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  1. There is another MEN article linked next to that one. It is discussing sale union buying the AJ Bell. Here is one of the questions put the sale CEO. Q. How did we get to this point? It’s been an ambition of this club for a long time to own our stadium. We want a home with a brilliant atmosphere that the fans love to come to, and we want a stadium we are in control of. One of the options we looked at was building a new stadium at the Crossford Bridge Playing Fields, in Sale, but, as was well documented, Trafford Council withdrew its support for that plan last September. Mr Sutton said continuing to rent makes 'no financial sense' TED ART We firmly believe that if we’re going to continue growing the club on and off the pitch, we must invest into a home for Sale Sharks. Q. Why is it so important for Sale to own your own stadium? First and foremost, this is about the fan experience. We want to be able to control what we can do at the stadium and, at the moment, we are very limited in terms of what we can do with things like having a band outside, running fan parks, choosing the catering and that kind of thing. If we enhance the fan experience, we believe we’ll grow the fanbase, attract more fans to the AJ Bell and that will help us grow the club commercially too.T Also, renting makes no financial sense. We want a stadium where we can create other revenues other than from a match day. The financial structure of the existing lease agreement is not good for the club. This is all about ensuring the long-term viability of Sale Sharks. Owning our stadium is crucial to the future of the club. Reading that was probably the most depressing thing of the lot. The ambition and foresight in that guy's response is probably more than exists in the whole of SuperLeague, barring 3 or 4 clubs. Salford are clearly going to just stumble on to another rental agreement, and continue to own zero infrastructure or assets.
  2. Massive... In what way? The likes of the Army have been in the Challenge Cup for years. They would normally get rolled out by a mediocre amateur team like Bentley or Kells.
  3. Unfortunately not. It is the home ground of the Jamaica national team, who play out of a West Yorkshire mining village.
  4. Perhaps the team could be renamed as the "Hull Thrush"?
  5. My first Rugby League game (as a spectator) was in 2001. Back when the Super League was high quality. I don't know why I'm even bothering to engage the likes of you tbh.
  6. Yes, exactly. As I said, I will be there. Travelling over for the game.
  7. Do you ever post about any of your own experiences old man??
  8. I was at the "James final" and I was really surprised how good their set was. One of the best sports event acts I have seen. I thought they were excellent. As others have said above, it probably appealed to the core demographic in the stands (basically the Weatherspoons crowd) and this possibly made the atmosphere better, as the supporters got into it. Problem is getting a band in who will attract new faces, and not the stereotypical 40-somethings on their one day trip a year outside Workington.
  9. Dream on son. Have been to far more grand finals than you! (Because I follow the game in general, not just the local team from my village) Thinking about - I have spent thousands of euros attending Grand Finals alone.... Never mind regular matches, internationals etc. Flights/hotels etc .... Not just walking down 1 street in Cumbria.
  10. Not a bad effort that I think. The old fashioned "town crest" type logos are really outdated, and look daft to most of the generation who will buy merchandise these days, and also look poor from a corporate point of view. Chapeau to Hull KR for trying to preserve a bit of their heritage but in a modern logo that incorporates the Robin. Definitely one of the better re-brands I have seen in Rugby League.
  11. At least I'll be at the game. Which is a lot more than can be said for you.
  12. Would Jamaica be playing at their current home ground (aka Featherstone)?
  13. Aye. True. It's also the only really large scale Rugby League in the North all year. The World Cup games would have also been attended, overwhelmingly by club fans. That's the way Rugby League works.
  14. Failing to sell out would be very embarrassing for English Rugby League. We have lost the World Cup FFS... So surely fans who were planning to go to some of those games could be easily diverted to the Grand Final. The GF is usually an amazing day/night, no matter who is playing. I have never had a bad time there. If we can't sell out the game's flagship event, we are in a really serious position.
  15. Yep. I think it appeared in a book around the year 2000. He was wearing a yellow jersey with loads of different coloured hoops around the middle of I remember correctly.
  16. From Brentford football stadium, Richard Branson, Canterbury kit deal, Wembley, Dennis Moran, Steele Retchless, Jason Hetherington, Richie Barnett etc etc..... To playing on a fenced off 2nd Division union field in the sticks, outside a leisure centre with the same no-name kit supplier as 'Sproatley Juniors' and 'Pickering Town FC', and a bunch of part time players. An absolutely disgraceful catalogue of mismanagement. They are done.
  17. Wasn't being negative towards the club at all. Am delighted to see them up and running. Am simply making sure the same halfwits who think that Scotland needs to have a "semi pro" (LOL) team based on Edinburgh Eagles playing a couple of friendlies in Wallsend, or that some random village in France should be fastracked into playing in England etc etc.... Don't start doing the same for the game in Devon.
  18. Cheers for the response Paul. 13 games... Very true. All away matches mind, with the associated travel burden. The cancellations must also have played havoc with their continuity. I agree though... From an injury/rehab/recovery perspective, the low number of games will have helped.
  19. It seems the newspapers now agree with me too "old boy".... https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/matt-peet-wigan-warriors-coach-21506872 #research #patronising
  20. The fact you call him Frank Hearn shows how out of touch you are with who they are and what they have achieved. As I said, given you are so incredibly dismissive of Matchroom.... Who/What is your alternative?
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