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  1. What a bloke what a Wife they are inspirational.
  2. So let's stop supporting Fev because what's the point of it all if there's nothing at the end of the season ? And calling us a backwater of West Yorkshire is an insult,how far do you think Castleford, Wakefield, Batley and Dewsbury are away from Featherstone? We have a very proud history and only have a population of 15000.
  3. Minimum standards ? Now where have we heard that before lol and still some have never achieved them.
  4. Wow common sense ,you don't get much of that on here.
  5. If my Auntie had a ---- she'd be my Uncle ! Switched off or not Hull DID NOT get your predicted score - end of!!!!
  6. He's had a bad day Rhino's lost and Hull only got 34 - all game lol.
  7. They probably will there's a massive difference in Fev and Hull but its nothing to do with not having DR.
  8. Wow Huddersfield Examiner must be bad if they are putting their twopeneth in!!!!
  9. I paid £65 the other day for full season thinking i would get LIVE game's,i feel its misleading and iam not the only one.
  10. Best I've read yet all true.
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