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  1. This post reminded me of meeting Maurice Bamford on a Level 2 Coaching course. He was a guest speaker/lecturer/coach at the event and asked everyone where they were from. I said ''from Wales''. He said ''so you play Rugby Union then?'' I replied that I had done (although not for a season or two). Then he said ''So you've never met an angry man then?''
  2. No of course not, not yet. But you can conduct a thought experiment, where you imagine some possible scenarios and their likely outcomes over time. Then you can choose which you prefer. This is part of an iterative process you can (should) engage in, before setting goals for yourself, or (in this case) for the new RL club, or rugby league in general. Playing these mind games, prior to an important decision, may help you avoid blindly and randomly accepting ''terms'' of your future relationships which could lead to unhappy/unfair/inequitable outcomes. In other words to avoid falling into a trap. Even better, it might help you get the very best possible outcome! I'm just inviting you into such a thought experiment and to choose which outcome you would prefer.
  3. If you'd rather not discuss it with me, that's ok Griff. I suppose I'm just anticipating what might happen, if we are not equal partners in the new stadium project and it seems to me that, anything other than equality leaves us eternally vulnerable (with no leverage in any future negotiations about use of the ground, or share of any revenue generated). Don't you have an opinion about whether they should demand equal status? Or are you saying that (because its a rugby league club) they should be happy as the ''poor relation''?
  4. Well, what's the alternative? I say, if we can't be equals, we shouldn't help them get it done. You may be right and the existing businesses have the upper hand and will not grant equal status but then, stand-by for high rents and no income generating opportunities during home games. How many examples do we have of this disastrous relationship (to learn the lesson from). Then just wait for the ultimate humiliation of being forced out, (by a huge hike in the rent) because the RaRa club got the promotion they always dreamed of and now no longer need a tenant to help pay the bills. Or just as likely, are cajoled to force us out as part of the ''terms'' of their becoming courtiers to Ra, the great god of the Dark Side. Anyway, I'm just asserting my view, that to enter into this kind of second class (cap in hand) relationship would be a folly and ought to be unacceptable to the new club.
  5. Well based on the fact that the brand new club, is a newly constituted business, entering into a relationship with other businesses, in order to fully utilise an as-yet non existent asset, and to provide the basis to justify financial support from local (and maybe) national government. They could take the view ''you need us, to argue that the asset will be fully utilised (in order to get the necessary grant aid) so we demand we partake as equal partners''. The fact that the business is new, doesn't mean that the proprietors are naive, or immature, or in need of patronage, (or to be patronised), or should feel like second class contributors to the future stability of the asset in question.
  6. I think you are right in your assessment of their motives and to be wary of what might happen afterwards as in the Sale/Salford debacle. I think its important that the Cornwall RL team enter into it was equal partners with the other two sporting clubs.
  7. Yes I agree, please see my follow on post.
  8. No that's right, I haven't. It just reveals a pretty low level of self concept (a lack of confidence in themselves) and also, it just seems such a static view of their situation. That things are going to stay the same as they are now. That they as individuals or their team can't be strengthened, or improved skillfully. Again, (in my experience) that attitude is inconsistent with professional athletic endeavour. There's nothing wrong with that per se but if they are ever to become competitive, (in a professional environment) the first thing that needs to change is that low self esteem, and to inculcate the belief that if they are willing to work and to change (as a result) they can compete at the higher level.
  9. Yes ok. I just never met a (pro) player who thought like that.
  10. I expected my post to appear straight after the one about stock car racing, but it came out four or five below so created the wrong impression. I'll be more careful in future. The typical post on these forums is so monosyllabic that readers have become conditioned to ''guessing'' what the poster implied. I'm afraid Dave, you've jumped to some erroneous conclusion about what I really meant. I usually try to be more explicit, in my communications. I was just musing about the possible willingness of rugby league fans (in Cornwall) to travel, and put up with the counties poor infrastructure to watch the games. Time will tell I suppose. For what it's worth, I agree with you, that this should have been discussed amongst the clubs and accepted, rather than being foisted onto them without consultation. If the travel is ''unaffordable'' it's not going to succeed long term. That's quite clear. I was just saying in a recent post (praising the North East's 40 year long effort) that just plonking new semi-pro clubs in an area and ''hoping'' for a great turn out won't work. We have plenty of evidence to support that belief. Also, I know very well, that having some detailed, credible plans is an essential feature of any successful project. So, we are in agreement here Dave. God help Eric Perez, Cornwall and League 1.
  11. It does demonstrate, that real fans (and enthusiasts) are willing to go to significant lengths in order to pursue their passion.
  12. So are you are suggesting, as Eddie asked, that they deliberately lost the last game, so they would play in a less demanding league next year?
  13. Would you mind taking the trouble to explain what you mean by this? I'm interested but I don't know what you are implying.
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