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  1. I took a couple of my grandkids to the pictures just before Christmas as they wanted to watch Spider-Man. The last Spider-Man i watched was the cartoon from the 70’s. I didn’t have a clue what was happening in the film, but i did manage to have a nod whilst they watched it. The kids gave it 9/10, i gave it a 2/10 but my forty winks was a 7/10.
  2. Im not going to even bother listening to the 4th & 5th test’s with there being nawt to play for. I wonder if Aussie cricket have lost any cash with games finishing early ?.
  3. If/when Salford move i hope it works for them and they can get old & new fan’s going to the match.
  4. I like JJB because he will stop and chat to you, he did that for me a couple of years ago when he was going into the ground at Saints, i think he was commentating on a cup game. The reason i wanted to chat with him was because i wanted to know if he ever got rid of the ghost in his house. When he did stop i forgot to ask him the question after all DOH.
  5. Some RL fan’s can’t handle their ale and they have to spoil it for the majority.
  6. I was listening to some Arsenal fan’s before after their defeat against City and they just sounded like a lot of RL fans. The game is corrupt - #Corrupt, The Game is dead - #thegameisdead
  7. The Greatest Game in the world in my opinion. It’s just a pity most of the U.K. & the world don’t know about RL. But i can always live in hope.
  8. A new series of “Digging For Britain” with the very lovely Alice Roberts starts Tuesday on BBC2. Also a new series of “Toast Of Tinseltown” starts on Tuesday but this time on BBC2”. Two excellent programmes.
  9. That is more entertaining than some of the rubbish they put on today. I don’t know how much Sky is for the basic channels but i wouldn’t want to pay for a rerun of “only fools & horses” for a record one billionth time on UK Gold. I’m pleased we have got podcasts to listen too.
  10. I’ve not got Sky so i have to make do with the channel’s on free-view. Yesterday, PBS, Smithsonian, BBC2 & 4, and Ch4 have some cracking documentaries on. But the only thing is that they repeat them over & over again. Talking Pictures is the same, although Went The Day Well is so a good film i don’t mind watching it again. But the worst channel’s are “Really, Dave, Pick, Dmax, HGTV, Blaze, CBS Reality, More4. I don’t know how they get away with repeating the same things every few weeks.
  11. Hopefully CH4 will be so impressed with the game of RL they want more. Cornwall being a success, the RLWC being the best ever with huge profits. John Dutton remains in the game. Finally a wk before the start of the season the SL scrap the golden point for league games.
  12. Yes Gilmour is coming in for loads of abuse.
  13. I listened to The Scrimmage before on the BBC and the Norwich fan’s seem to be blaming poor recruitment and loan signings.
  14. Reading the reviews it does look good, i don’t think the younger kids would have any interest but it’d be great if they did.
  15. This is cricket related, i used to have the game Test Match when i was a little lad but i never played Subbuteo cricket. Did anyone have it and how was it played ?.
  16. Well played Leicester on beating Liverpool, it was a cracking win.
  17. I wonder if itv2 have had Hotel Transylvania on over Christmas.
  18. Newcastle were unlucky not to pick up the three pts last night. WBA fan’s are not happy with their loss against the virtually doomed Derby.
  19. Do Star Wars fans like Star Trek or vice versa, or is there a huge rivalry ?.
  20. The Blackpool kit is a cracker. The adidas Cas top is brilliant as well, id imagine there are not too many of the Cas/Blackpool shirts around.
  21. Great win for The Iron at Oldham today, i still think Oldham will stay up though, but they’re still having all sorts of bother off the field. I believe they ran out of pies in the Joe Royle stand.
  22. I think duck is quite fatty isn’t it ?.
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