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  1. I think Stoke are trying too set up a side, the Stoke Staffies ?.
  2. Hello Pep (you’re the Manchester coach aren’t you) i didn’t realise you came on this site. The Liverbirds goal stopper exceptional apart from the second strike he let in the goal hole. Ok then the HotSpurts were dreadful apart from the two goal strikes they scored.
  3. Spurs are bloody dreadful, the chance’s they have fluffed is amazing.
  4. I enjoyed “Down The Line” on Radio 4, and i enjoyed it when it went on tv as “Bellamy’s People”.
  5. No i don’t think they’re either. Count Arthur Strong is another example, they should be left alone.
  6. With it being Christmas id have thought the BBC would have put on KYTV’s Christmas classic “The Making Of Martin Chizzlenut”. The majority of people i know have never heard of the show. i must put my Capon.
  7. That is great news im really pleased for the Wakey faithful. I haven’t been for seven years because the spec was shocking, so hopefully i’ll be visiting in the near future when Saints are over there.
  8. I wouldn’t fancy being one of those 600 and odd Ipswich fans who have made the long journey up to Barrow tonight if they lose.
  9. Perhaps your ears need syringing, put some olive oil in them to soften it up. Make an appointment at your doctors to see the nurse to get them syringed, and when you get to see the nurse in six months time the wax should come out easy.
  10. I have been listening to Darren Hayman’s “Thankful Village’s”, he has done some great music.
  11. Great win for the Tics last night, Shrewsbury were unlucky not to pick up a point but you have to play the full 90mins and not switch off. Doncaster look doomed unless they can get Mac Murphy from Murphy’s Mob too save them. Everywhere you go everything you see, some people say it’s a tragedy.
  12. I see the Tranmere club coach got attacked by Oldham fan’s last night. I know there is a bit of history between the two sets of fan’s but why would anyone do that. I don’t think anything will happen and no one will be charged. Tranmere fan’s seem to be blaming poor policing, id blame society.
  13. A mate told me the Ashes start tomorrow morning which was news to me. With not having Sky or BT Sports i have heard nothing about it.
  14. I’ve got tickets to watch Grandaddy in Manchester next April, they’re a band i have always wanted to watch. I’m managed to persuade a nephew to be my taxi driver. I am really excited about seeing them because i think they’re a top quality band. I don’t know if it clashes with a Saints home game but for these i don’t care.
  15. I hope Cornwall is a huge success, but wouldn’t 2023 have been a better year to start so they could get everything sorted instead of having to rush around now ?.
  16. I remember in 92 trying to get hold of the twelve singles they did that year. I got them from a record shop called “Our Price” (i think), the shop was only entitled to ten singles per month. It was a mad panic, so i used to wait outside the shop until it opened up and then i could get hold of one. I got warned off my then boss for bunking off work and then try to sneak back. So after that i told my mum & dad and girlfriend to get to Our Price for 8.50am before it opened at 9. In the end i managed to get all twelve singles, and i got singles one & two signed. Then i sent off for “The Hit Parade” black box from TWP. I think they were based in Leeds then (now it’s Brighton). I remember them appearing on TOTP’s, i used to tell everyone to watch them. Sadly no one impressed with them. I remember them appearing on TOTP’s with the song Brassneck, and i don’t think Mr Gedge opened his mouth more than a couple of times. I won’t be buying the singles from this latest thing they’re doing, as i don’t bother with vinyl anymore. But id never get rid of all their vinyl i have bought. But that’s the same with Half Man Half Biscuit, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, The Sundays, and loads of others.
  17. I thought The Smiths were excellent. As for Morrissey I don’t think he has done anything decent since 1995, he just seems a very bitter man today. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked GB News can he do the theme tune for the hourly news.
  18. Tin Tin Out did a horrendous cover version of “The Sundays - Here’s Where The Story End’s”. I cringe every time i hear that cover, i don’t know how they were allowed to get away with it. The Sundays were a fantastic band and Harriet Wheeler had a beautiful voice, she may still have as well.
  19. I’ve just watched the first two episodes of a “House Through Time”. I’ve always enjoyed the series and im enjoying this current one. If walls could talk.
  20. I wonder if Sutton go down they’ll rip out the grass and put the plastic back down ?.
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