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  1. I put my bet on Hull City at the start of the season, how wrong was i. If QPR go up can they stay up, it’s the same with Blackburn ?.
  2. Rugby League isnt very good at giving out attendances to the press anymore. Yet you can go and look at tier 5&6 in football and they are quite happy to show their attendances along with the results. Although it would be better if St Helens Town AFC just showed the attendance and not the results, their defence is like WWR.
  3. It looks as if it could be another Barnestoneworth United season for the WWR.
  4. Paulo not playing….i think the loss would’ve been heavier if he’d have been involved. He was dreadful at Saints and i was amazed they managed to offload him.
  5. I wonder if Andrew Windsor will turn up to watch the Navy in the next round, whilst he’s not wanted at the golf ️ courses.
  6. How sad, i remember him clashing heads with Phil Veivers at Wire in a challenge cup game. Drummond was fine but Veivers was in Disney Land.
  7. The story about the death of the English Rose and the inflatable ET always makes me laugh.
  8. Leigh have got plenty of games to sell out their rent a stadium. I look forward to seeing the sold out signs going up for the Leigh home games. Has Beaumont ever thought of playing a league match as a curtain raiser before a United ladies game to get more fans through the gate .
  9. At Saints you can’t tell what they are saying on the tannoy unless you stand outside of the ground.
  10. Excellent let me know how it is please and then i’ll nip to the library. You’re very fortunate too have books like that in your local charity shop. The ones in St Helens all they seem to have is books aplenty about the rugger chap Lawrence Dilagogogogo, David Beckham, Robbie Williams, and zillions on the British Monarchy. St Helens must’ve been a Royalist stronghold in the civil war.
  11. I freeze my bread and i only take out what i need instead of wasting a whole loaf.
  12. Toulouse are up the creek without a paddle and they haven’t even got a canoe.
  13. I apologise if this has been mentioned before but should eggs be left in the fridge. Also can you freeze cheese ?.
  14. I’m glad you mentioned the Napoleonic Wars HG because Paul O’Keefe wrote a book called “The Aftermath” about what happened to all the dead bodies after the battle of Waterloo and the thousands of dead horses. I will nip to my local library and see if i can order it.
  15. Hopefully the new state of the art CCTV will catch the undesirable’s who have put some opposition fan’s off from making the journey to POR.
  16. Yes in one of the Liverpool Uni’s (i think) i visited a place were some of those pulled out teeth were on display.
  17. Nice too see Rob Hicks i think he comes across really well. But who’d want to be a ref. #RFLarecorrupt #officialshatemyclub
  18. The championship looks like it’s going to be a belter, i am looking forward to it.
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