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  1. They don’t need to be but what is your objection to them going with him? Is it any different to taking family or friends with you?
  2. This is far from the first thread about Gelling, it has been said a lot.
  3. Many times on this forum I’ve read that Wire shouldn’t be playing Gelling because he’s waiting for a court case.
  4. The burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies. Sadly this is all too often forgotten in the era of social media kangaroo courts.
  5. Exactly, and would get more Tongans in Tonga exposed to the sport at the highest level. From what I’ve heard Tonga is there for the taking as far as League v Union is concerned and surely that could only help.
  6. It’s expansion of professional RL, probably a better expression.
  7. The Sheringham Station beer festival would change your mind.
  8. Agreed, the interest in them when they entered the CC was pretty big, much bigger than if it had been another Serbian side other than them or Partizan.
  9. There is a 10,000 capacity stadium in Tonga, where their Union side play. Why don’t the RL side play there now and again?
  10. The point was, that Tonga can attract big crowds in Australia and NZ but France or Wales can’t attract big crowds in England.
  11. Is this in West Yorkshire, France or Wales?
  12. True that. If France v Wales was played at Batley what would the crowd be, 1,500?
  13. True, it is concerning though, would surely be massively beneficial for Wane, as well as the players. Can’t imagine a team rocking up to a World Cup having not played a game for two years in any other sport.
  14. Indeed. The least used station in the country (Shippea Hill) is also in Norfolk.
  15. Wymondham would definitely get in, it was Warmington-on-Sea’s station in Dad’s Army and wins plenty of awards.
  16. I was thinking France mid-season, as logistically it’s a lot easier, but had forgotten about them being in our group. Maybe Wales in Wales or Bristol mid-season, as uninspiring as that is, then as you say Fiji in England 10 days or so before the tournament starts.
  17. NZ have announced two games before the WC, versus Tonga and Australia. I’d like to think England will have a couple as well, though no idea who against. https://www.nrl.com/news/2020/11/27/kiwis-plan-tests-against-tonga-and-kangaroos-before-world-cup/?fbclid=IwAR3vTdRLKKIClcTw6iuJ0qe04uRMW-Y8_UHvmdfV2JBoYQB2J30t371_jkU
  18. There are a lot of people on this forum who do nothing for the game yet take every opportunity to slag off the ideas of people who do. On the flip side there are some people on this forum who do absolutely incredible things for the game, I won’t name them but they know who they are.
  19. Good choice. It’s not even a hamlet, just that pub and a windmill (ie the arms). Nice walk from Yarmouth along the river, and then on to Reedham. RL related? Yes, it’s one of Darren Lockyer’s favourite walks.
  20. What’s your favourite railway station in Norfolk? I’m trying hard to think of a rugby league link to this so Harry doesn’t get upset but it’s difficult.
  21. I agree in theory Harry, but the conversation above was related to the issue of why the name Toulouse isn’t a big draw in England.
  22. I don’t think the band (while superb) are that well known, especially among millennials? I always thought they should have been a lot bigger than they were, class act. St Etienne are evocative of the old European Cup for me, clubs like them, Red Star Belgrade, PSV etc who sadly can’t compete in the era of TV money and billionaire investment.
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