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  1. I read it like that too. Their nose is a little out of joint at not being consulted but they probably recognise this as the biggest opportunity the sport in the country is likely to get. I think they're being fairly magnanimous in registering their disappointment whilst sending out the message that they're willing to work with them.
  2. It'd be a great venue, really well connected. The logical thing would be to have some resurrection of Manchester Rangers playing in sky blue out of there. Try and geg in on the United (Salford Red Devils playing in red and black) and City (new Manchester Rangers playing in blue) rivalry, might get a few more people interested.
  3. I think the Bankwest stadium looks amazing. Another good thing about having these patterns is that it looks better if you're not selling out the ground. It disrupts the eye enough to distract from the fact you might only have 25% of the capacity spread out in the stand. Edit: I was in fact thinking of NQ's Country Bank Stadium but it's the same principle.
  4. Colours of New York, I think quite a few teams use those colours I don't think there'd be an issue using them. That's a much better badge also, got to give them that.
  5. I think it was a convenient excuse to see what the game looks like without scrums. A bit of a trial to see if anyone notices, I don't notice so much to be honest.
  6. Must have gauged the reaction. Wasn't a fan of the original badge but it's streets ahead of what they've produced. It will not be legible in the contexts it needs to be used, the writing is too small, the stars you can't see, the statue is too detailed, it's all wrong.
  7. Rugby league getting a bit of recognition on a national level only to be taken down because of a bigger story in the aristocracy is quite fitting really.
  8. RFL should get a government loan to buy it (or grant if they can feign the right accent for the duration of the call and claim it's for rugger). Call it the Rugby League National Stadium and develop the small sides in turn. I've knocked up a quick render.
  9. I suspect the RU team won't be there for long. Everything I've read about them indicates they want to be closer to Manhattan. Brooklyn Kings' idea of being a team for Brooklyn rather than the whole city strikes me as sensible, it's a big enough place already!
  10. No offence to players but that rules out a few.
  11. They're talking about MCU Park which would be pretty cool, right on the boardwalk. 7,000 capacity in the stand that bends round then some extra standing around the pitch.
  12. I drink these all the time. The best part is having one on the way to work, the cans make people think you're some sort of reprobate drinking a beer in the AM, but they're only half right.
  13. The microwave's broke so they're currently trying to heat the required balls with a hairdryer.
  14. The only biography I've ever read is Shane Richie's "Rags to Richie". It no doubt put him in the unique category of authors who have written more books than they've read.
  15. Aspiration should be to be the best of the part time teams and gradually build towards being a full time team again. 4th would be good I'd take that now.
  16. There is a certain double standard with people clutching their pearls at Toronto not paying players and suppliers. They are/were a rugby league team I think it's sadly not that unusual. Doesn't mean it should be overlooked but let's not pretend the British clubs are squeaky clean, my club Widnes were guilty of both of these things.
  17. A lot of anger in this thread that's just about a player saying something nice about the game in a puff piece.
  18. If they do that and they do it well I will certainly buy one.
  19. Got a Ninja Foodi a few months back, the air fryer mode is decent but not the best. I've seen a Tefal one in action that gets a much better crisp, which I suspect is because it moves the chips around slowly whereas the Foodi doesn't move at all. I would say the pressure cooker function on the Foodi has been a revelation though, especially for weeknight cooking if you want something a bit more elaborate but in half the time.
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