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  1. Robin, I find that a generous glass of 10 year old Jura helps the situation. Here's to the new year. Cheers
  2. Well they have a ground which is more than one of the applicants could claim.
  3. My reasoning was that as well as suiting the SL/RFL's obsession with expansion, they would have been the least offensive choice to the heartland clubs.
  4. Agreed. I thought Toulouse were nailed on to be honest.
  5. Change Knights for Fax and that's just about spot on
  6. Not the hard way. The right way.
  7. At least they're out of the way. With the squad they have assembled they would probably have walked it next season. I wonder if Derek knew summat the rest of us didn't? Anyroad, another upside is that Robin can start planning his annual jaunt to .
  8. It may well have been confirmed. Don't be surprised if P &R is dropped from next season.
  9. Don't be surprised if P & R is dropped from next season.
  10. Not at a professional/semi professional level. Cumberland only.
  11. I'm sure you will find a way, virus and Brexit excepted
  12. Don't worry Robin, you certainly won't be laughing as your beloved trip to Francais will be gone next season. Unless of course you change allegiance to a SL club and then you could have two trips.
  13. Putting the nickname to one side I reckon Fax have assembled a very strong team and could surprise a few next season, all being well. Where we could fall short is strength in depth, any injuries/suspensions would hit us hard. The main job though is to get the season under way and with supporters in the grounds. Here's hoping. Up The Fax
  14. Oh it is! It really, really is
  15. Ey-up Grinder I hope you're keeping well, and sober. Your point about Leigh is a valid one. With the players they've signed so far, if they aren't the 'lucky' team they should walk the championship next season. The thing is, Derek will be having a very unjolly Christmas as it won't be Leigh. We will see.
  16. No. The be all and end all is that success should be earned on the pitch. Sport is just that sport, not a business.
  17. My feelings entirely. Whilst I believe in aiming for the top in any sport, and think Fax should have gone for SL if possible, the way the championship clubs are treated is little short of corrupt. If a way could be found I wouldn't be against letting SL go their own way, the RFL keep the Challenge Cup and the 'elite' can go and play with theirselves 5/6 times a season. It wouldn't be long before they would realise that without clubs such as Leigh, Widnes, York and Fax Rugby League would be in a much poorer state.
  18. Aye but the point being, from a Rams supporters angle, what happens if MS decides that Odslum is the place he really wants to be? That wouldn't help your club, indeed Dewsbury could have inadvertently assisted Bradford to the detriment of themselves.
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