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  1. Pretty much what I thought, it's actually amber and black. What's going on?
  2. There is racing at York on the Saturday but it's not one of the bigger meetings, I shouldn't think hotel availability would be a massive problem for that reason. It being a bank holiday weekend might be more of an issue.
  3. The problem is, if we get off to a slow start against the Aussies (assuming we both get that far) then they'll be out of sight before we wake up... This really does look a good side though.
  4. The thing about 50/50s is that they can go either way, and you might be unlucky.
  5. I will have said the same before, but how do you get binned in a game that you've won with 15 seconds left? Players swapping shirts at the end is a nice touch.
  6. Yeah, I want them to be competitive but I don't want them to actually beat us...
  7. It's just reality that a group game at Donny on a Monday night is not going to be a massive draw. Shame as it was a decent watch (on telly in my local).
  8. So £55 is the same price as a Club Wembley seat for the challenge cup final last time I managed to get there. I know we don't want to undervalue ourselves but seems a bit too much.
  9. Really enjoyed that. Greece played their part, really liked how they played.
  10. Ireland taking control now but I don't think that was a try.
  11. Why's that? On-field decision was it's a try, video footage inconclusive, try awarded. Seems correct to me. I don't have commentary though as Villa vs Chelsea is also on in this here pub.
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