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  1. I thought I heard 2200 and odd, but it seemed quite a bit more than that to me. The ground was very busy, albeit only half of it was open.
  2. There were 3,200 in on Saturday to watch York City play in tier 6, when the people who run the club are incompetent and don't care. There's definitely potential for decent crowds for a successful Knights side playing in the top flight.
  3. It is indeed, and it is at Castleford rather than Featherstone. I will be going. https://www.castlefordtigers.com/article.php?id=7662
  4. I've got a tenner on Catalans as 2/1 seems ridiculous for what should be a fairly even contest. It helps that I want them to win. But as long as it's a decent game I won't be too upset whatever the result.
  5. I'm not sure how groups go on these days, but certainly when I'm out and about I will move out in the primary position when I see a pinch point up ahead to prevent vehicles from passing. It doesn't always make you popular, like, although anyone sensible won't be trying to pass you when there's no room in any case. Bear in mind that the highway code suggests leaving as much room as you would for a small car when passing a cyclist anyway. British Cycling advice: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/cycletraining/article/ct20110110-cycletraining-Bitesize-Bikeability--Part-4--On-Road-Positioning-0
  6. I think it's reasonable to point out that we've not been all that brilliant on the pitch, but what the club is doing is awesome. We have a Knights liveried bus running between town and the stadium and it looks mint. The football club would never have thought of that between now and the heat death of the universe.
  7. Mikey Lewis has a fantastic future in this game. One of the most exciting players to watch I can recall for ages.
  8. More incident in that last minute than the whole of last night's game. It's not top quality stuff but I am entertained.
  9. I can generally find something to enjoy in almost any game of rugby league, but that was truly dreadful fare. I prevailed upon my local to show it, and wish I hadn't bothered.
  10. I'm off to watch York City FC get pasted by a Leeds housing estate tomorrow, but hopefully will be able to watch some of the action. This will depend on me finding a pub that is i) showing the games and ii) not full to the rafters with ######-up idiots. Might be a tough ask.
  11. Shame, always looks like he's reyt enjoying himself.
  12. Darlington's old ground was demolished. They are now playing at a different RU ground at Blackwell Meadows. I think the capacity there is only about 3000.
  13. Reading the thread title, I can't help thinking about that GIF of Chris Morris leaping out of the office window...
  14. What actually is Eddie Jones doing there? I don't think I like any of the possible answers.
  15. I remember being in Cornwall on holiday and my mum saying "come and look at this". Was an adder curled up and getting warm in the sunshine. It was me that identified it, that zig-zag pattern is distinctive. Eventually got fed up of us and slid off into the undergrowth. You are highly unlikely to have any issue with an adder unless you're being an idiot and poking it with a stick or something.
  16. Happily, they did run the correction in today's print edition. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/aug/20/corrections-and-clarifications A small victory, but that Vichy lot get enough publicity without stealing ours.
  17. I'm glad someone posted this. In the print edition of the Guardian, this article was unfortunately illustrated with an image of Stade Toulousain playing Lyon in a union game. I let the reader's editor know about this abomination, and they have fixed the online version of the article and will most likely run a correction as well. You're welcome.
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