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  1. It's all about opinions, but that looks absolutely hideous to me. I wouldn't wear it if it was a cycling shirt either.
  2. This is smart. Given the state of this thread I'd counsel against hard drugs as well.
  3. York are really needing to get a league win on the board here. And if we think it'll be easy we'll not be getting it.
  4. Nice. I'm a geologist and used to run a field trip where we did an exercise along the banks of the Corinth Canal. In some of those images you can see some geological faults which we got the participants to map on each side of the canal. Then we had a quick boat trip through the canal and back. I miss doing that trip but I'd be surprised if I get to run it again.
  5. I want to agree with you but I'm not sure where these additional 6k fans are coming from (in round numbers, for either club)? I've been watching City for a while and the best I've seen was 5k odd for a friendly(!) against Newcastle Utd. York is an odd place in that so few people seem to care about either professional club in the city. The Knights are going in the right direction but they would need to increase crowds at least 4-fold before ground capacity would be an issue.
  6. Don't be silly, that was Great Britain. Completely different, oh yes.
  7. The problem you'd have is that no Sunderland fans would identify with the merged club, and no Newcastle fans would identify with it either. You wouldn't need an 80,000 seater stadium for it, that's for sure. I submit that a merged Wakefield club would face the same issues. You might attract a handful of new fans, at the expense of losing pretty much all the existing ones.
  8. The Knights are a good and brave side, but I can't see them getting much against Wigan. Hopefully they can at least give them something to think about.
  9. If you have a few days to spare you can find the hundreds of pages of posts on the YCFC forum where this very subject is discussed in mind-bending detail. This is what most fans wanted, but the short version is that this proved to be impossible.
  10. It's a decent watch. York lacking discipline in crucial areas and also lacking invention on the last play, Toulouse looking very good.
  11. I think my favourite commentator moment was when the guy said that a goal-line drop-out was "as good as a try".
  12. And it finishes 28-22. That was a fantastic game, with the Knights denied a try at the end (offside I think). Typical Knights, they never stop and they never think they're beaten. Good to see that continuity after no games for so long.
  13. 22-6 Hull at half time. York's try was a thing of beauty.
  14. Time for a thread? York City Knights right now playing Hull FC at the new stadium. 12-0 Hull with 15 mins gone. Hull looking sharp, Knights looking predictably rusty but forcing the odd error.
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