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  1. Campbell doesn't want its Martin Vickers according to a news feed.
  2. Never going to happen he doesn't belive in small town teams ,it's CITIES for him.
  3. Rumour going round is Jesse Sene-Lefao from c@$ apparently he runs a pub with Junior Moors.
  4. There's been a plan in place for 25 years and it finds its way out when ground criteria gets talked about.
  5. I've heard he's signing we'll find out one way or the other eventually.
  6. Apparently the main stand as got asbestos in it with it being so old but it must be safe as they use it.
  7. It'll be Luke Briscoes announcement.
  8. No but players are pretty good at gudging other players surely.
  9. Thank you they were brilliant, i belive Cas were hoping for a ground near the Freeport shopping complex next to M62 but that never materialised then across the road there was going to be another complex but due to covid and M & S deciding not to build that fell through as well. Also they wanted money from the Wakefield Council to fund one. I may be wrong on some of this but that's what we were led to belive round here. If anyone knows differently feel free to correct me.With the millions from Sky over the years they could have done Wheldon Road up, their history is there and its a decent ground just needs doing up.
  10. Teletext is no more it went when ITV stopped doing it. BBC do Ceefax and also want rid of it to save money but it's a godsend to many people so they have kept it -for now at least.
  11. Should be good watching Fev Rovers past and present when we play the Rams
  12. I read it as being a top two team THIS SEASON which we were!
  13. I don't dispute that but was pointing out how it's wrong when it's us using lol.
  14. But they were against DR when we had it - weren't they ?
  15. They may not be paradise ( far from it to be honest) but like many towns and cities they were devastated by Pit closures and other industries but its HOME and like Robin said we are very defensive. Anyway if you want a takeaway ,nail bar,hairdressers,or barbers( then like many highstreets in the UK) this the place to be.
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