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  1. I would love to if i was more local, im 3hrs drive away, struggle to get to many Leeds games these days with Work and the distance. Was planning to go to your Worky away game last week but work ruined them plans. Pleased to hear Levis playing so well..Errrm poorly. Cheers.
  2. Cheers I bet he was, you happy with his performances since he joined you?
  3. Some really good results you are putting together. Looking forward to watching tye highlights. How did Levi go? Any try involvments?
  4. Sorry in advance for asking this all season, but...How did Levi play?
  5. Gary H will be raging, he cant announce JJB as permanent on monday now.
  6. Edwards is one of the best talents to come through our system in years, he's been earmarked as something special since he was 14. Always been a backrow through his community clubs and our scholarship but centres probably a better bet at his age against men. Pleased he's had a good start with you.
  7. I would have to agree, think we lack somthing mentally. The semi last year, whilst it was going to be a tough task regardless, we were beat before we took the field imo
  8. The centre pairing of Tom Briscoe and Liam Suttcliffe fill me with dread, not opposition i know, but terrifying all the same.
  9. Excellent young player, was in the same stanningley team as hulls Nick Staveley, they joined warrington scholarship at the same time and now together again at hull.
  10. Matty English is 24, i capped my selections at 23 and under. Wilson hasnt kicked on as id hoped so far, Ebon Scurr was my last prop selected, he's impressed me more than Wilson from what iv seen, but again, i wont of seen as much of Wilson as you.
  11. Whilst your right that im a Leeds fan, that its just my opinion and that it certainly means nothing in regards to how each club will fare over the coming years as SKS suggests, i certainly havnt picked Leeds players because they play for Leeds, all the players iv mentioned are in there on merit in comprison to there peers in that age group imo. The only one who i could see why people would think he's there because he's Leeds is Corey Johnson, but he is an exceptional talent at 9, all the other Leeds players have played well in SL and most are in international reckoning, be that Knights or full England, they're getting there recognition off more important judges than me. Saints have no doubt got plenty of excellent young players in there system, but if i havt seen them or know of them, i cant include them. I know you were replying to SKS comparing clubs, but hopefully this thread dosnt decend into a my club vs your club debate, we should all be excited about the talent coming through at all the British clubs.
  12. No you cant, you can have that opinion and i hope your right. I tend to agree with you, he looks excellent, but i like to see how they transition to mens rugby before proclaiming them better than x,y and z. Too many have failed to make that transition in the past unfortunately.
  13. Yeah louis, should of been clearer. Too early to say Murphys better than Innes Senior, he's got loads of potential but barley played a first team game. Innes was also a very highly rated teenager once, like murphy is now, probably more highly rated than Murphy, if you think he's totally hopeless at 21 playing SL, then thats all the caution needed before proclaiming a teenager with no first team pedigree as better than someone with 40 SL games, who's still very young and learning his trade himself. Kershaw, i like.
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