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  1. I thought he was talking about Sadiq Adebiyi , yeah I think Levy has been at Saints and maybe Salford and Hull FC as well as Toulouse and Bradford. Been around, just needs to settle down and work on his game. Still young really but needs to start fulfilling his potential.
  2. Sorry you can tell it’s the off season - which UK team has had most nationalities play for them? I don’t have the answer. No hard rules but I would expect the player to be born in the country or have represented a country as a heritage player. For my team (Saints) I can think of 15 — England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Fiji, USA, Italy, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, South Africa, Holland, New Zealand and Australia. As far as I can recall we have never had a player from PNG!
  3. Jamal Fakir, Andre Stoop. Not sure where they were born but I think Abi Ekoku and Bright Sodje are Nigerian heritage.
  4. Jan Prinsloo, Trevor Lake, Jamie Bloem. Du Toit who played for Wigan can’t remember his first name, a few Toits played for Wigan over the years but only the one Du Toit I believe.
  5. Let’s hope French Rugby League can build on the incredible momentum of Toulouse and Catalans outstanding seasons.
  6. Sadiq Adebiyi was born in Lagos and is supposedly signing for Wakefield, not sure how official that one is. Should Levy Nzongou finally fulfil his potential then he may well end up back at a Superleague club. He was born in Brazzaville, Congo.
  7. Fages has long been rumoured and even quoted as going to Huddersfield but personally I have yet to see this confirmed, has anyone seen anything official?
  8. I have friends living in Toulouse and I can tell you there are some rough places. Not saying it’s all bad mate but it was an eye opener.
  9. Interesting question that needs asking. I imagine Ralph Rimmer has come up with a strategic overview vis a vis front facing projections and booked the Leigh Sports Village as back up.
  10. Hopoate will play centre, although could cover FB. Interesting call on Lomax, I can see this happening yet Woolf was very clear on Welsby at FB. *sorry typed all that without reading other responses.
  11. Brilliant try from Catalans. Really played the numbers. Tissues will be out in Wigan.
  12. Excellent first half, frenetic pace. Could go either way. Honestly feel that you have to take whatever points you can in a final. Grab 1 or 2 and then the tries can come later.
  13. Agree with that. Super smart player Tomkins. I hope he’s ok to carry on and this game carries on at this unbelievable pace.
  14. Wow! I have spent much time in France, particularly the Pyrenees, and have always searched out any Rugby League news. Normally it is the tiniest article buried away if anything. This is incredible! As always I want my team to win but just imagine the coverage if Catalans are victorious. A small part of me could cope with losing if this is what it means. Hoping for a classic that gets headlines for the right reasons regardless. Thanks for sharing. Vive le treize!
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