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  1. This is great, but you might want to expand on your suggestion of "Castleford area" for stuff to do...
  2. Not what anyone wants to see when they go to a game, and somehow seems worse given that it was in a friendly (and also Danny Brough's testimonial). You'd be feeling pretty bad if something like that happened in your testimonial, I'd have thought. But all thoughts with the big man: hopefully he can make a full recovery.
  3. That West Wales kit looks like a Trinity away strip that's been washed a few times too many.
  4. Two rusty looking teams at Belle Vue this afternoon. Hull KR had loads of pressure 2nd half but could only force 6 points out of it. Ultimately a fairly straightforward win for Trinity.
  5. One point here is that the people who are running City are completely incompetent so it's no surprise they don't know what's going on. I'm more surprised the Knights are in the dark. Looks like the council are to blame for this one.
  6. Interesting to read the many and varied experiences posted here, thanks all for sharing. I started out the decade working as a researcher at the University of Manchester. Once it became clear that my dream lectureship was unlikely to be forthcoming, I had to think of something else and joined a small company in Leeds. Via a takeover by a large multinational, I am still in the same job which is decent and well paid, but there's a crossroads to come I think and it seems unlikely I'll be in the same job at the end of another decade. On getting the job in Leeds I moved to York, which is possibly the best decision I've made so far. It also got me into RL via the Knights. I started watching York City FC, and when the Knights ditched Guildford and started to play at Bootham Crescent I was curious, and I've been going on a regular basis ever since. Proud to follow them, and much more rewarding than YCFC at the moment... The bad part was when it transpired that our lass was having an affair with someone I had considered a friend. The fall-out caused all sorts of problems with friends and acquaintances, wreckage and poison all over the shop. Interesting to see who stands by you in such circumstances. We eventually patched things up, but of course some element of trust is lost and I guess it won't be coming back. But overall, I'm solvent, relatively fit and healthy, and don't have any major worries at this point, so I definitely consider myself fortunate.
  7. I had that Sheff Weds shirt. Not the official one though, the cheap knock-off version from Chapeltown market. The official ones fetch a good few quid if they come up on E-bay.
  8. Trinity have a permanent presence in the Ridings shopping centre in Wakefield - not sure if other Super League teams do this, but you'd think if Wakefield can manage it, it should be possible for other clubs.
  9. I reckon Trinity have the best one - simple, traditional and instantly recognisable (well, at least if you follow RL). For the mascot type of badge, I reckon ours is pretty decent.
  10. Bower Fold isn't a bad set-up for a tier 6/7 football club but I tend to agree that it's not great for Championship RL.
  11. That could take a bit of recovering from...
  12. This I didn't know - I've been to Aachen a few times as the company I work for has an office there and that's where my boss is based, weirdly enough. It's a good town with an impressive historic centre.
  13. Dijon, Munster and Nanjing apparently. Might be a good excuse for a trip.
  14. The one thing we won't do is bottle it. We might lose, hey ho, but this team will fight to the end.
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