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  1. Ha ha yeah, so he said. If someone threw a billion at it it wouldn’t work though.
  2. I would probably have supported Liverpool City, if they hadn’t folded 70 odd years before I was born.
  3. I looked on your Facebook page after I’d asked the question, looks great
  4. Swindon St George, a club that we hear very little about. What sort of attendances do they get, and do they also have kids playing or is it just open age? Do you think there’s any ambition to get into League One?
  5. Yes, they’ve won the emerging nations World Cup I think. It’s all available if you use Google or any other reliable search engine.
  6. I said a month or so ago on another Poland thread that I’d be willing to contact the Polish RL and see if there was anything we (expansionist forum members) could do to assist them, but nobody was bothered. If anyone is interested though let me know, if we can get five or six people I’ll contact them.
  7. How would you go about doing it, and how much would it cost, who would pay etc?
  8. So? https://m.facebook.com/TreatyCityTitans/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_City_Titans
  9. They can be the Matt Le Tissier of rugby league, though tonight they were more Ali Dia.
  10. The solution is to vote Leigh into SL.
  11. Woke beer - I like it. To be fair in my 20s I would have supped whatever was on offer, but now I’m in my early 40s I won’t have a drink in the ground if it’s garbage, couldn’t bring myself to pay £4.40 for a lukewarm plastic bottle of Carling.
  12. Toronto could have easily been one of the latter.
  13. It’s too far from the M62 for my linking, though that said so is Wigan.
  14. More high end than Tetley or Carlsberg? I can’t imagine that.
  15. Warrington (bless ‘em) have been the stand outs for me when it comes to enthusing and growing their support, a lot of teams could look closely at what they’ve done and are doing. It’s quite obvious that standing on a crumbling terrace with a rank pie and plastic pint of some gnat’s p155 electric pump lager or bitter doesn’t cut it for that many people these days.
  16. I’d love it it Wigan got back to a 15-16k average, with 20 in for the big games, we need clubs like that and the same goes for Leeds.
  17. Agreed, similarly I always think people here should get their kids to Carrow Road when they’re young, even just once, so they know who their team is and don’t start supporting Chelsea, Man City or whoever. I took both of mine when they were 4, way too early for them to enjoy the game (in fact both were crushing defeats) but at least they know.
  18. I didn’t realise you meant Leigh where Leigh fans come from, thought you meant young people in general.
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