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  1. What i really enjoyed about tonight wasn’t just the first class RL, but also the atmosphere as well. The kids getting behind PNG & Tonga did so right until the end and was brilliant. It was also great to see the diversity of the crowd which was really heartwarming. Another positive for me was there was no vile or abusive language and know one plastered”. Like i said in my last post i was talking to a Salford fan and i saw a few of them, but i also saw “Wire, Leeds, Wakey fans, and loads of Leigh supporters. I am going the game next Monday and i hope it’s the same again. Another positive for myself was the 7.30pm KO, as i was home for 9.45pm. The match nearly kicked off on time which would’ve been a first for years & years at a RL game. I don’t know who the ref was but i thought he was excellent, there was hardly any stoppages and he let the game flow. The only small negative of the night was the scoreboard wasn’t working which meant most fans didn’t know how long was left or even the score. That was my only gripe.
  2. When i got home from work i was bushed and i was thinking of giving it a miss and watch it at home. But with persuading a couple of people to go the match i thought “it’ll look well if i stay at home”. I am glad i went now because it was a cracking game and night. I got onto the ground at about 6.55pm and i met up with my mates, and at first it was all negative because we thought it’d be another poorly attended match. But a couple of mins before KO fans started streaming into the West Stand RL style, i said to a mate “they must have the same people going through one exit and out another and back in again to make it look like it’s really busy. But i was talking to a Salford fan at HT and he said “the East Lancs was closed and it took ages to get to Saints”.
  3. France come first for me with having the best kit of the competition. I love the red & blue Vee.
  4. I have managed to persuade a couple of people to go tomorrow which is a start.
  5. You may think it’s a pathetic excuse but they don’t and they class themselves as RL fans. If they could’ve visited Saints to pickup some tickets they would’ve gone, as that would have been the easiest thing for them to do. They didn’t want to setup an account, people like to do things differently and there should’ve been more choice for getting tickets other than doing it online. Hopefully when we have the next RLWC we can learn from the mistakes that have been made in 2022.
  6. Can they Leyther i didn’t know that nor do they but i will tell them now and see if they still want to go.
  7. Going by what my Leeds Utd friends have said, one thinks the red card should have stood for the Arsenal player and he should’ve been sent off. The other Leeds fan thinks “even if it was a yellow card it should’ve been a penalty. They was unlucky and was robbed by the official & VAR”.
  8. I know a three people who would have gone to the games at Saints but they couldn’t be arsed setting up an account to get tickets. They did say “if they could’ve picked them up from Saints or pay at the gate they would have gone”. The four games i am going to luckily a mate ordered them for us, but he wasn’t happy with being charged P&P for tickets that he was getting on his phone and not through the post. Myself i would sooner have an actual ticket in my hand than having to download it or get it printed. Hopefully the crowds will pickup, but i am mainly concentrating on what is happening on the pitch. But if they decided that they’d cut the price of tickets for the group matches to try and entice people i wouldn’t mind.
  9. I wonder if more tickets would’ve been sold if fans could have nipped into a club ticket office where a match was taking place and picked up the tickets from there. Instead of having the rigmarole of getting them online which i know has been a pain for some fans.
  10. A good win for Rochdale yesterday Vs Barrow. I think Colchester will be one of the two clubs to go down, i can’t see them avoiding the drop this season.
  11. I put £10 Each Way on Liverpool yesterday at Coral to win the league at 33/1, that is definitively the last of my betting for 2022. I believe a lot of football supporters are calling the VAR/football a farce and a joke after Leeds lost at home to Arsenal. I wonder if those Leeds Rhinos fans who said they’d had enough of RL and would go and watch Leeds Utd instead, have realised that it’s not just RL that has its problems. Sport always will have controversial moments until the day we get RoboRefs (without machine guns). But even they would have stopped working at Elland Road today.
  12. Hmm i think i’ll keep missing out. To be honest with you i can only name one Kaiser Chiefs song and i don’t think i have heard that song from start to finish.
  13. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YEHAAAAA i was told by my NRL watching mates that id see the difference in class between the two sides. Hopefully this win will sell a few more tickets. A fantastic start to the RLWC, England were 16/1 Samoa 9/1 to win the WC, Betfred should’ve swapped the odds between them.
  14. I wonder how much the BBC have paid for the coverage of the RLWC, and also the sponsors ?.
  15. I don’t know if this fella has been mentioned but he was known to many as Time Team’s bike-riding, beer swigging, rugby league loving pottery expert Paul Blinkhorn. I remember him wearing a Saints t shirt at some of the digs. I’ve not seen him for ages on tv.
  16. I apologise if this has been mentioned before but did anyone watch the show on Ch5 called Digging For Treasure. Is it worth watching ?.
  17. I heard about those gold coins it’s amazing. When people find things like that i always wonder who the person was who put them there, or who the person was who buried gold in a field. I have only saw a few minutes of the Detectorists, so i think i’ll have to catch up.
  18. Chris Morris could see into the future. One on the very best, and i don’t mean seeing into the future.
  19. I can’t think of anything i watch on ITV bar the EFL on Saturday evening. Soaps, quiz shows, reality Tv, is not my cup of tea. My granddaughter went to the england women’s match in Stoke johnny and she loved it, especially the atmosphere. But she is coming to the Australia/Italy (i think it is) at Saints. Her dad said “she wants to see the NRL stars - (he makes her watch it).
  20. I didn’t know he had died. He would’ve made a documentary on grass growing interesting.
  21. Have any RL journalists questioned the price of tickets to the head of the RLWC.
  22. I watched Ken Burns : Civil War yesterday. I have seen it before, but i find it so interesting and the narrator really helps. I don’t know who the narrator is but he has a cracking voice. It’s also a good series if you want to have a quiet day and keep visitors away. I just tell the kids/grandkids “i am watching the American Civil War” and they avoid me as if i have Covid.
  23. Steve Evans comes in for a lot of stick from some football fans, but i think he has done really well with lower league clubs. This has been proved with Stevenage so far this season. Top of League Two after just avoiding relegation last year.
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