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  1. I’m really looking forward to these game’s on the red button, it’s great to get Rugby League back on the TV.
  2. I think Barrow are safe now Eddie, they’ve won their last two game’s with an excellent win at Cheltenham last night.
  3. To get the patriot’s fired up the clash should have been called “Are Cuntry vs Bloody Foreigners Coming Over Ere”.
  4. As they don’t like to announce how much they get for sponsorship deal’s, i can’t see them announcing the viewing figures on the OurLeague App. I’d imagine it’s easier to get COVID-19 infection rate stats from the big cheese in North Korea, than the wheeling & dealing at the RFL do. Plus you get less warmth from the Red Hall gang.
  5. Can Leigh make an appeal to whoever is in charge of the game and ask them to class this as a league game so they can have two points.
  6. If he wanted to have his own show he should ask the RFL, but i don’t think they could afford a 24hr “Jon Wilkin” channel.
  7. I watched the game last night on the OurLeague App and i had to turn the volume off because of Wilkin, he just seems to make it all about himself. I can see why Mark Chapman takes the P out of him. I don’t know who the other commentator was but they spent more time having a laugh between themselves than concentrating on the game. Wilkin and the other commentator will have to be kept apart.
  8. 2020 was the first GF ive seen without any crowd trouble, which made a nice change.
  9. I might start visiting Wakey again when my club play there. But first they have to sort out the dreadful flat terracing or at least give out milk crates for everyone to stand on.
  10. I’m confused have we gone back to 2011.
  11. I often wonder what the atmosphere is like in the NRL when they play at some of those big stadium’s with crowds of 10/15,000. I’d imagine there is more noise up in space.
  12. Why did the top tier decide to have a top six play off instead of five ?. Myself id have preferred it to have remained a top five play off system.
  13. I wonder how many points will be needed to avoid relegation ?.
  14. “Matty he’s not on our radar Smith” was without doubt a dreadful signing by a dreadful coach.
  15. It’s good to know BB is carrying on his first class work in Football’s National League.
  16. Has he taken his golden point with him ?.
  17. Eastmond started off really well at Saints when he became a regular in the first team, despite being a bit injury prone. But when the rumours started that rugger club’s were showing an interest in him he then showed very little interest in playing RL. It just looked as if he didn’t want to know, he didn’t want the ball and tackling was something he was reluctant to do. Then the Saints fan’s started to get on his back for his zero effort, which obviously got to him. So he’ll be a gamble for Leeds. I’d imagine when he joined the ruggers they wouldn’t have understand a word he said. Now he’s back in League he’ll probably have an accent as posh as “Jacob Rees Rah Rah Rah Mogg”, and now Leaguies won’t be able to understand a word.
  18. Leeds fan’s had better make sure they don’t call Eastmond because he’ll get upset.
  19. I bought my Season Ticket just before the third lockdown and i paid it off in one go (cash). I think Saints are refunding fan’s for the first couple of home game’s with them being behind closed doors. If everything goes ######’s up again i wouldn’t ask for a refund. I bought my season ticket out of loyalty to the club, plus we’ve won the GF two year’s running. I couldn’t imagine my life without RL, it keeps me sane.
  20. I wonder how many points will be needed to avoid relegation ?.
  21. He offered and gave so much to TGG. But he’s like a fart in a frock and he has been wafted away. What’s he going to do in Canada now, do they have many areas that has been land mined ?.
  22. This must be some kicker conspiracy having a dig at The Fall. If only they were as talented as the christians or wet wet wet.
  23. Just imagine if we got Arry and “James Hewitt” presenting the RL World Cup to the England captain in a trial run just before the Aussies come over and win it.
  24. Phew wee thank god for that, as it didn’t say anything about him staying as RFL patron on the main news.
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