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  1. I couldn’t even name any of their songs Phil. I’ve heard them mentioned and i must’ve heard some of their music year’s ago, but i must’ve thought “nah they’re not my scene”. I am really fussy when it comes to music, and that’s probably why out of all the people i know only one person likes some (not all) of the bands i like. Which means in turn it is a battle to get anyone to go the gigs with me. My wife used to go with me, but i think that’s probably the reason we split . I was in to the “Sultans Of Ping F.C.” whilst she would sooner listen to Steps, and others would get everyone on the dance floor at a party.
  2. I put £10 e/w on Grimsby to go up at the start of the season. I’m garbage with betting but im hoping they’re going to bounce straight back.
  3. And that’s what life’s about. Trouble is these days you never see a dog on the pitch.
  4. Sale rugby u**** can be trusted as much as Harold Shipman visiting your gran to see if she is ok.
  5. Most of these “One Can Van Damme’s” are gone after a couple of sips and are ready to take on anyone who doesn’t agree with them, or support their club. Some people find that type of behaviour funny. Then there are the fan’s who will buy a pint and decide to throw it in the air, covering people with ale.
  6. How much do the SL/RFL make out of these events, i never see how it works out financially for them.
  7. Some of the older ladies & younger girls who work in the office’s at the company i work for, went to the MW for the weekend. They said “they’d had a nice time up to a point, but fan’s from a couple of opposing clubs really got in their faces when Catalans got the DG near the end. So much so they felt intimidated and had to move seats to get away from the boozed up aggressive men & women. A couple of the diehards will still be going next season, but for those who went for the event and the weekend they won’t be. The ones who won’t be going in 2022, they wasn’t even really that bothered if Saints had won or lost. They just wanted to have a good time with friends, sadly there’s always someone who has to spoil it.
  8. Oh dear john your not one of those that thinks that the RFL have always shown favouritism towards certain clubs are you. “My club is always penalised, but his club isn’t blah blah blah”. There is no proof that Watts would’ve got more, but to be honest with you i haven’t really noticed him this season unless he’s been on Twitter. I think Leeds fan’s will be saying the same thing about Bentley in 2022 as being treated unfairly. Thats what a lot of Saints supporters think in 2021, he’s a marked man and is always getting penalised unfairly. But im in the minority of Saints fan’s, as i think Bentley is a liability and i’ll be glad to see the back of him.
  9. Not the result i wanted but it was a fantastic comeback by Catalans so i can’t complain. The Saints attitude was very blasé so hopefully they would’ve learnt from it. Kasiano was fantastic throughout the game. I do like seeing the Dragons do well even at my clubs expense….sometimes. Our defence might’ve improved (until tonight) but the discipline under Woolf is shambolic. I also don’t understand why he hardly puts another hooker on the bench because Roby is not going to offer much in attack anymore. It was a fantastic advert for the game though and the neutrals(if there is such a thing). I’m still not a fan of the golden point, i do enjoy a draw.
  10. St Helens are vile Jim, “Same old scousers always cheating” and all that. The only thing i didn’t see them do is have a floodlight failure while they were losing (not as far as i can remember anyway). I definitely don’t remember Joynt having a fishing accident at a Loch or in Devon ?.
  11. The same for me, i only enjoy AFTV when Arsenal lose. It’s not worth watching it if they win.
  12. I just can’t get into the Golden Point for league games BB. I totally understand it for cup’s and the play offs, but not for league games. I like seeing the Championship & League 1 tables with all the drawn matches.
  13. I think all fan’s are sick of seeing players milking penalties, and id imagine the coaches feel the same way. But the coaches & fan’s are only annoyed when other clubs players are doing it against their team. If a player goes down as if he’s been shot and is playing in your club, you then hear fan’s say “well your club does it so why shouldn’t ours”. Im hoping that at the end of the season the clubs, SL, RFL will meet-up to stamp it out but im not confident that will happen. I hope they scrap the golden point as well.
  14. I don’t know any of the attendances from last weekend or yesterday, have the RFL & SL clubs agreed to keep crowd figures top secret.
  15. A good win for Saints, we seemed to be on top in the first 20mins or so, and then when Walmsley went off Wire came right back into it. The Williams try was one of the best ive seen so far this season. I thought the second half Saints were more dominant, but i was puzzled by Wire going for the 2pts, which came to nothing. Welsby & Dodd really worked well together. As for “James penalty penalty Bentley” i was shouting for him to be taken off and then he goes and scores, and next i was saying “what a great player, ive always liked him”. Percival’s try was really good but wire should’ve had him. It was my first away game since the GF in 2019 and i really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was excellent from both sets of fans. I don’t understand why kids(it is mostly kids isn’t it ?) who take flares/smoke bombs or whatever into grounds. Do Wire have cctv if they do they must have a rough idea who it was. Someone near the back of the stand needed medical treatment as he had cut his head open, and the good old St John’s Ambulance were there to save the day.
  16. I don’t think FC have announced an official figure yet, they’re still counting the people from photos from inside the stadium.
  17. Were Salford doing a special deal for fans for last nights game or did i just dream that.
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