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  1. This may be a daft question but if you have a season ticket are you automatically given a specific seat? The reason I ask I have gone to book my seat as usual and when I pick my seat it’s asking for £20 where as before it would be zero. I know tickets are available to pick up from Wednesday but I probably won’t be able to pick my up until Sunday and don’t want to end up in one of the corners.
  2. I hope promotion is won on the pitch as it should be and not in a meeting room otherwise what is the point of clubs investing in there squad if promotion is not a option. Personally I would like to see Fev go up they have been knocking on the door for years and if there in super league we won’t have to face Chisholm for a while .
  3. Much needed win today and much better performance. Still a bit clunky after going into a quick lead but you could the confidence increase during the second half and they looked like they were enjoying too, hopefully we can keep a settled side now and build confidence. We bombed at least 4 try’s and looked good when we moved the ball about but that’s down to people playing in there correct position so there are positive signs. I thought Nikau played well he was much more disciplined in defence and great to see him get a try plus it was great to see all the loan players really
  4. I think it means you can choose your seat from any of those blocks when you book your ticket I don’t think you will be able to move around but I’m not 100% sure what the situation is now we are out of lockdown.
  5. Tough game this one I think Swinton are better than the league says they move the ball around very well with both halfbacks and Doyle coming into the line at every opportunity. We need a good start and hopefully build confidence it’s been a long time since we built a lead hopefully we can on Sunday and kick on. Finally hoping that covid does not affect our team selection nor any teams and we can get a full strength team out. My verdict is a entertaining win but any win would do right now.
  6. Well played both sides entertaining game lots of players playing out of position and the heat will have affected them too. I think from York’s point of view the game changer was when we levelled the game we messed the restart up and they scored 18 points with out us touching the ball instead of us building momentum. Next weeks game is massive we need the same effort again as nothing is a given in this league but hopefully we have players coming back and we can get a settled side.
  7. Well played Featherstone both teams had covid issues but still produced a entertaining game which was a fantastic advert for championship rugby. You just had the extra class to get you through but respect to both sides as many players playing out of position in red hot conditions. All the best for the rest of the season and your push for super league.
  8. Hopefully the test results will go your way it would be such a shame for players of both clubs to miss out on Wembley and the fans too. Both clubs hopefully still do have a chance to put themselves on the big stage and prove there is life outside super league contrary to what many in super league think. If you can’t raise a team then what happens to the game? Hopefully will be rearranged but it’s not going to be at Wembley and unfortunately I think this scenario is going to be more and more common as everything is opened up. Anyway fingers crossed for you even though yo
  9. The problem with having a break is no one knows what covid will be like then it could be a lot worse. I think it’s best to get it over with ,every team has and will suffer it’s unfortunate. I hope that percentages don’t come into it and promotion and relegation is won on the field which is how it should be but more importantly all the clubs manage to survive with covid and the uncertainty of funding for next year.
  10. Today was extremely disappointing and unfortunately another lethargic display to add to the list. I think it was summed up when Baldy threw the offload and players just looked at it and London went up the other end and scored. As a club we have come a long way in these last few years to where we are now and maybe the idea of getting into superleague this year has over raised our expectations of York I don’t know if the ex super league players coming in were told we would get the place and then when we didn’t have thrown the teddy out. There was always going to be bumps in the road but it’
  11. Sinply not good enough paper thin defence and clueless in attack. I don’t know what the answer is but all is not right, will be interesting to listen to Fords interview today.
  12. Let’s hope we get a win and carry some confidence going into Wembley. I have a feeling we will get the result today and hopefully restart our season.
  13. The contract then should also have a clause in it if you are fit and picked then at least put some effort in other wise no pay.
  14. Another Sunday another defeat not a problem I’m used to defeats been a York fan through the years and even if we get relegated I will still be there supporting them. No side can expect just to turn up and win in this league and that’s what makes it a fantastic league.
  15. The first half today was dreadful one man rugby it was like they were going through the motions. I know we had no half backs but these are professional rugby league players many who have played at the top level you would expect them to be able to string more than 2 passes together. It showed in the second half we could open them up when we passed the ball. I don’t know if the players are scared to make a mistake or confidence is rock bottom but it’s not good to watch. I personally don’t think it’s good all the loan players coming in I know there was none today but our squad players t
  16. One man rugby far too easy to defend but we have no half’s let’s hope the second half is better.
  17. I don’t know about a 18 start for Newcastle but I would be over the moon with a 1 point win.
  18. Ok so you were told something in private and as you say it’s wrong to say but yet you have gone on a public forum and stated he’s been treated badly surely you would have been better saying nothing??
  19. As you say Sunday’s been and gone and everyone has had there say on what’s gone wrong but time to move on otherwise we can get wrapped up in negativity which is no good for anyone. We have to look at the positives we have come so far so quick and there was always going to be some bumps in the road that’s sport but hopefully we can learn from this and make us stronger. On paper we have the players to put a run together and I feel we can, success breeds confidence which we saw in 2019. A win on Sunday could kickstart our season and start us going in the right direction and hopefully we
  20. Fordy brought all these players in and ultimately whatever he says the responsibility lies with him. I hope he can turn it around and I will be there next week to cheer them on. I just hope the players can repay the loyal fans the same fans who will be turning up long after they have been and gone. I hope the club use this as a learning process the championship is a very hard league we had a brilliant first season but nothing should ever be taken for granted we need to learn to walk before we can run establish ourselves in this league learn that you just can’t buy a team a team is built w
  21. I feel sorry for the supporters who went today hopefully Fordy and the players will do the right thing and pay them there petrol money after the performance they have dished out.
  22. Get Nikau back he showed passion I would rather watch someone who wants to play rather than so called big names who rely on reputation to get them through. Hepi, Sweeting and Ellis all there loan deals up so the merry go round starts again. What’s wrong with Barcoe he looked good against Hull. We can always take the view that’s next week will be okay that’s all we hear from them but when does this next week come? I have watched York for over 40 years so I’m used to defeats but all I ask for is some effort I would rather have a team of local lads wanting to play for the
  23. Hopefully the fight back is on
  24. Whitely on loan swap for someone who we don’t pick, we play a non hooker at hooker the rest don’t sound interested players out of form still been picked the list goes on. I hope I made to eat my words but if it carry’s on like this what is Fords excuse but at least they can have another chat about sorting it out for next week.
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