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  1. The club chairmen in the top tier probably agree with what is being said……as long as it doesn’t affect their club.
  2. I’m with you Kev, Saints should be relegated into League 1, regardless on what the England medical staff say. Dey ad no men in da Ingerland slide. itz discusting, n evry fink iz a conspirathingy just 2 elp dose ceeting scowsers.
  3. I believe Beaumont only got to see the last 20mins of the game. As he spent the day doing “Daz type adverts” knocking on people’s doors around Leigh handing back fan’s their season ticket money.
  4. Their kicking game’s would be the big difference between the two sides. Which would probably have seen HKR pick up the two points.
  5. I think Wakey will win this as the Cas players will have Wembley on their minds.
  6. Bloody Kendal he’ll be involved in all of this i imagine. He hates the likes of Salford.
  7. Have you ever thought John that this season Salford are were they are because they’re w@@k. If you think everything is a conspiracy against “Certain Clubs” the best thing to do is not watch any RL. In fact don’t watch any sport whatsoever because everything will be going against the club/animal you want to win. It’s going to make you ill
  8. It makes me wonder how you managed to get too two finals, with Salford getting everything going against them. When you play Wakey which club has the bragging rights for the “We Are The Victims Of The Vast Majority Of Awful Decisions Trophy ” ?.
  9. I think people will disagree on what happened. I would like to see Fages banned from the game and banned from the U.K. for life. But the final word is Hull FC 18 - 33 St Helens.
  10. I’ve not read every page on here so i don’t know if this has been mentioned, but didn’t FC beat Cas last season with a try that came from a what they called a “controversial moment”. Cas/FC players were doing a bit of pushing & shoving and growling in back play, Jordan Johnson went through a huge gap and scored. Andy Last said “he played to the whistle”, Powell called it nonsensical. I don’t know if FC fan’s were telling their players to let Cas score.
  11. I’m a Saints fan and i didn’t see anything wrong with what Fages did. But i have heard in West Hull FC fans are burning French flags and effigies of Fages.
  12. It’s far worse than that JohnM, the game should’ve been postponed. The man of the match trophy at Wembley should be renamed The Griffin trophy.
  13. That wouldn’t have been enough, they should’ve deliberately lost the game just for Griffin. I just hope those cheats are made to play in black & white hoops.
  14. Why what has Koukash been saying about his new Liverpooool side now ?.
  15. Whoever is in charge of the England Rugby League merchandise are they selling car stickers ?. I’d buy a couple for my car and id buy some more for the rest of my family and friends. I know it will only make the game a few pence but every little bit helps.
  16. Ah Half Man Half Biscuit the best band ever.
  17. Mrs Miggins has found her rabbit after it escaped from its hatch.
  18. What is Twitch ive never heard of it until now ?.
  19. I love Sonic Youth but sadly i never got to see them, although i have seen Thurston Moore a couple of time’s. even though i am a big fan of Sonic Youth some of their LP’s are for me dreadful. It sounds as if they have given their instruments to some apes for an hour and they’ve said “whatever tune the apes make with the instruments we’ll make that our next album”.
  20. It looks like WAFC have avoided the drop with their win against Crewe, Yo Yo Northampton looked doomed and it looks all over for Joey Barton’s Gas. A great win for Grimsby against Bolton who really will be kicking themselves with that loss against the Mariners. As for the National League it’s a battle between Hartlepool, Sutton, Torquay for first place. But are Sutton willing to dig up their 4g pitch too move into Lge2 if they go up, is it worth it financially if they’re only up one season.
  21. I think Nigel Blackwell is the only Tranmere fan in the band Johnoco(but i could be wrong). I’ve seen them a good few time’s now and they are excellent to watch and Mr NB is very dry and funny. I think after every gig they drive back home instead of staying in an hotel(but then again that may not be true).
  22. You’re right about Alternative Bands mostly appearing in the early hours of the morning on a TV show. I always remember the brilliant “Half Man Half Biscuit” appearing “Danny Kelly’s - Under The Moon”. I used to enjoy that show but i always taped it. They (HMHB) never appeared on TOTP’s but i don’t think they would’ve wanted to go on it anyway.
  23. Did they do much singing in Austin’s novel’s (up). I’m glad The Sundays remained largely unknown or virtually nonexistent to the tv audience.
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