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  1. Don't forget how glorious the Yorkshire countryside looked on the coverage a couple of years ago.
  2. We can surely all agree that England's astounding world cup win, whatever wider meanings it has, is sod all to do with Brexit.
  3. I've never seen anything quite like that. Literally incredible. Harsh on NZ but would have been equally harsh on us had we lost.
  4. Nowt to separate these two today and a tie looks a fair result. Decent as Batley is far from an easy place to go.
  5. York could have won it with a last-kick penalty as well. About 60 m out but down the slope so you thought it might happen...
  6. I went to this, Wakefield were basically hopeless, even in the 1st half when 10-8 looked flattering. Not sure why the Cas try on the hooter was disallowed. 2nd half was one way traffic. Not sure where they go from here because playing like that they'll lose every game.
  7. All you see in Tadcaster is Leeds United shirts, and the odd Tadcaster Albion shirt.
  8. To put it yet another way, a President worthy of the role would know that the diplomatic relationship with a key ally was of greater importance than their ego.
  9. I'd agree if his comments were made in public. He was entitled to believe his words would remain confidential, and in fact he would be unable to do his job if he had to assume otherwise.
  10. I'm quite sure there would have been communications from our ambassador that wouldn't have pleased Obama, but they weren't leaked. If they had been leaked, then I'm sure Obama would have been privately annoyed but I highly doubt he would have reacted publicly in such a childish way. Of course, I could be wrong on that, I'm not claiming Obama as some kind of secular saint. As a private citizen I'd have no problem with you being "extremely angry and hitting back", but the President is held to a higher standard. Or at least ought to be.
  11. My reading is quite the opposite. He did have a strong relationship with the US government. The relationship was compromised (and even then with only one part of the US government, i.e. the President) through no fault of the ambassador, because someone maliciously leaked his confidential assessments. Even then, with a normal President this might have passed off without much comment, but the current incumbent is a tantrum-throwing man-child.
  12. Thanks for posting that - I don't always agree with Cohen but I think that is spot on. It should be recommended reading on the Brexit thread, although it will be dismissed as the work of remoaner quislings.
  13. Oh, I thought he was being sentenced to death. Must have gone a bit better for him than he expected.
  14. India suddenly start rattling along at 9 an over just when you thought they were done for...
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