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  1. York just took there chances. Fev bombed plenty in the second half. The physio didnt help either. Was a great game to watch imo, enjoyed it way more than most superleague games.
  2. How old is Tom Garratt? He looks a big unit
  3. Newcastle , progressive club doing great things for the game in there area.
  4. How did Sam Walters get on?
  5. Yeah maybe, just so frustrating... The start was rubbish, errors with the ball, stupid penaltys for stripping time and time again, poor decisions when in good situations, its been the story of our season and we'r still making the same mistakes. Did you have real confidence we would see that game out when we went in front? As ridiculous as the Peteru knock on was, it didnt suprise me one bit, its what this set of players do unfortunately....We'r always the team making the crucial mistakes and they negate what for the most part, can be decent performances, like today.
  6. Unbelievable how oftent this mentally weak squad of clowns find a way to lose a game, guaranteed an error, afwful decision or penalty at the worst possible time. Dumbest team in superleague.
  7. Said on here when he joined you, il be shocked if Jack Broadbent and Harry Newman arnt our starting centers in a couple of year, both class young talents.
  8. Great game, Thought Jones looked very good on the back of some very good work from your pack, more than held there own against there big name opposition. Carrs proving to be an excellent appointment, clearly a very good coach but also with a good knowledge of the Aussie second grade, Makatoa and this new hooker look shrewd signings. With my Leeds hat on, i thought McCllelland played very well. Love Luke Briscoes attitude, real scrapper...Left Darcy Lussik dazed on the Deck and give him some verbal with it, wish Tom had Lukes fight. For future reference...As a Leeds fan with Fev TV, who now follows your club pretty closely, is my opinion welcome in the MOM thread, or is it just for Fev fans?
  9. Just watched the Leigh game and once again thought Brad Day was absolute class, love watching him play. He'd be in the next England Knights squad for me. Great for Fev that theyv got him tied down to a new contract.
  10. Even better if your waking up saturday morning and both games have been crackers, where either one was worthy of being on TV. Then there would be no need for any childish 'i told you so's' from anybody, just 2 good games to talk about...Fingers crossed!
  11. Arrogance of Holbrook, despite current form, Leeds are still a bigger club than saints so nothing like picking cardiff v Burnley over the Manchester derby.
  12. Very good signing for Hull, really impressed by the squad theyr putting together for nxt year.
  13. How have Hartley and Darley been going for the reserves?
  14. Yeah, even with none of us knowing exact contract details, anyone with a clear mind and a braincell can see the ins and outs are evenly matched. Certainly close enough that you'd think a club with a previous impeccable record with the cap would get a bit more credit before being accused of cheating.......
  15. How highly do you rate Martin and how well do you think he'l go in superleague? Cheers
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