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  1. Trinity have a permanent presence in the Ridings shopping centre in Wakefield - not sure if other Super League teams do this, but you'd think if Wakefield can manage it, it should be possible for other clubs.
  2. I reckon Trinity have the best one - simple, traditional and instantly recognisable (well, at least if you follow RL). For the mascot type of badge, I reckon ours is pretty decent.
  3. Bower Fold isn't a bad set-up for a tier 6/7 football club but I tend to agree that it's not great for Championship RL.
  4. Tempted to sort this out and take the medals to Cas myself.
  5. That could take a bit of recovering from...
  6. This I didn't know - I've been to Aachen a few times as the company I work for has an office there and that's where my boss is based, weirdly enough. It's a good town with an impressive historic centre.
  7. Dijon, Munster and Nanjing apparently. Might be a good excuse for a trip.
  8. The one thing we won't do is bottle it. We might lose, hey ho, but this team will fight to the end.
  9. For anyone travelling between Scarborough and Liverpool via York, Leeds and Huddersfield, the new loco-hauled Transpennine Express trains have finally started running. Haven't managed to try one yet but they certainly look (and sound) impressive.
  10. I had been planning to go to this all season, but now can't make it as I will be travelling to Italy for work. I'll be looking for the result though. Same thing happened last year as I discovered we had won League 1 while waiting to pick up my bags at Manchester Airport...
  11. I so enjoyed watching Catalans win the CC last year, now every time I see them they look an absolute rabble. If McNamara can't see that discipline is a huge issue, maybe they should give me the job instead (no, they really shouldn't).
  12. You'd imagine that the actual Dewsbury would have something to say about that.
  13. Deserved win for Wire, I enjoyed watching that. None of my bets came in though.
  14. Yup, a few clubs could learn from that, and not just in RL (said the York City FC fan).
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