6 up, 5 mins to go against 12 men...And he does that.
  18. Not for me, if we'r talking in the very long term, of the current younger players...Cam Smith would be the one who strikes me as captain material.
  19. Hows Tyler dupree been playing this season?
  20. Brilliant, cheers, was following Yorks twitter feed and sounded like Hall got involved. Only 18 aswel.
  21. Seen Levi Edwards scored again, how was his overall performance?
  22. How did the Rhinos lads, johnson and Hall play?
  23. Cheers. Yeah the hype around Edwards has been there for years, back to his Batley boys days, everything he's done in our system so far has backed it up, pleased they both went well, against arguably, the championships best team
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