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  1. Great signing that we are getting a good mix of youth and experience in the squad now lots of unproven players looking to make a mark in league 1 and some older heads in key positions
  2. Imagine if they take off , could end up with the pie eaters v the pastie makers in Super League a real tasty fixture
  3. Impressed with the Wellington signing really tall and quick outside back , hopefully stays fit and he'll be a real asset for us
  4. Cant fully agree with that Spencer was a great player for us and hardly missed a game for 5 of the 6 years he was with us , Wilkinson the same until he broke his leg in pre season , Heaton missed a lot of games last season but when he played looked one of our better players
  5. Hes always looked a classy player when I've seen him against us , you've got 2 good players in Roberts and Wilkinson they'll go great for you I feel you'll see with Abram that he causes more problems for his own team than he creates for the opposition , be good having plenty of Derby games next year
  6. Cracking signing that is really quality half who can lead a team round the field the general we needed , agree him and Barran would be a great pairing
  7. Agree with Barran had some injuries last season but when he played he looks a good young half with a good kicking game , put him with an experienced talking half and I see us doing well
  8. On last season totally agree , if you look at our promotion team in 15 with Lepori at full back and Palfrey at half back and our promotion team in 19 with Hawkyard at full back and Crook at half back , we had talking players / leaders in key is spots now Crook and Hawkyard where both nearing the end of there playing careers that season but led the other players and guided them brilliantly and those kind of players roles can't be underestimated , last season we had players who led by example ie Dupree, Reilly , Landgtree and Gregory but we didn't have a talking leader and it's so vital in a game to have a controlling half and full back
  9. So you want to call me an idiot then fine but please tell me one thing I said that isn't true of his performances I've watched him since he first came to the club and after he came back from Sheffield I been to every home game and most away games in that time and he hasn't developed at all he's a worse player now than when he first came , so please tell me how I am an idiot
  10. we must have fought off competition from well nobody for that signing I mean it can't just be me who is fed up of watching him run around in circles so often he disappears up his own backside , his kicking game is a mix of chips in the air right into the full backs hands or those grubbers into touch that are great with 5 min to go when you are winning ,sadly he does it when we behind and his defence is terrible , I fine with us being in league 1 and understand why our better players would leave but as a half back I'd rather see a young amateur half given a go rather than Hewitt
  11. Dan Abram gone to Swinton , of all the players we have lost to other clubs or retirement can't say I'm to bothered about this one , great goal kicker but very average in both attack and defence for me , ideally would love to see us with an experienced hard working full back in the Richie Hawkyard mould he was amazing in our promotion season
  12. Good that Nelmes is staying he's quality on his day and if Spencer can get his back right and stays 2 very good front rowers in league 1
  13. Be careful buying a shirt this year then , might come with a free pair of boots and a squad number
  14. Be happy if Barran , Langtree , Spencer and Charnock (as a hooker) stayed, as for Reilly ,Nelmes would be great but don't see them staying for league 1
  15. Chaser offside within the 10 on the kick and a clear knock on the video referees the last 2 weeks have been a shambles
  16. Great to see so much pride in the shirt the last two games really could have and probably should have won both games , but rugby league can be harsh and we still 2 wins behind Dewsbury, hopefully same kind of performance at Sheffield next week and we have hope but whatever happens happy to support a team that I seen the last 2 weeks whatever the results effort can't be faulted
  17. Still have the same players in key positions who do nothing well ,we do nothing with the ball and our defence is getting worse each week and can someone explain why Hartley a centre who has done well there but who can't catch high balls as we've seen a few times this season is on the wing with Ince a Winger in the centre ?
  18. Can't fault that appointment it's a top notch coach who hopefully can use his contacts to get those extra couple of players in the key positions we need ,and inspire the rest of the players to put in the performances we desperately need ,great work from CH and even tho it's still an uphill battle to stay up we have a much better chance now
  19. Never nice for anyone to lose there job and wish Matt all the best in the future in whatever he does, but a change was desperately needed it just was going from bad to worse hopefully get someone in who can get the lads confidence and belief back and see how we go , hope whoever gets the job can get a good early result and get us on a roll
  20. A list of possible coaches who are available whether some would be interested is another thing but head coaches jobs ain't freely available so attracting one shouldn't be hard John Duffy Scott Naylor Alan Kilshaw Tony Rea Andrew Henderson Steve Mccormack Any of these would be a huge improvement on what we have
  21. He could be charged with a grade D assault on Mossop's knuckles with his face
  22. Have to agree with all of that sadly ,so many issues we seem to have now with even our quality players underperforming and some of the blame lies with the players but sadly Diskin seems not to be able to be a great motivator nor is he a great tactical coach and sadly the responsibility of those two things lie at his door
  23. I've attended most matches for 20 years but I won't be going again until Diskin goes I not wasting my time watching the useless rubbish I've seen again today , we are almost certainly relegated now so I'll see you at Whitebank in league 1 next season
  24. Tbf to Chris Hamilton , this season he has invested heavily in the squad,sadly some of that had been wasted in bad recruitment and retentions Abram is not a championship full back or half back , Charnock would make a good hooker but never shown anything creative at half , Hewitt has moments of brilliance but sadly not enough for what is needed at this level ,Bridge and Pick have both disappointed so far and Bent is amazing in defence but offers little with ball in hand , I feel with a new coach fresh ideas and a couple of new players we wouldn't be far off
  25. Gotta change the coach now before it's to late, same rubbish being served up week after week since the Halifax win we have been a shambles, it's either act now or plan for league 1 . Apart from the first half at York and the Sheffield game we not coming close to even competing
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