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  1. He looked a good prospect I hope he does well at Wakefield
  2. Good player is Jack I remember when he started out for Hull looked a classy player. We have good completion all over the backs now personally would like to see a bit more completion in the back row but overall the squad looks strong. Hopefully Joe Porter will resign depending how he gets over his knee injury he always gives his all would be nice to get James Macdonell back but I doubt that will happen.
  3. Really happy with that he looked class when fit. Would like to see a bit more competition in the back row though but squad looking good.
  4. Good resigning does a lot of work that goes unnoticed tackles his heart out. Another who got better second half of the season, the squad looking good.
  5. Glad he has signed for another year I thought he was strong second half of season hopefully he can just play back row instead of in the half’s.
  6. Who would you want as your new coach? To be fair to Webster he only lost 2 games all season I think you would accept that every season? But going off topic I know the holy grail for a lot of clubs is super league but in reality what would you prefer to be in a competitive league like the championship where any team can beat another on there day or play in a lop sided super league where the only 4 teams have won the grand final (I may be wrong here but Wigan, saints, Leeds and Bradford) where any club getting promoted has the odds stacked against them. As a York fan I’m undecided obviously I would be ecstatic if they got there but once this had worn of and the reality of how promoted teams are handicapped in terms of recruitment attracting the right players maybe promoted teams should be exempt from relegation for 2 years to give them chance to build it’s a tough one.
  7. You can’t buy a team you have to build one as we found out. It’s good Newcastle are going full time they look like there doing a good job up there they have been building for a few years now similar to ourselves. I wish them well they have a massive catchment area with Newcastle and Sunderland so the potential is enormous. The problem they have is recruiting players who play in the championship who may have a career outside rugby or a good job would they be willing to sign a 1 or 2 year contract to give there career/job up? Can these players earn more playing part time boosting there wages from playing part time semi pro? Also you could just attract the players who are money oriented looking for as much as possible or washed up super league players looking for a easy last pay day it is a awkward one when recruiting. Personally I would like to see a team all committed to the club and playing for each other with a connection with the fans and even when they get beat I can go home after watching knowing they have give there all.
  8. Solid player but I felt he never reached his potential. Wish him all the best and thanks for his efforts.
  9. I would imagine and hope that the club do know the attendances after all they are running a business where income is generated from paying spectators and if they don’t know how many have paid I would find this baffling and so would the tax man. I don’t know why they are not announcing crowds I have always look to see how many turn up but I have to say the management company that runs the ticketing is beyond poor my season ticket still did not work I hope it’s all sorted for next season.
  10. Well done Whitehaven fantastic achievement especially when lots had you down for relegation all the best for the play offs hope you ruffle a few more feathers yet.
  11. Yes agree tough old season and we can look forward to next season hopefully we will learn from our recruitment and get a younger hungry side. I would like to see Kirmond stay too he’s a class player his defence is great and will be a good example for our younger players. Good to see Corey Johnson there to cheer us on class player I doubt it will happen but would love to see him back next season. Finally I think London deserve a big wrap they stayed on the pitch and clapped our players at the presentation good show of respect.
  12. I look at other teams threads I like to see what’s going on in the Championship maybe I’m sad. At the end of the day it’s a public forum so anyone can post we might not agree. Oh and by the way Coolie is a fanatical Batley supporter .
  13. Morgan signed a 1 year contract with us, he turned up did pre season trading unfortunately got injured which rules him out for the year he will have been through a lot of pain and rehab through no fault of his own or ours. I’m sure there is nothing in the contract stating he owes us a year in case he got injured I think that’s been unfair on him and I’m sure he would have loved to have played every game this year. If he wants to move on it’s his choice and good luck to him but at the moment it’s only rumours and as mentioned before players come players go and if he was made to stay another year because he allegedly owes us then I’m sure we wouldn’t get the best out of him. I just want to see players here who want to play for the club and be proud to wear the shirt after all reputations aren’t everything as we have seen this year.
  14. It’s a farce to be honest my season ticket still does not work I had to go to the ticket office the guy there told me the stewards should have let me in and someone was sat in my reserved seat they told me the steward told them to sit where they wanted they had no problem moving but it’s not good. Regarding attendances the club has to know how can you run a business where income comes from spectators and not know how many are there or is it a case of the management company just giving them a random amount after every match? So when you hand your accounts in and they ask what income was generated from spectators do you say no idea??
  15. Do you think the speeding up of the game so much has contributed to so many injuries I think most championship clubs have had large injury lists? As a club we have suffered more than most even though I don’t agree with it we have had to use the loan market so much this year and if we did not we would have ended playing players who are injured then risking them getting injured more it’s been a nightmare. The reality is these players are part time the rules have been changed basically for the top level the NRL and Super league who are all full time and have greater levels of fitness and that’s no disrespect to championship and league one players. Something has to change if the money is significantly reduced for outside super league will players want to risk regular injuries for less money will they drift back to the amateur game and if so how does it leave the game outside super league?
  16. All fans of all clubs don’t like been realistic we all have a hope that it’s going to be our year or we are going to get on a run it’s what keeps us turning up week in year out. I have respect for all rugby fans in the lower leagues all these clubs have been through hard times but the fans stick by them would be great to get more at these clubs and ours but unfortunately a lot of the younger generation want instant success. I know a guy in his twenties who has switched from supporting Wakefield then to Leeds then to ST Helens madness give me my home town club everyday of the week. At the start of next season we will all be dreaming it’s going to be the year and the signings are great the players that left were no good even if they were we will focus on all the positives forget the negatives and Coolie will be on here rubbing our noses in it again which we deserve sometimes. So next season we will be promoted fill the stadium every week after York sign Tom Trbojevic, Nathan Cleary and Payne Haas to boost the squad but they are not guaranteed starters.
  17. Well done today you thoroughly deserved your win. I thought Brough ran the show for you his kicking is class and a shame for you he was not fit all season would love him in our side. From our point of view brave performance we never looked like winning but gave it a dig injuries told again especially in the forwards and stopped our go forward but that’s been the same story all year. Strange year for York promised so much but it’s not turned out well but at least we saw some live rugby which it’s all about let’s regroup and look to build for next year hopefully Fordy will have learnt a lot from players when it’s not gone well he will know who’s turned up and put a shift in and clear out the ones who have not.
  18. As much as I would like Hall back is there any point now? We are safe we have cover in that position and I’m assuming getting him back on loan will cost us money. Not knowing what funding will be in place next year I think the money is best put towards next year recruitment. I really rate Hall and would love to see him back at York ideally for a full season next year but we can’t just keep chucking money at loan players, give the young lads a taste in the last few games.
  19. Another good win yesterday we look like we are starting to believe in ourselves again. We still look a bit clunky going forward but it’s purely down to changes at half back hopefully next season we can have settled halfbacks. As a team they all put a shift in and the defence was committed I thought Mcdonell put in a big effort in defence on the edge there winger Bullman must have been sick of the sight of him by the end of the game. Would have been interesting to see where we would have ended up this year with Marsh, Ohagan, Lewis and Johnson in the side every week. I think the main thing now is that we are safe we can start to look to next season and build there will be a lot of players not here next year but we need to keep the younger players and look to sign the likes of Mcdonell young hungry players who want to play for us.
  20. Shame Corey has gone back looked really good always plenty of effort looked fast and strong I’m sure he has a big future in the game. Wish him all the best at Leeds but would love to see him back with York.
  21. You could see ohagan was not match fit he eased himself into the game and defended wide towards the wing I think he was apprehensive about his thigh but hopefully his injury concerns are behind him must have been very hard to come over with covid and get injured early season and spend so much time out so fair play to him for coming back and playing so well. Talking of the ref today this six again rule is a complete farce it offers no advantage to the attacking team a high percentage of six agains are at awarded on either the zero or first tackle so there’s no benefit at all to the attacking team what’s the point?
  22. Great win today I thought Teanby was really impressive ran the ball hard and deserved his try and it’s nice to see the three young players from Leeds and Wigan play well they looked like they wanted to be there and put a shift in, I think both the Leeds lads have big futures in the game. Nikau has come back a better player he is not so reckless in the defensive line he used to rush up he’s far more composed now but still committed. The ref today was garbage not looking at the play the ball, Lawton for Widnes I don’t think got back onside once in the defensive line from the performance today by the ref I would put money on it that it was coolie reffing the game but to be fair to coolie I think he would have done a better job. Overall another step in the right direction big test next week but hopefully we can improve again and keep putting the effort in.
  23. Tough game again it all depends which Widnes turn up. I think it will be Marsh and Johnson at half back luckily we have more options there now. In the outside backs I can’t see who you drop both centres and wingers played well against Swinton and the lad from Huddersfield at full back. Good to see Mcdonell back I thought he looked really good in his last spell it gives us pace in the back row will be interesting to see what the pack will be. Im hoping for a win and build on the win against Swinton hopefully our squad is more settled now and we can kick on for the rest of the season.
  24. This may be a daft question but if you have a season ticket are you automatically given a specific seat? The reason I ask I have gone to book my seat as usual and when I pick my seat it’s asking for £20 where as before it would be zero. I know tickets are available to pick up from Wednesday but I probably won’t be able to pick my up until Sunday and don’t want to end up in one of the corners.
  25. I hope promotion is won on the pitch as it should be and not in a meeting room otherwise what is the point of clubs investing in there squad if promotion is not a option. Personally I would like to see Fev go up they have been knocking on the door for years and if there in super league we won’t have to face Chisholm for a while .
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