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  1. I love XTC especially the older stuff. What a fantastic drum pattern, if he put those symbols any higher he’d need stepladders.
  2. 4,058 at the Saints/Salford match. I don’t know if it was a decent game as i don’t bother with friendlies.
  3. I have put £10 on Wigan to do the double CC & GF with Betfred 8/1. £5 on Jai Field 14/1 & Bevan French 12/1 for top try scorer.
  4. I was really impressed with the Orrell St James No10 he had a fantastic match.
  5. I really don’t see a problem with it Damien, i do think most fans will be shouting for wigan. It’ll just be the rabid bitters praying for a Penrith win.
  6. IM 50/50 when it comes to Hurrell NRLandSL. His attacking play can be really good and cause all sorts of problems for the opposition. It’s his defence that can be a problem for the side, but id sooner have him crawling on the pitch than Davies, i don’t rate him at all.
  7. I just don’t see Bennison as a winger, he scored one cracking try against Wire last season but he hasn’t got the pace or the size. He is brilliant under a high ball, but seeing him Vs Catalans in the PO-SF every time the Dragons kicked to him he’d get the ball, step forward a yard then he’d be smashed back five. Fullback is his best position but we’ll have to wait and see.
  8. I am a Saints fan but when it comes to a British and hopefully one day a French club playing the Aussies i will always shout for one of our clubs. A few of my mates/workmates think i am a sick Judas and not a proper Saints fan because i’ll be cheering on wigan. I give them a few chants of wigan wigan wigan and have told them a win for a SL club could be a big positive for our game.
  9. Do you listen to podcasts Barrie if so what are your faves. What type of music do you have on when you’re in your car, or do you listen to any particular radio station!!!!.
  10. I went with a mate tonight watching Warrington Town Vs Tamworth. I wouldn’t have gone if it would’ve meant id have to pay. But it was a freebie, along with getting picked up and then dropped off at home. By heck it was ffffffrrrrrrreeeeeezzzzzzzzzing. it’s a nice little stadium, it’d be even more enjoyable if it was in summer. Tamworth are the best side i have seen on tv and now live. Scunthorpe are a great side but Tamworth could take the automatic promotion spot.
  11. Did you apologise to Paul Sironen at FT after you went in with the elbow when playing for wigan against the Aussies!!!
  12. I have been looking after the grandkids today which meant i spent the afternoon watching “The Victorian Farm - Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn. I never tire of it, it is an excellent watch and the three of them really get stuck in. But one of my daughters who has no interest in those type of programmes is positive that Ruth Goodman is the drummer Georgia Hubley from Yo La Tengo.
  13. I have mates who go on about this woke gang destroying everything, yet i tell them they are the ones whose faces turn red with rage and start bawling if rainbow laces, Big Bird, RNLI, police cars, a female dr who, PG Tips, vegans, a black person in adverts, etc etc are mentioned. I have said to them “I don’t know if you’re anti-woke or are just jealous/envious. When some of them mention snowflakes i have started calling them blizzards because moan about everything.
  14. I very much doubt we will hear anything from Saints when it comes to ST sales. I hope we don’t see more SL clubs doing a HKR by not announcing match day attendances.
  15. Do all the people from Ull sound like Michelle Dewberry!!!!.
  16. Has anybody read The Fatal Shore - Robert Hughes. I have had the book for as long as i can remember, my pa used to tell me to read it as it’s an amazing story. I have never read it as i remember someone telling me it was fiction!!!!.
  17. 1. The Road To Wigan Pier - George Orwell. 2. With The Old Breed - E B Sledge. 3. Blood For Blood : The Black And Tan War In Galway - William Henry. 4. The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga Of The Donner Party - Daniel James Brown. 5. Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters From The Western Trails, 1850: The Diary of Margaret A Frink - Kenneth L Holmes.
  18. 1. Half Man Half Biscuit 2. The Wedding Present 3. British Sea Power 4. Yo La Tengo 5. Grandaddy Chastity Belt, The Just Joans, The Lovely Eggs, Sonic Youth, Crass, The Breeders, Sultans Of Ping F.C. Ivor Cutler, The Membranes, The Sundays, Darren Hayman-Hefner, all came close. I would have had The Smiths in my top five but morrissey put me off.
  19. I apologise for this not being a music vid. I have ordered tickets for The Lovely Eggs in Manchester next year 1st June. I have always loved their music the last time i watched them was in Manchester back in 2016.
  20. How much do the top tier clubs make from the MW, are the gate receipts shared between the twelve of them!!!!!.
  21. What a bummer, i was looking forward to them coming over as i think they would have offered more than Tonga.
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