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  1. Same outcome...only an organisation of idiots would punish any club for not travelling across countries during a worldwide pandemic and only an idiot would think a punishment would be justified.
  2. Well done...But dont think its a big suprise to anyone that Leeds are pushing for option 3, unfortunately i dont think they'l be the only ones...Put 3 options in front of a group of business men, especially at a time like this, theyr most likely going to pick the option that earns them the most cash in the shortest term, thats option 3. Hope im wrong, but id be shocked if the eventual outcome dosnt look close to option 3, with maybe a couple of modifications
  3. Option 3 is 100% GH's option, theres a piece in the local Yorkshire paper from him and he's giddy at the prospect of option 3. Which teams agree with him is the important thing, id guess the same teams voting for a cap reduction will be with him. My feeling is option 3, or a slightly modified version of option 3, is what we'l get.
  4. Disgrace that some clubs are wanting the cap lowered. Very disappointed in my club Leeds, who are reported to be one of them.
  5. Dont think anyones saying theyr winning the comp this year, just that theyr a very exciting young team, with the potential to be very good in the near future.
  6. Yeah, i was just focusing on the younger players in there squad in my last post, but like you say, theyv got a few good older heads to lead the way aswel. Unbelievable that Millfords still so young, feels like he's been around forever, Corey Oates and Andrew McCullough are Queensland rep players, Matthew Lodge is a good prop and Alex Glenn and Darius Boyd, whilst well past there best, offer loads of club and rep experience for the young stars to call on. Liie i said earlier, iv been a Warriors man since i can remember, but the thing im excited about most for the NRL coming back and for the forseeable future, is watching this Broncos team.
  7. Probably the Broncos if your after a team of young potential, Haas and Fifita are genuine superstars in the making, Pangai Jr is a monster...Kerrigan, flegler and Ofahengaue are also part of a frightening young pack. Kotoni Staggs is one of the best young centers in the world, Jermaine Isaako is a young Kiwi international FB/Wing. Brodie Croft at half, Jake Turpin Hooker/Halfback.... Theyv had a youth movement there with youngsters playing plenty of NRL games. Theres a few below them aswel who are highly rated, Deardon, Coates and Farnworth(English lad) among a few others are all worth keeping an eye on
  8. Always liked the Warriors but really looking forward to watching Brisbanes young pack of monsters, so il go Broncos.
  9. Behave, thats a weak argument even for you. Two totally different things, fighting off the field, for what they think theyr owed or should recieve, is not even remotely close to only giving 80% on the field as you suggested was an 'issue' . Iv asked you to point me to any comments etc that point to the players not giving 100% when they start playing...As yet, you havnt been able to show me any, so for now, there is no issue on that front. You saying its an issue dosnt make it an issue, neither does an article that dosnt once mention any players potential lack of application or effort when they get back on the field.
  10. Yeah thats the one. No mention of players not giving 100% when they get back to playing.
  11. Link? Not sure iv read the right piece Iv just read one with owners slamming Carvell and the union, not once does it mention players not giving 100% when they start playing.
  12. Exactly, for anyone to suggest the players wouldnt give 100%, is doing them a massive disservice.
  13. What issue are you refering to in your last Q? Is there one shred of evidence, one comment, or one soundbite from anybody in the game, that suggests any player wont be giving 100% when they start playing?
  14. Il trust the rich men who'v saved Rugby League clubs, pumped millions into Rugby League clubs and helped provide a professional living for many rugby league players for many years, before id back the opinion of someone who clearly couldnt care less about rugby league, who'd happily let clubs fall to bits and who's so shortsighted, they'd have players suffer for years instead of months, because theyr determined to blame the rich men for whats going on. If and when you put millions of your money into Rugby League, il maybe put more trust in your opinion.
  15. Ofcourse its true, some clubs wont survive it, some clubs will be a weak administration version of what they were, all clubs will be broke. whatever revenue clubs lose this year isnt coming back, that massive financial deficit is going to appear when its time to pay players there deferred wages and its going to appear and be substantialy bigger when the loan, plus interest, is getting paid back. Clubs will be broke, players will suffer for a much longer time than the current situation. Wage cuts arnt a nice thing for anyone to have to deal with, but theyr a better option than your ruin the game, cripple the clubs, reduce players future earnings for years ideas...The players know this, thats why theyv accepted it, without too much fuss. Despite you being determined to blame someone for whats going on, most sensible people are understanding that its a once in a lifetime situation and that no ones trying to screw anyone over. Your hearts in the right place but your heads a mile off, your championing the players cause with solutions that will leave them worse off in the long run.
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