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  1. Who knows there's that many rumours flying about.
  2. I've heard he might be going to Newcastle, think we should warn em lol.
  3. Just been on Calender news,RIP.
  4. We've all got them and seen it at Wembley and Tottenham, they aren't interested in the game just the ###### up. Don't give a thought about other fans.
  5. That's the problem they don't turn up to the league games in the same numbers. It's same at Featherstone, get to a final and there's a lot more come AND usually they are the ones who moan when we lose. Batley are getting it right and deserve more support,looking forward to most Fev fan's away day whatever the result.
  6. I know one who is off to Dewsbury but its not official yet,so got to keep quite.
  7. Apparently Coolie, Craig and Mr Campbell don't get on,apparently.
  8. Well fought Batley yer did yourselves proud Leigh best Championship team by far and at home as well.
  9. Well fought Batley yer did yourselves proud, always up against it from the start.
  10. Featherstone Rovers 83, i know i could go on but Leigh are far and away the best team,full time for a start and already beat Batley twice quite easily. Batley will give it their best shot and good luck to them but Leigh are at home as well,best Championship team in years.
  11. I certainly won't miss em but will look out for their results with interest . I can't even blame them for us not going up or even Batley,that was down to a rubbish coach.
  12. We lost to a good Batley team it certainly isn't the end of the world. Yer support yer through thick and thin.
  13. Regardless of the result go and enjoy your well earned day out in the FINAL,that's what we all strive for. Then start again next season.
  14. Should have known better,there will be nothing that would go against Wigan.
  15. That rules Wigan out lol, there's more chance of me getting a c@$ season ticket.
  16. Yeah yer right but we have to just get on with it and keep trying or what is the point ? We have a bit more brass then Batley but it didn't make any difference.
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