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  1. Think Ryan Carrs future will be the big one, if he stays, i expect Fev to go close and be a genuine chance of winning the championship next season. Whats happening with him? Im seeing...Back to Oz, Assistant at Leeds and Longo reminding people he's still contracted to Fev. If Carr leaves, iv heard James Webster mentioned, im a bit weary about this, not because he's a bad coach, i havnt got a clue if he's good or bad, i just hope, if it is Webster, he's appointed for the right reasons. He's very close to Agar and my worry is that itl have our fingerprints on it. Our partnership has flourished because its been a partnership, both clubs have helped each other, we'v worked closely, worked well and its been MUTUALLY beneficial, just hope we'v not give webster the big sale to Campbell with a view to how it helps us. I could be way off but its a worry i have. Susino and Minns are very good signings and im pretty sure, apart from Goulding, you'l see the Duel Reg lads nxt season, one or 2 other outstanding prospects you'l see a lot of aswel imo.
  2. And if Whitehead had won the chase...We know for a fact that a member of the roosters traing staff interfered with play, because of this, the Roosters benefited and the Raiders sufferd, through absolutely no fault of there own.
  3. Quick shift of the goal posts but il try and keep up. Yeah damp squid said himself that he believes residancy is more important than heritage, i disagree, do we go with my opinion, Damp squids opinion...Or go with the rules set by the governing body?
  4. Ofcourse you can attribute the try to that rule, not decision, rule. Easts wouldnt of been anywhere near the try line if it wasnt for that rule and there trainer. They got an attacking scrum they shouldnt of got and scored a repeat set later, they should of been down the other end of the pitch defending. Was he going to best Tedesco, we'l never know for sure, the roosters trainer got in the way remember, but i think Whithead was getting there first, so did all the commentators who were there live.
  5. I didnt misunderstand his point, who decides this connection, how does it get decided? What criteria are we using to determine how gennuine a connection is? Or Are we just assuming someone Australian born with a tongan grandparent is more genuinly connected to Tonga than someone Australian born with a British grandparent is to Britain, thats a potential can of worms no governing body will want anything to do with.
  6. So yet more intangible Loopholes to allow other countrys to use Heritage players but not GB? You can play for Tonga because we believe you value your heritage, but you cant play for GB because we dont think you do...Its ridiculous!
  7. Yeah really, whats the daft emoji about? If it didnt spoil it for you, good for you, for me it did. Unbelievable that Canberra get punished in that instance, after doing everything right. It handed Easts a try scoring oppurtunity, instead of, at best, defending down at the other end, or potentialy whitehead running a try in, they got an attacking scrum they didnt deserve and scored a couple of sets later. Big swing and massively unfair, Game spoiled for me.
  8. Shocking rule, not the refs fault they had to apply it, but couldnt believe the rule, spoilt the whole game for me. Potential 12 point swing, took a potential try scoring oppurtunity from Canberra and handed it to Easts, which they took. Stupid smile on the Easts trainer made it more infuriating. I had no preference on who won, but the outcome of that play and stupid rule spoilt the game for me.
  9. A lot of the Tonga squad would argue that bloodline is a real thing, depite being born in New Zealand or Australia, they followed there "bloodline" and played for Tonga. If only they knew what damp squid knows, that bloodlines arnt real.
  10. Bias becase theyr either Australian or theyr not, moving to Australia when your 15 dosnt make someone Australian , if your going to get on a high horse about someone not being born and bread in Britain, playing for GB, then it works both ways, Only people born and bread in Australia should be playing for Australia. The only bloodline or residency timescales that matter are the ones set by the governing body, not by a person who sets them to suit there argument, one who clearly dosnt like that England/GB are doing what Australia have done for years. GB cant play someone who has a British Bloodline but Australia can play a Fijian who moved ther when he was 15 and had already played international rugby for his proper nation...Hypocrisy
  11. Hypocrisy at its finest...All the non Australians that have played for Australia are fine...because they pass Alloras own, bias criteria. All the non British/English that will play for GB/England are not fine...Because they dont pass Alloras own, bias criteria.
  12. 1. Widdop 6. Austin 7. Hastings 9. Hodgson Iv got no issues atall picking anybody that Qualifys in accordance with the rules set...Just like other nations have done for years.
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