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  1. Lewis Dodd, Lewis Dodd, halfback from St Helens. Probably the most highly rated player in the whole squad.
  2. Not sure to be honest. He finished last season pretty well i thought, was suprised he wasnt picked for our opening game, Agars mentioned he didnt get much work in pre season because of a niggle so thats maybe why. Deffinatly think he's capable of being a good super league winger if given a run of games.
  3. Tony Smith mentioned Briscoe especially as the player Hull KR couldnt handle.
  4. Well done Newcastle, think Isaac Nokes especially is a real talent.
  5. Hope this gets sorted and East Leeds are allowed in, comp wont be the same without, arguably, the best u14 team in the country taking part in it.
  6. 1. Saints 2. Wigan 3. Hull 4. Warrington 5. Castleford 6. Leeds 7. Salford 8. Wakey 9. Catalan 10. Huddersfield 11. Toronto 12. Hull KR
  7. Not sure how to feel, really happy with Leeming but dont really want to lose Trout. If it was the only way to get the deal done, then its probably a good deal for both clubs. We get an exciting young 9 with loads of natural ability, who strengthens our first 17 straight away and dosnt use any quota places. Giants get a big, young England academy second row to add to there impressive group of young players, for a player who wanted out. Think they got some cash aswel.
  8. Its not how quickly he got the oppurtunity, its what he done with those oppurtunities, Walkers played well in the biggest club games possible when he was Welsbys age and gone on to play well regularly at superleague level, playing in a poor team. So far, Welsbys an academy star with a few first team games in a well coached team, some good games , some not so. To say he's a better player than Walker at this stage isnt just daft, its ridiculous. Welsbys got serious talent, So has Walker, Walkers got the miles on the clock. Leeds decided they didnt need to sign a fullback because they had an teenage Walker, Saints decided to sign Coote, despite having a teenage Welsby, so once again, its irrelevant how he got his opportunity.
  9. What level are these NSW country teams in the Australian system? Are they the best u16's and U18's NSW has to offer, signed up to NRL clubs? Both have gave Leeds u16's and u18's 30 point beatings at Headingley today.
  10. Its irrelevant how he got his opportunity, daft argument that could be used for any youngster getting a first team chance. he got his chance, and he's played well in the biggest games a club side will play and regularly plays well at superleague level, right now, thats way more than Welsby has done. His development is going fine, he's only turned 20 in August and when fit, which has been an issue for him, he's been good.
  11. Indeed...When it comes to young British players, the more good ones the better. Despite the rivalry between teams, if Saints, Wigan, Giants or whoever...Are producing quality youngsters, then im happpy.
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