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  1. This is why such an astute signing of Bailey Antrobus was so important to us and it should pay big dividends in upcoming games because of his ability to play in various positions.
  2. Thought the new lad Bailey Antrobus made a good debut and shows promise.
  3. Is it just me or has Headingley as a venue instead of Blackpool put a bit of a dampener on this years Summer Bash? I can't see many fans making a weekend of it, or even staying around after their team has played.
  4. I really love these, can't wait to see the next one, seems to bring you closer to the team.
  5. Levi Edwards not in Rhino's 17 for tonight's game, does that mean he can play for us against Barrow on Monday?
  6. Leeds have recalled Levi to replace Hardacre who is not available for Friday's game
  7. Brilliant! More of this please.
  8. Smith thought York wasn't good enough for him! Wonder if Fev are now thinking he is not good enough for them.
  9. He sure is a better halfback than fullback.
  10. Any idea of how much the club receives from Premier Sport for televised matches?
  11. Could also affect gates and season ticket sales
  12. Just heard the starting 17 for today's game I would say that's the strongest 17 we have started with for a long time. A bit different to the team picked for the Whitehaven game.
  13. Remind me, why did he leave Toulouse?
  14. He was the youngest centre in the game today and arguably the best.
  15. This is yet again another example of the Stadium Management Company damaging the good name and image of York City Knights. Surely the club should have more control of what happens on matchdays
  16. Think the whole team will be sick when they travel back!
  17. Didn't notice the flapping roof but did notice quite a few leaks in the main stand, a bit worrying for a new stadium.
  18. Fantasy Rugby League 2022 now includes the Championship Teams. It is very interesting to see the various valuations they put on the individual squad members. They have Jamie Ellis highest in the Knights team at £70,000. Comments anyone?
  19. I am thinking about signing up for Premier Sports TV. Any thoughts, comments, advice welcome please.
  20. No Chiizzy but Morgan Smith will probably play, I don't know who is the better of the two? It will be interesting to see how he performs against the Knights. Can't wait.
  21. If he stays fit and he is on the books, why not?
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