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  1. Yeah, that's what will end up costing me my job. Not for a few months, though, as we have plenty of work for now.
  2. Out on the bike today during my "lunch break" (this working from home could be worse). Chiff-chaffs are definitely about and skylarks making themselves known too. No sign of any hirundines around here so far. Got a really good view of a kestrel that was hovering over the road verge as I passed underneath.
  3. Indeed - the epicentre of an earthquake being the point on the Earth's surface closest to the hypocentre or focus of the earthquake. Most of the time in the papers you will see the hypocentre incorrectly labelled as the epicentre, but given all the other stuff they get wrong that's fairly trivial.
  4. I shall adhere to this sage advice.
  5. You are making yourself look foolish here. Look at Italy - they have so many people needing hospital treatment that their excellent health care system cannot cope. We are 2 to 3 weeks behind Italy and our health care system has been ravaged by 10 years of austerity. What we are seeing in the UK now is very far from being an overreaction.
  6. I will say that Mirror photo looks like it was taken with a telephoto lens, making people look closer together than they are. I doubt they're all maintaining 2 m though... I've been out on my pushbike today (this I think is defensible as I go on my own and won't generally be within 2 m of anyone else), but I did see quite a few largish groups out cycling as well. My club has stopped all racing, training rides and club runs, as they should, but I can't help feel that the message is not getting through and I'm going to be unnecessarily confined to barracks soon enough. I have a turbo trainer in the house so I could still exercise but I'd so much rather be outside.
  7. It's really weird. I'm advised not to go to the pub, and yet the pub is advised they are not being told to close. Things being what they are, I wouldn't go in when it's likely to be busy but this evening I went to my favourite local (I live in York, I have many locals) and had a pint or three, before I'd heard the advice. I'm quite happy to sit in the corner and observe my social distance. I'm sure I will continue to do that while the place is still open. The test will come on the weekend when regardless of any advice York will fill with folks wanting a night out. I'd prefer restricted hours, selfishly, but it looks inevitable closures will have to be enforced.
  8. I'm going to look a right state if I can't get a haircut for 4 months.
  9. The policy on pubs is a dog's breakfast. You've just told everyone to not go, but you've also refused to order the pubs to do anything, meaning they can't claim on their insurance. Two ways this goes, I guess: either pubs get ordered to open for restricted hours, or they get told to close completely. Otherwise they all just go bust anyway. Cheers.
  10. Cas showing off their soccer skillz, and that's the game.
  11. We're the only game in town and it's at something called the Mend a Hose Jungle. God help us. Actually looks half decent in the sunshine, to be fair.
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