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  1. Is there a higher specification of lighting required for Ultra HD do we know?
  2. It's one for people of my generation. From 93 to about 2007 it was unusual for a Widnes home shirt not to feature red. I really like it for this reason, so long as the shorts are black of course.
  3. How would you bring about world peace Martyn? Through coercion? Violence? Peace is subjective Martyn, a scorched earth would be peaceful. In any case as a Hegelian do you not believe conflict is the furnace in which ideas are forged? I don't think you've fully thought this through. Anyway I'll read the rest later cheers.
  4. Lovely stuff. Only slight issue I have is the names on the home shirt, I know it's a nice move but it always makes the shirts look a bit busy. Also the away looks like the United top they lost to Barcelona in the CL final in 2011 but not that much and it was ages ago anyway.
  5. To be fair I submit about 30 letters to the League Express each week, about 75% of the section consists of letters from yours truly under different pseudonyms. It's the other 25% I don't write that concern me.
  6. I think if we all just keep talking about it we might be able to manifest it. I think in the era of six again and a reversion to more mobile ball handling 13s he could work there. Probably not for England though, it's not realistic he's going to be better than Radley when he's still getting better and is a few years younger.
  7. To echo others, it's the unpredictability that makes it so interesting. You can have a team costing half a billion coming up against a team put together on a shoe string budget, have 90% possession, 20 shots on target and lose 0-1 through the oppositions only chance in the game. Other sports don't have this, 99% of the time whoever plays better wins and the score is reflective of the superiority. What this gives is a feeling that every game matters. Added to this is the tactical element of the game which is more complex than both codes of rugby as the ball can be passed forwards. Meaning players can take up many more positions on the field than what in rugby is broadly two opposing lines facing each other. I think we in RL have undersold ourselves by saying the game is simple, I think the attacking and defensive structures are complex and I think we've ceded some kind of intellectual status to union because of a conflation of the public school background of the game and complexity of play. However in the case of football it is there, there's so many more possible positions, styles of play and structures possible in a game that's more 3d than 2d.
  8. Interestingly no, Elite Sport Pro is a completely different outfit who are in effect Oxen.
  9. I imagine it's whoever still has Hummel, so Wigan and Hull FC. Wakey went to Ellgren, as did Fev obviously. Wigan especially like to be associated with a non-RL semi-premium/premium brand (Hummel, Errea, Puma, Patrick (lol), Nike, Adidas). I imagine they'd be looking towards Macron given their involvement in RU and Catalans already.
  10. Feels like it wasn't one of those ones where the manufacturer gives the club 3 designs to choose from, more Leigh dictated to them what they wanted. They don't want to shout from the rooftops if they're understandably not keen on it.
  11. I'm glad to see they're keeping with the hurricane swirl type design on the shirt. What can be tacky as a one-off can become synonymous if persisted with. See Harlequins, Stade Francais.
  12. Got to give it to them, they've done well to get to that figure. I was a tad worried when England didn't make the final. Still short of the 74k at the 2013 final but I don't really buy that figure having gone to that game, plus tickets were obviously much more expensive this time round (think I got two tickets for £30 for that one) so will have generated a better profit.
  13. I'm sorry it's this kind of thing that's keeping the threads going. Making out that being consistently mocked on social media is in fact great PR is just another version of the banal truism that "any publicity is good publicity". If you think IMG are looking at what's happened here and purring I think you've fundamentally misunderstood them, and if you think Derek's orchestrated this whole thing intentionally I need to tell you about the emperors newest robes.
  14. Love this. I'm all for learning about the famous Administrating Rimmers. The brothers Ralph, Rob, Ryan, Reg, and who could forget Ralph (pronounced like Ralph Feinnes).
  15. For those of you who don't speak French like I do I can tell you Le Coq Sportif is French for the sporting coq (?) in English.
  16. I have it on good authority that Ralph is going for the job. He has cunningly swapped the first letter of his first name and surname round on the application form to avoid detection.
  17. York's a nice weekend. Not that Blackpool can't be just not in the same way I suppose. It's probably the last one anyway so it's all a bit immaterial.
  18. OK, it's just from my perspective we did this at Widnes 10 years ago and dropped it because it becomes impossible to administrate when people cancel over the off season. If you impose a 12 month term you're just doing what pretty much every team offers for season tickets which is just installments.
  19. Do you think this sort of thing helps Leigh's cause? A material superiority over the division below as well as a moral superiority over the division above.
  20. Whatever the mental gymnastics it's pricey, especially for a club we're told is bankrolled by a benevolent benefactor who doesn't need the money apparently.
  21. Part of the re-design is to give options for doing this sort of thing, you've got a badge that you can convert into a number of different colours without becoming incoherent. The old badge if you flattened it to one colour wouldn't make any sense, the new badge you can do that and it's still legible and recognisable.
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