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  1. I’ve just watched the first two episodes of a “House Through Time”. I’ve always enjoyed the series and im enjoying this current one. If walls could talk.
  2. To be honest with you Dunbar i don’t know who Blake Ferguson is, but i’ll be bringing his name up to my NRLAppeasing friends & family.
  3. I never mentioned you David or anyone on here.
  4. You tell me who you know that i know, then i’ll tell you who told me.
  5. Shirley not in the NRL, everyone i know who watches that competition tell’s me “you don’t get player’s faking injury or milking penalties in the NRL. They’re so super human they don’t have too do such nonsense”.
  6. I wonder if Sutton go down they’ll rip out the grass and put the plastic back down ?.
  7. Keep away from the Donner Party nobody knows who or what is on the menu.
  8. As a Saints fan it wouldn’t bother myself if either HKR or Catalans won the GF.
  9. Salford City AFC seem to be struggling with attendances so far this season, they’re averaging just over 2,000 although they haven’t had the best of starts.
  10. I apologise if this has been mentioned before, but how are Callum Hazzard & Alex Eckley doing at the Crusaders ?.
  11. A great vocal following from the HKR fan’s, that must’ve been a big help for the players. Some of the wire fan’s booing the side off at FT, i don’t blame them.
  12. I get stressed watching Saints. But it must be hell for the Salford fan’s, and the worry they go through wondering what is happening to their club. There isn’t as many fan’s as they’d like, but they are a passionate noisy group of fan’s. Is there many fan’s who watch the Red Devil’s & Salford City AFC.
  13. You’re 100% correct Ronnie, there are times ive come out of a Saints game and said “i wouldn’t go again”. As for gigs im the same as you everyone has been superb. With these new fandangled phones nowadays i always make sure i record one of the band’s songs as a reminder.
  14. Not for me Ronnie because id just be looking at my phone all the time checking the score. I did have a chance to watch a band called Big Deal about 4/5 years ago as they were playing at the local library and it was only a fiver. Sadly i missed it because Saints were playing Widnes at home. It was the dark days under Cunningham and we’d been on a terrible run so i wanted to be there to see what happened. I also had a season ticket, and i begrudge missing a game with my season ticket. The sad thing is the band split up a bit later.
  15. I’d love to go I’ll have to see what my chauffeurs are doing. I’ll give Headsticks a go Vambo.
  16. Thanks for the info Dave I’ll give them a go on Spotify.
  17. Crass and Steve Ignorant are playing at Club Academy in Manchester Friday 22nd April next year. I’d love to go and see that, but i think it might clash with a Saints game so that would mean id have too miss out, unless we’re playing some random club like Wigan or Wire.
  18. The Vistas, and the Circa Waves are they worth a listen Dave as ive never heard them before. If they could be put into a genre what would it be ?.
  19. Is Paul Heaton from Sheffield or Hull ?. I like Mr Heaton’s values.
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