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  1. I missed this and am just catching up, but bloody hell what was he thinking?
  2. I can't quite believe this. I mean, if you were watching on telly it was clear as day, filling the entire screen and replayed endlessly. I've seen some bad stuff but for out and out cynical shithousery I can't think of anything worse. Awful stuff.
  3. If Knowles is going to pull that kind of stuff do we actually want him playing for England?
  4. This should go well. I didn't think we'd even be here so well done the Knights. We aren't realistically getting past this lot though. As long as it isn't as horrific as the last time...
  5. Loads of advertising on the Tyne and Wear metro when I was there last week.
  6. In soccer it's "denial of a goal scoring opportunity" that attracts a red card. Not denial of a goal. Not the same thing of course, but you can certainly argue there was a denial of a try scoring opportunity (by foul play) in the incident. Might be a case for clarification of the laws?
  7. What are we checking the grounding for? Kendal is looking right at it from literally 2 yards away.
  8. Unfortunate that there were no other games on and we served up that. Poor discipline and a real mess. There was some good stuff played too but the focus will be on the fact that there was pretty much a fight every 2nd tackle.
  9. What is this thread even about at this point?
  10. I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it. If you get 100 points stuck on you then you're going to have take the banter that will inevitably be heading your way. Seems odd coming from the governing body though. Meh. Was quite funny being told we're the West Wales of the Championship on here, though.
  11. Yes, absolutely this. The guy is entitled to his view, but it's indefensible, so I still don't understand why LE saw fit to print it. I talk all kinds of rubbish in my local but I don't get annoyed that the Guardian doesn't print any of it.
  12. I hesitate to wade in here, but in my view there are some concepts that are being conflated in an unhelpful way. Random misogynist bloke is entitled to his view, as is everyone else. But no-one is entitled to have their views published in League Express. That this letter was published in LE is entirely at the discretion of the paper. I think that publishing the letter is a poor decision, mainly because it's a load of old rubbish on its face.
  13. We should win the remaining two games, but I'm certain we'll do nothing in the playoffs. Getting 100 stuck on us by Leigh is a bit of an aberration but for me we've looked poor for a good few weeks now.
  14. That's pretty much exactly how I saw it. Physios ran on straight away.
  15. Honestly couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed when the ref signalled that he was putting that on report. The entire crowd saw it OK, what were the officials doing?
  16. Ludicrous comment. West Wales aren't going to be finishing in the play-offs, are they? It's a terrible result but at least it has given a few people a good laugh.
  17. I did laugh, but as I occasionally have to say - York IS the heartlands.
  18. Well, there were at least a couple of people predicting a "cricket score" and it really was.
  19. Leigh are far and away the best team in the division, and York have been poor for a good few weeks now, but there's no excusing that.
  20. Go on, why's that not a try then? As usual I'm sat in a footie pub with no commentary (probably not a bad thing).
  21. This will be my ignorance of the rules here, but according to that you can knock the ball forward with your head and then hit the defender in the head with your shoulder and it's all good.
  22. I've only seen a hobby once, when one rocked up at Worsbrough Dam in Barnsley, which was my local patch. There is, or at least was, a swallow roost in the reedbeds there and the hobby was filling its boots. Spectacular to watch.
  23. Given that we have piles of injured players all over the shop, perhaps it is.
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