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  1. Yes, the like of AJ are great and Bailey’s been brilliant. Trouble is the big clubs come sniffing, we get a few lousy grand if we’re lucky and we’re back to where we were. The Broncos have developed some great talent over the years only for the big clubs to clear them out. I don’t for a second blame the players, they have a short career, but it must be galling for their fans when Wigan, Saints and co. have the pick of all the outstanding northern junior talent, but that’s still not enough for them.
  2. Another game with nearly half of what would be the starting 17 (mostly the expensive half) missing. Good luck to the guys who are playing. Next four games will be challenging to say the least.
  3. I’ve done some cursory research into the MYOL group (his business) but haven’t found much as it seems to be registered in Colorado. How many people do they employ? What’s their t/o? CEO of the business I work for (and he co-founded) is worth getting on for £300m. That will triple by 2026 if all goes to plan. Shame he’s got no interest in. RL. That’s real money.
  4. But has he got much of a wallet to open? Methinks he’s not exactly a Derek Beaumont with cash to burn. His strategy seems to be sponsorship- exactly how well is that working out? Crowds are certainly no bigger than last season. When you see the match highlights you can see how sparsely attended games are.
  5. Good spot. So chuffing many it’s hard to keep up!
  6. Can’t fault the effort tonight and credit to the young lads in particular. Some loose carries and dropped bombs cost us, but we were never going to win. I’m just so sick of the injuries. Especially when players end a match seemingly fine, but next week they’re injured. Never seen anything like it. So Butterworth is out (again) and he can be added to Marsh, Edwards, Hingano, Harris, Antrobus, Thompson, Pauli Pauli (remember him?) and let’s not forget Ellis. Over half a team missing.
  7. Despite being a York fan, I went to the Shay tonight I thought ‘Fax were great. Saints fans were good as well- nice that they all clapped the youngsters at half-time. The ref, though, was dire. Woodburn-Hall taken out in mid-air and…..nothing. I hate the ‘6 again’, it’s such an arbitrary judgement and he was totally inconsistent in its application. Saints were always going to win. They hardly needed a leg-up from the clown in green. Great night though. But sort out the bar!!!! I aged about 10 years waiting in that queue.
  8. I’m only kidding (apologies to Dave Dunkerley for the typo- didn’t have my glasses). Of course the game is faster, players much bigger and collisions harder (debatable if it’s more skilful mind). Good days though and fond memories.
  9. We didn’t to worry about who would be playing the late seventies when I started watching York as it seemed to be the same team every week. Were the like of Dave Dinkerley, Brendan White and co. ever injured? They seemed to be ever present. Or is my memory playing tricks?
  10. Fax Knight

    James Ford

    But I’m sure it’s all water under then bridge. And he’ll no doubt be off back to Warrington anyway.
  11. Fax Knight

    James Ford

    He’ll stay out of the way of Riley’s mum if he’s got any sense. The word “formidable” hardly does her justice. Let’s just say she’s not his biggest fan.
  12. Fax Knight

    James Ford

    Bet Riley Dean is delighted with this news….
  13. I guess HKR wanted him to have game time, but he seems to have dropped down the rankings at York. Seemed a decent, tough kid with a good hand off. Hope he continues to develop and good luck to him. Maybe we’ll get to see our original centre of Dee play there this season (not that he’s set the world alight when he’s played), or even Edwards?
  14. Definitely something missing in this team. Clearly a different half back combination every game and endless injuries are not helping, but I thought some of their forwards were running harder than ours at the start. We just don’t possess much threat and we have too few forwards who can break a tackle, offload and get us going down the middle. Thought Butterworth might get a game as Brown maybe needs a rest. Apparently not. Not sure if Cunningham is fully fit as I was expecting more from him. Need to improve or London could turn us over next week if they are not on it. As for Fev….hmmmm. Need to play like they did against Sheffield, otherwise it will be grim.
  15. This is a good signing. Think how well some of the young lads we’ve had on loan over the past few years have done since - e.g. Corey Hall, James McDonnell, Mikey Lewis….dare I mention Riley Dean!! If Oli can develop in a similar way (and why shouldn’t he given his pedigree?) then we could have a great player in a year or two.
  16. Great thinking loaning a player out to a rival club in the same division. He could positively impact results in Swinton’s favour that could negatively impact Yorks’ final league position. Loan him to a Championship 1 club if the point is to get him fit. I also see the ‘returning players’ BS is alive and well. Plus no Cunningham. That was a great cameo comeback. What’s happened to him? Does that mean we might get a fleeting glimpse of Hingano? Sick of being lied to by the club. Give us some ###### truth for once.
  17. Don’t know what I’m more surprised about - the fact Ellis has got fit enough to play again, or that we’re actually in a position to loan anyone out? At some matches this season I’ve felt we’ve only been a warm-up injury away from the club asking if any of the crowd have brought their boots….
  18. Thanks for this. I’d image three of those not signed for next year will retire. I can see a few being targets for other clubs. Of those signed on, there’s not many who have earned the right so far this season to that extra year. I’d love to know Henderson’s thoughts.
  19. Anyone know whose contract is up at the end of the season? I know Bailey is on a one-year deal and I think we can say ‘Goodbye’ to him - unless he loves playing in a mediocre team for not much cash so much that he’ll turn down far more lucrative offers. We can but hope.
  20. Tom wasn’t much smaller when he was 14- 15 playing junior rugby. It used to be brutal watching him trample some poor 11 stone kid underfoot on his way to yet another try for Siddal.
  21. Well this is shocking if true. Might explain some of the recent performances. Anyone from the club got anything to say? Mind you, if some players do leave can it be the ones’ who never seem to play for us….
  22. Well it’s a win against a plucky Thunder team. But what a turgid affair. I know it was a bit damp, but the way Hendo was talking after the game you’d have thought they were playing in a monsoon. Did a forward manage an off-load all match? It’s like the spirit of James Ford still haunts this team. Had not Marsh (I think) ripped the ball when their excellent substitute forward was going under the posts we’d have lost. We need to improve. A lot.
  23. What about Butterworth - if he is fit, why is he not getting a run out? And Dee (rivalling Hingano on the SN front)? Edwards?Fitzsimmonds? I’ve given up on asking about the likes of Ellis. More chance of me turning out for Penrith Panthers than seeing him in a York shirt. This radio silence from the club re: injuries is really starting to hack me off.
  24. See Hingano, Clarkson and Cunningham are in the squad for Sunday. Any odds on all three of them actually bothering to get changed?? Maybe it’s me, but if a player isn’t fit then they shouldn’t be named in a squad. If that means you can’t find 21 fit players then that’s simply the truth and anything else is a big fat lie. Why have a system that lies to fans? I really hope all three are fit as we sure do need them.
  25. These injuries are really hacking me off. I know the game is faster and players are much bigger, but when I started watching RL in the very late seventies I remember it seemed to be pretty much the same York team that turned out every week. Were they made of iron back then or is my memory playing tricks?
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