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  1. This is 100% my point, its the only way forward. But to get the International RL game to flourish, you need enough youngsters playing the game to get an high enough talent pool, so we have international sides which match Australia and NZ. That means making people in schools in Cardiff, Glasgow, Dublin, London, Devon, Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Newcastle all engaged in kids playing League (and not union), and making their way into clubs and then onwards into national teams. You not going to get that with a Superleage competition with all the premier clubs in a small section grouped around the M62. You have to spead the clubs, get more local interest and build from ground up. Union has this, you have people playing union all over the country (yes its behind football), same with cricket. But not in RL. I am not saying that London Broncos is the answer, we know that has failed, but I feel that failed owing to a) RFL and B) current LB owner. But it is a cast iron fact there is much less money invested in sport right now, so the RFL has to have an offering to match at least Union and Cricket from a financial level, and right now its miles behind and getting more and more squeezed.
  2. Basically all sports (thats all sports not just RL), are all having some form of revenue issue. You only have to look at the shambles which was the Euro wendyball super league, and the fact that there is less commerical / tv revenue coming into all sports, as people are no longer paying the TV subs they used to to watch the sports, hence less money coming in from tv, and pretty much all professional sports are reliant on TV money in some form. Football is global, so you can sell rights all over the world (for instance China, far east etc), so this can fill in some of the loss of local (ie UK / Europe) revenue to help clubs.. For instance in Japan you will see lots of Liverpool / United / Arsenal shirts, very few Wigan / Saints / Warrington shirts. SO the vast majority of sports money will go to football here Union, while it has the same issue regarding funding at the club level as RL, Union has an extremely strong international game which has large funding streams. In Union the amount the RFU makes from the 6 nations / World Cup / England internations (same for wales), means that the Union game is in a much beter place than Leauge is right now, even the most die hard league fan will have to admin far far more people tune into the 6 nations, than any International League game. For instance if Twickernam held 200,000 fans, I bet it would fill for a England vs NZ , England V ireland, England v wales game. You would be lucky to get 60K for England vs Aus world cup final in League Cricket again at a club level struggles, but has the IPL and the backing of India which has a lot of money at the elite level. We don't have a country with 1 Billion people obsessed with RL right now So the above three sports even if they have funding issues at the club level, have additional revenue streams which League can only dream of. So how do you expand the revenue, and make the game attractive to the places which have the money to invest. These are right now 1) Far east (china atc), 2) Gulf (Saudi etc), 3) America. This is where the money is not in Britain or in Europe. How do you make saints v wigan to a china audience as relevant as Man United vs Liverpool? If you want to keep RL in the m62 corridor but then be competing with Union, Football and Cricket you are going to either need to make the brand awareness of these clubs on a par with Liverpool, United, City etc in China, Japan, Qatar etc, or like Union / Cricket you are going to need to make the International game popular so it makes real revenue which can float down to the clubs.
  3. I'm a london fan, but with the squad we have I really hope we do not get into SL this year, as you would need to pretty much replace the entire squad to have any chance of winning one game let alone being competitive
  4. it is positive news,. but at 25 GBP per ticket and no parking if they average over 500 at PL after the 1st couple of games I will be very surprised
  5. Great result for London London ship 60 to Fev, then put 50 past York.... Not looking good for York next week
  6. TBH Football and Union World cups won't really impact as one is in Qatar, and one is in France, and I doubt many folks who would travel to France to see Union would be attending any RL games anyway (apart from possibly the semi-final). Tonga v Samoa in Union Rugby world cup would be live on ITV Tonga v Samoa in League would be on Premier sports Both Tonga and Samoa have much better League teams than Union, but the Union game would easily get 10x the viewers than the League game.... Sad but true
  7. Players need to be paid if they are full time, they have mortgages and children to pay for. The money has to come from somewhere, regardless of where it comes.. If I am really talented aged 13, why would I focus on Rugby League as a career at max 50,000 per year, when if I look at Union / Football, I could be on 10 times that
  8. London is just the start of the downward cycle. There is less money in sport in general, and RL is way behind Football, Union and Cricket in terms of investment or awareness. Outside of the M62, it has no reach apart from Catalans. The last time it got any sort of national coverage was when les Cats won the Challenge cup, you won't seem the same coverage this year if Cas win it as the underdog. The RFL have to do something to make the game more attractive, and raise awareness. Playing the world cup in the north only pretty much means no potential growth in supporters outside that very narrow corridor.
  9. IN 2013 I actually took three weeks holiday for the world cup. I attended England / Aus and Italy / Wales at Millennium Stadium (who can forget the announcer singing Deliah as soon as Stevo tried to speak to the camera) England / Ireland at Huddersfield US vs Cook Islands at Bristol (Game of the Tournment IMHO) Wales vs US at Wrexham Wales vs Cook Islands at Neath Tonga vs Cook Islands at Leigh Aus vs US at Wrexham Both Wembley Semi Finals Final at Old Trafford In 2021, assuming its on, I will go to one match and that is the Semi in London.... And I'm probably not the only one who is not really bothered with the World Cup this year.... But this is a Thread about London, not about Rugby League in General, so will not detrail the thread any more
  10. Without having any inside information in terms of the relationship we have with Ealing right now, it was a huge mistake, plus putting up prices by over 200% and not having proper deals for kids / families as well just was nail on the head. I would be surprised if they sold 50 Full Season tickets this year, in 2019 they probably had over 400 ST holders at least. This was how badly it was botched. The quality of the Squad is the worst its ever been for over 30 years. What I will say is all the money in Sport (outside of football, which is global in reach) is in London, all the main media, and TV / streaming deals are based down here. Let me put this another way, the world cup is in doubt right now. If this was the Union World cup having the same discussions it would be all over the sports pages and wall to wall on Sky Sports News, but nothing in the papers or sport channels about the fact it could be cancelled again. I've lived in the South for 20 years now, and most people around me have no idea a World cup is even happening this year, let alone it might not happen
  11. As for London, I'm starting to get worried we will even complete the season. Looks like DH might have thrown toys out of Pram again, for London to be beat by a part time team by 60 is probably the lowest the club has ever been, considering 2 years ago we beat Saints, Wigan etc.
  12. Future England Coach. We all had absolute respect for him here at London
  13. I'm not sure London will make the 6. I know in theory what is happening off the field should not impact on field performances, but with the uncertaincy right now (will they / won't they move to Plough lane, will they be able to stay full time etc), this has to have an impact on mental approach, especially as most London players are Acadamy kids right now. Unless performances change, I see only winning 5 more games (York H, Oldham, Whitehaven, Sheffield, Swinton). And I would not be surprised if they lose one of the Whitehaven / Sheffield / Swinton games as well. I think Newcastle will beat London in Newcastle, and if one of Widnes or Newcastle go on a run, London could easily fall out of the 6 here.
  14. Not enough Money in the game for 16 teams in a full time Super League, and not enough of a talented player pool. You would need to go back to PT for that
  15. Whoever wins the champ GF will go up, and that is likely IMHO to be FEV. I was not having a go at Fev at all this year, but the London team of today are light years away from our 2018 / 2019 squad. Its like comparing Chelsea with Barnet. I still expect Tolouse to potentially get up as well, I would lay odds on at least one if not two SL teams goin bankrupt in next 2 years. As for us (London). If we still are around as a team in 2022 I will see that as a success. I think we complete the season, but after that I have grave concerns on the future.
  16. our 2019 team was pretty much our 2018 team with maybe one or two extra players. So our 2018 team won 10 SL games pretty much in 2019 Lets see if next Season if Fev get promoted (and I think you will), you guys win 10 SL games
  17. This is what happens when you build a squad which can compete in SL, but then you either don't make into SL or you get relegated (even if its the best season by a relegated club ever)... When we (London) got relegated in 2019 our squad was decimated with all our best players pinched by SL teams. You saw the shambles of what London was left with yesterday. No offence but our 2018 / 2019 team would have beaten Fev easily yesterday. Unless you are a Toronto type owner who will pay 3 times SL salaries to keep the best players in the Championship, your best players are going to go to the established SL teams considering RL is a dying sport with an ever shrinking pool of players.
  18. Our first game at PL will be vs Tolouse probably (if it goes through which is in doubt). They will hit 80 on us.
  19. You can only play what is in front of you... every London fan anticipated at least 60 points for Fev.. We really are that poor. We only in the top 6 as we had a good result at Widnes, all out other games we have been shocking
  20. Looks like might be wrong. I though it would be 50 for fev, now I think it will be between 60-70 for fev.... But we will see....
  21. Difference is for the previous seasons Broncos was in Championship 2015-2018, the squad was better than Fev (apart from the 1st season in Champ), and was a match for Tolouse. Again with the exception of 2015, London have been one of the top champ teams, and always challenging for promotion (and made in 2018). The team now is a shadow of that squad, and the fact we are still full time, yet the squad is worse not only than fev or Tolouse, but I would argue the London squad has less depth than Fax, Bradford and possibly York. And if anything its going to get worse, rent at Plough Lane will eat into any sort of squad budget, and IMHO its only a matter of time before London are PT, and championship relegation fodder. I'm a ST holder (apart from this year) of 20 years, so I have seen some ups and downs and London, but this is the lowest I have ever seen them as a club
  22. I was at the Broncos games vs Swinton and Haven. I would be astonished if Fev don't win by 50+. London are that bad right now
  23. SATURDAY 3rd JULY Featherstone Rovers v London Broncos KO 18:00 SUNDAY 4th JULY Bradford Bulls v Batley Bulldogs KO 15:00 Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles KO 15:00 Halifax Panthers v Widnes Vikings KO 15:00 Whitehaven v Swinton Lions KO 15:00 York City Knights v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00
  24. On the Broncos, what will be interesting will be what the match day experience will be like at PL. We all know that ealing is just temporary until August, so I can kind of understand why they only going with bare mininum, but at PL they should have Buck and Dusty back for the kids Mascots etc (although this might be due to covid why no mascots this year) Food / beer on sale some form of merchandise in the club shop Match Program back (even if like the little ones we had at Barnet) But of course this being london, we probably will never see Buck or Dusty again
  25. Your not allowed to stand at the bar owing to covid, you have to take beer to your seat. But on everything else your spot on
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