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  1. What a shame I really thought he had played his way back into the team for London aswel the lads got massive potential
  2. This score line really doesn't reflect the effort put in by the full town team alot off positives to tale from this luke broadbend is great under the high ball walker has played great like the look off Wilkinson Oscar Thomas has been really poor
  3. Also really hope we can keep Riley he seems to get through plenty off work and adds alot off size to the pack
  4. Hutchins really needs to be getting more game time he's a really big strong runner also young walker is definitely a great prospect
  5. Our wingers are absolutely useless in defence seem to shoot out the line every time and leave the wing open
  6. I see that zac olstrum played for elbra yesterday looks like another local has returned to his community club
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on this week personally I would be happy to right this week off and give fitzy and few others a week off and go again next week against London
  8. Great incentive for any fan to see what goes into match days and how the team prepare
  9. Very good attendance and to be honest it was a very long time since I payed 12 pound to watch a game which was good aswel as getting a 5 pound token when I got there which was a added bonus would like to know how the club can afford to sustain that fair play if its paying off
  10. Yeah we play leigh away this week which is a total right off so we need to look past this week and look ahead to getting the win against London
  11. I personally was a big fan off Chris last season thought what he done to the team was a massive plus but going into this year with the mindset off not needing big forwards is questionable and even when we are half way into the season with zero points on the table his mindset doesn't seem to have changed personally will never stop turning up to support the lads every Sunday but if we don't get a result next week against London big questions need to be asked
  12. Well another poor day today really like the look off will tate and Wilkinson from Hull kr hopefully we can keep them past the months loan rhys Clark doesn't look interested at all and plays with zero fire in his belly personally like the edge off tate and Curtis
  13. Weres the best place to park tomorrow where I won't get a ticket
  14. If you had a issue at work would you agree for the company to address the public about it??
  15. If you had been underperfoming at work and then sacked your boss or company would or should not post this all over social media the club will be tied to what they can officially inform the fans
  16. Thorman said when he was talking about the overseas player that there may be complications with that one Also Connor and Curtis davis may have been the overseas seen as they've came from France
  17. Great day off signings will tate back and his potential is unbelievable Glen Riley is a big aggressive forward and hopefully his time away from the game has been beneficial to him and keeps his head down both could be massive help towards turning our season around
  18. Great signing to get will tate back
  19. Tbh I today haven't got bad word to say against the club from 1 to 17 gave 100% and the club put on a great day for all music before and singer after the game all we are lacking as a club is the bounce off the ball going our way Today I though Caine and Oscar were outstanding but the team need to take alot off positives from that and take this week Break and contuine this form as the win is not far off if we continue as we are
  20. Will tate seems to have been named in KRs squad for this week so can't see him featuring for us this week unless they will release him for us again shame if not as he has been a god send
  21. Team I would go with tomorrow Oscar Clegg Tate Brewin Poss or olstrum Walker Duran Fitzsimmons Evan Tomposh Caine Malik Obrien Weetman Henson Clarke Hutchins
  22. Totally agree everyone has there own opinions but surely tompsosh needs to be picked and drop young brewin or move him to centre and drop Joe brown because he was be terrible last few games but that's just my opinion
  23. Tomposh has been a standout forward all season and never takes a back ward step and plays every game like it's his last so to even talk off dropping him because he was average in the haven game where the occasion may have gotten the better off him is mental 1 off the 1st names on sheet for me
  24. If we play like we played the majority off the haven game and cut off the stupid errors and penalties we should be OK
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